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Design wallpapered walls (57 images) species, particularly paper, vinyl, textile and liquid coatings


Table of contents

  • 1 About types of wallpaper
  • 2 Paper wallpaper and interior design
    • 2.1 Classification
    • 2.2 When style matters
    • 2.3 Benefits
    • 2.4 disadvantages
  • 3 The interior of the house and vinyl wallpaper
  • 4 Decorate the walls with the help of textiles
  • 5 They may be liquid
  • 6 Summing up
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Wallpapers are a traditional, well-known for several centuries, and a very common decorative material. Today, they create not only the background, but also set the general style apartments. If you want to quickly and dramatically change the interior of any room, the design of the walls with wallpaper - this is what you need.

In the construction market sold a lot of kinds of material, try to understand them.

Wall design wallpaper

About types of wallpaper

Wallpapers are a godsend for any design. It is effective and specific material, with which you can create a great design of the walls with their hands at a sufficiently low cost.

Usually, the wallpaper produced in rolls of various widths and lengths. The most common substrates are textiles, paper and polymers.

Also available in moisture-proof and sound-absorbing wallpaper. Normal wallpaper can be unprimed, primed, and embossed background.

In the production of the first type of image is applied to a colored or white paper. At the primed surface of the wallpaper is painted. Background kind usually has no pattern, and monochromatic and stained uniformly matt paint. In the embossed fabric designs and patterns in relief act.

Wallpaper may have a warm or cool tone, the first category relates yellow, orange, terracotta, red or yellow-green. If necessary cool colors, buy purple, gray-blue, blue, blue, blue-green wallpaper.

Paper wallpaper and interior design

Painting of walls design

Paper wallpaper are very diverse

Wallpaper can be smooth and embossed, having either without these drawings, sold under coloring or impregnation composition vlagoottalkivayuschey.


According to the number of layers and thickness are divided into:

  • simplex - single layer;
  • duplex - double layer;
  • triplex - sandwich.

The main advantage - environmentally friendly and water vapor permeability, allowing the walls to breathe. Not very long life (about 5 years), balanced by a low cost. The main drawback - the lack of resistance to mechanical damage and moisture.

Note! Paper wallpaper, experts recommend gluing children's rooms and bedrooms, as they have a high environmental safety. It is undesirable to use in rooms with high humidity and pollution.

When style matters

  1. For repair of the room in the spirit of the classical ideal embossed wallpaper. They favorably emphasize flowing lines and a large part of the furniture, typical of this style.
  2. Fans of exclusivity should recommend products, hand-painted and then secure a moisture resistant coating.
  3. If in your plans to issue a house in the ecological style wall design desktop will help put the project into practice. Because in most cases they depict mountain landscapes, flower fields, forest and sea. Well-chosen landscape can push the space of repaired the room and create a peaceful atmosphere.

If you plan to decorate the wall with photo wallpapers and decorative posters, worth mentioning about their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Posters in special agencies can be ordered in any size and content. If desired, you can develop your own design.
  • Wallpapers are great for small rooms, not cluttered furniture. Visually expand the volume of the room.


  • Mural seams on more noticeable and require maximum accuracy in the label.
  • Mural somewhat simplify the design of the room repaired. If you want it to be original, use a stencil, painting, ornaments in the design of the walls.

The interior of the house and vinyl wallpaper

Pasting of walls with wallpaper design

Kitchen, modern vinyl wallpaper

These wallpapers contain two layers: a paper or fabric base and facial coating of PVC, which can be applied to the embossing patterns, figures and ornaments.

Silkscreen variation layer comprises a vinyl silk thread, so distinctive sheen.

The design of any room is obtained impressive and respectable, in view of the fact that to create a believable illusion of a surface covered with costly silk cloth.

Vinyl wallpaper are resistant to UV and do not fade with time. They can simulate any surface: natural stone, wood, fabric, decorative plaster.

Among their advantages as flexibility, strength and moisture resistance. The only drawback - vapor permeability.

Note! Recommended application field: living rooms, hallways, kitchens, baths, toilets and balconies. It is not advisable to use in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Decorate the walls with the help of textiles

Textile wallpaper are the oldest form of such materials. Now they can be produced on the basis of fibers, synthetics or paper.

Design wall photo wallpapers

textile wallpaper

Such a coating is the best fit into the interior of the room, decorated in a minimalist style.

The advantages of fabric materials is their ability to absorb sound, storing heat and resistance to direct sunlight. The drawback - the complexity of the process of gluing.

Experts recommend the use of this type of wallpaper in the office, living room and bedrooms. For repair in children's rooms, hallways, kitchens and wet areas material is not intended.

They may be liquid

Liquid wallpaper is a composite of cotton or cellulosic fibers, dye and adhesive.

As well as painting the walls, it creates a seamless coverage, allowing to hide minor surface defects.

This finish has antistatic and high degree of environmental friendliness, so it can be used in all areas except the bathroom.

Availability of silk threads gives the ability to simulate tissue surface. Exclusive materials having compositions in gold thread are intended for registration of design living.

It is also possible the decoration of the walls with a combination of different patches of color that is sure to appeal to fans of avant-garde style.

It should be noted that the liquid wallpaper can be combined with any selected style of interior, it is only necessary to competently choose the other elements of decor.

Summing up

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