How to glue bamboo wallpaper video, which adhesive to use

How to glue bamboo wallpaper (36 photos): manufacture and characteristics of technology, preparation for glueing and operation


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Before you paste the wall, elaborate version of the design and the materials necessary for its implementation. If you have made a choice in favor of oriental style, you can not do without a natural finish. What could it be? Of course, bamboo wallpaper. How to glue bamboo wallpaper: videos, photos and tips masters all this today in our article.

how to glue bamboo wallpaper

What is bamboo wallpaper? The material is made from split stems of the plant. This fact makes the coating completely natural and safe for humans. Finish looks wonderful in the interior and fits into the room, decorated in a natural style, as well as variations on the theme of African and Japanese.

Creating accents

Creating accents

This material is often used for focusing on any areas of the room: niches, arches and pillars. Decorating can be a separate room decoration, papered walls and part of the allocated portion of the wooden frame, you can create a mural.

So, if you chose bamboo wallpaper - like glue learn on.

bamboo educational program

Manufacturing technology

for bamboo wallpaper glue

Bamboo in the first processing step

  • The stems of bamboo is crushed and dried, pitting room temperature with a particular mode and moisture level of about 45%. This makes it possible to dry the chips, but does not prevent the occurrence of cracks on the surface.
  • Then prepared stems fixed on the fabric or rice paper, for extra strength stitching thread.
  • In the production process does not use coloring and specially selected chips of the same tone that makes the material absolutely safe for people with allergies.
  • There are many colors bamboo wallpaper: green, shades of brown, yellow and white. The varnish is not used to cover the canvas, the only treatment that passes bamboo - antiseptic.


Before you stick the bamboo wallpaper, carefully align the walls and corners. This requirement is justified by the fact that the fabric is very hard and badly bent.

A particular quality of bamboo is its strength, so coating is sufficiently durable and resistant to various impacts.

The material is not afraid of the sun's rays from entering and fine water droplets it does not absorb odors and is excellent for this heat-insulating and sound-absorbing coating.

Preparing for glueing

how to glue wallpaper made of bamboo

Bamboo wallpaper with the finished picture

Note! The surface on which the sheets to be glued must be coated with a peelable paint or chalky plaster. Basis of brick, concrete or wood can dismiss even without pre-treatment.

Roll out the roll on a flat surface and leave for a couple of hours. Bamboo is used to the temperature conditions of the room.

First step - preparing the adhesive for bamboo wallpaper. It's not fit conventional water-soluble wallpaper paste, you must buy liquid nails or a special composition based on vinyl.

We also need a plastic spatula and a soft brush.

Cut across the fabric in the usual knife, cutting along the need for metal shears. Cut the roll in the desired size strips.

Adhesive wallpaper made butt even on the corners due to its low flexibility. joint space can be decorated with decorative moldings.

how to stick bamboo wallpaper

A roll of bamboo Wallpaper

Apply glue to the wallpaper on the wall and on the opposite side of the web evenly and leave for 5 minutes. As time passed, press the sheets against the wall. Do not press too hard strip to adhesive mass of frozen plastic layer. Excess adhesive is removed from the surface with a damp cloth.

To give additional decorative effect can be coated surface paints for wood, varnished it look beautiful pattern with imitation patina.

Operation surface

how to glue bamboo wallpaper video

Bamboo in a tropical room decor

Before gluing bamboo wallpaper, familiarize yourself with the basic operation of the material rules

  • Do not wrinkle or bend the fabric.
  • Do not move the sheet taped on the wall.
  • For removal of stains, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft sponge.
  • Do not use a hard brush to remove dust from the surface.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the surface of the green shades.

Now that you know how to glue the bamboo wallpaper, you can safely proceed to create their own interior, decorated in oriental style. Hopefully, after the repair of the apartment reigns calm and comfort atmosphere inherent in Japanese culture. Good luck in your work!

Summing up

In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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