Glue for fiberglass: oscar (oscar), consumption

Glue for fiberglass: composition, type and brand choice


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Glass fiber - durable and sturdy decorative coating, which can be used for gluing surfaces in any room. Due to its characteristics, they can be successfully used even in the kitchen and in the bathroom. What adhesive fiberglass choose to provide secure fixation of paintings? About it and talk.

Each manufacturer of wallpaper is interested that its products are considered to be of high quality and popular.

adhesive fiberglass

That is why there is usually complete adhesive mixture in powder form, which need only be diluted with water and you're ready to paste over the room.

First of all, wallpaper paste should be sufficiently thick and viscous - conventional formulations intended for paper webs, are not suitable.

Because the textured coating is heavier than normal paper sheets, you need a special adhesive for heavy wallpaper, which will securely hold the fabric not only on the walls but also on the ceiling.

Clay - choose not to make a mistake


consumption of adhesive for fiberglass

One type of adhesive for fiberglass

Classical mix a little different from the familiar paste, brewed at home during the Soviet era. However, the main constituent element - starch has undergone some changes.

Today, in the manufacture of a modified starch is used having increased adhesive qualities.

In addition, the composition includes a mixture of fungicides and antiseptic, which prevent the occurrence of mold and parasites biological activity.

Some mixtures contain chemical additives that reduce drying time and increase the rate of swelling.

More expensive adhesive for fiberglass differs only by the rate of swelling in water, the basic element, starch is the same for all.


Ready glue

Ready glue

In the construction market now you can find a variety of different adhesive options, but not all of them are suitable for pasting walls steklooboyami.

Because of its characteristics, glass weighs a lot and do not hold out on the surface of the composition to the paper furnish.

Suitable formulations:

  • Universal. It can be used for all types of roll finishing materials sufficiently viscous to hold fiberglass walls.
    However, it is not recommended to be used for pasting the ceiling. Purchase a special glue for fiberglass Oscar.
  • Heavy. Used for pasting textured surfaces, photographic and textile webs.
    They are based on PVA, which has high bonding strength and securely adheres the fabric to the surface.
  • Dispersion. This variety is intended for the textile and fiberglass.
    This composition has high strength, so when removing the need to use special finishing remuverov.

Pay attention to the content of various chemical additives. For fiberglass suitable compositions containing additives that increase the moisture resistance and reduce the drying time of the adhesive layer.

How long should the glue?



If you need to calculate the consumption of adhesive for fiberglass based on the size of your room, multiply the number of square meters of 200-300, so you get the number of grams of adhesive required for all premises.

On progruntovku layer of wallpaper before painting leaves 50 to 100 gram highly diluted adhesive on Q1. m.

Note! The main difference adhesive for fiberglass from other compositions - applying the mixture need only papered surface. That is why the wall should be well prepared: aligned, tipped from dirt and primed.

choose brand

Ready glue Oscar in the tank 10 liters

Ready glue Oscar in the tank 10 liters

The most popular brand is considered to be the Oscar.

This manufacturer produces dry adhesives and good quality primer that are in demand in the construction market.

Oscar advantages:

  • Environmentally safe, not harmful to human and domestic animal health.
  • It contains chemical additives, excluding the appearance of mold and mildew even in conditions of high humidity.
  • Hardy. Stored at a temperature of -40 ° C over 3 days, can survive 5 freeze / thaw cycles.
  • Advantageous to use - from 100 grams of dry mixture leaves 3 liter of finished composition.
  • Economical - 1 m² web goes to 300 grams of the prepared adhesive.
  • Easy to prepare. Diluted in cold water and swell for 10 minutes.
  • Ready-to-use composition can be stored 2 months in a covered container.
  • The dry mixture in the sealed pouch is easy to transport and can be stored for up to 4 years.

As can be seen from the characteristics, we have a worthy representative of the adhesive construction of the family.

Composition with a brush or roller is applied directly to the wall or ceiling. Ability adjustments (trimming blade pattern) remains about 20 minutes.

Ready dispersion adhesive is sold in packages of 5 kg and 10 may be used for gluing vinyl wallpaper, and heavy textile webs.

Preparing walls

Preparing walls

By the way, highly diluted glue can be used for priming with surface preparation.

To prepare pour dry mixture into the bucket and gradually add water, gently stirring with a mixer. After 10 minutes, the adhesive is ready to use.


So, now you know how to choose adhesive fiberglass and what to pay attention.

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