Bathroom Design 2 square meters: beautiful interior design tiles, PVC panels in brezhnevki

Bathroom Design 2 square meters (60 photos): the basic techniques of visual expansion of space


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  • 1 The basic techniques of visual expansion of space
    • 1.1 The visual change of space
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  • 2 sanitary engineering
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Especially the size of bathrooms in the Khrushchev eventually became the subject of jokes. The narrow space is absolutely depressing of all, and if it is a modern renovation and planning of specific interior, many fall into despair and immediately reject the possibility to fit everything you need in a room.

This is a mistake, because even the design of the bathroom 2 square meters can be not only beautiful, but also functional.

Bathroom design 2 square meters

Bright interior in shades of green and orange accent

Bathroom is associated with in the morning, a cheerful shower or a relaxing bath in the evening.

4 baths meter design

EXAMPLE classical interior

How to place all the elements of sanitary ware in such a small area they know not all. You have to initially clear plan bathroom interior and combine parts.

The basic techniques of visual expansion of space

The visual change of space

Most often, design bathroom 4 meter provides visual expansion space.

Note! When the design of the walls the most common mistake is the use of dark colors for the bottom. Often, they are separated from the upper convex white border. Dividing walls apart will significantly reduce area.

To avoid such situations, use contrasting combinations in the entire plane, for example, one of the walls can be made of dark, the other - light.

Design in warm tones

Interior in warm tones

It allows visually enlarge the space and make the emphasis on certain elements of the interior.

A few tips to expand the space:

  • Very important tile design in a small bathroom. It should not be too bright, or large format. Stop using tiles size 60 × 60.
  • It is better to use glossy tile pastel shades. It will reflect light, thus expanding the space.
    An example of a tile design

    An example of a tile design

  • Especially popular are the glossy stretch ceilings, which will save you from leaks from above, but also increase the size of the room.
  • If you want to make a beautiful bathroom interior, use a mirror inserts. Mirror located above the sink, can be installed directly in the tile. If the room is narrow and elongated, designers recommend to place the mirrored surface on the long wall. You can also use a different decor mirrors, including sandblasting drawing.
  • Recently, an increasing number of people are satisfied with the design of PVC panels. It is always comfortable and beautiful.
  • A more pronounced effect of increasing space guarantees that on one wall of a bathroom insertion frosted glass or stained glass. So, the room will look stylish and original.


It is important to determine in advance the lighting elements. Most often, performing design of the bathroom in a private home, as an artificial light sources using standard halogen lamps.

Fabulous design in chocolate tones

Fabulous design in chocolate tones

Also, various chandeliers and sconces can be used.

Sometimes the room is set in motion sensor. For the interior of the bathroom this option is acceptable. So, you will be able to save on electricity.

sanitary engineering

High quality sanitary ware can be purchased at specialty stores Italian and German manufacturers.

Bath or shower

The standard size fits a typical bath room size of 70 × 150 or 170 × 70 cm. If the room is small, choose a convenient walk-in shower, a positive impact on the bathroom interior.

It is better to choose glass panel as plastic quickly will become worthless: turn yellow and lose luster.

Carrying out design of the bathroom in the cottage, you can install a large shower with a tray of ceramic tiles measuring 90 × 90 cm.

Original design in bright colors

Original design in bright colors

If you perform a bathroom design in brezhnevki and opted for the shower, make sure that it is as comfortable and functional.

To date, these cabins can be fitted with hydromassage, radio and even a mini-sauna.

However, before you buy to think seriously, Do you need all those features and how often you will use them.


Depending on what kind of design style you choose will depend on the type of mixer. They can be chrome, brass or bronze.

The mixer must correctly fit into the style of tile and decor.

For example, in the classical style is recommended installing plumbing to effect aging, in addition to it is mounted chandelier and fancy mirror in the old frame.

If you have not chosen a design project of a small bathroom, we have prepared for you a gallery of ideas. (cm. Other variants of repair bathroom).

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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