Repair toilet in the apartment with his hands: estimates, options, video instructions on how to make and photos

Repair toilet with your hands (48 photos): materials, design and technical solutions


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  • 5 sanitary engineering
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The theme of this material - repair toilet own hands: video, design, photography and, most importantly, the description of possible solutions and the materials used. We'll find out what materials are best to use in the decoration of the restroom, what to look for when choosing a plumbing and water than to breed. Let's get started.

Making a compact toilet.

Making a compact toilet.


What characteristics of the premises is necessary to pay attention to when deciding which repair the toilet in an apartment is better to do?

  • on the size. Typical toilet in a city apartment has an area of ​​less than two square meters. The design should not focus on close quarters, but on the contrary, as far as possible to make the room more spacious;

Tip: The basic tools to make the room more visually overall - bright colors in the design and bright light.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid a variety of shelves, cabinets and mezzanines, reduces the visibility of the floor surface and ceiling: the area of ​​these surfaces directly affects the perception of space as a big or small.

  • humidity. The evaporation of water from the tank and the toilet on the condensate tank in the warm season, and in combination bathroom - also with steam used for its intended purpose bath or shower, forced to choose materials resistant to damp and non-hygroscopic;
When a large temperature difference with the air tank will collect condensation.

When a large temperature difference with the air tank will collect condensation.

  • The need for ventilation. As a rule, it is compulsory: pull in air ducts of a typical Soviet-built homes is poor;
  • for heating. Bordering unheated porch bathroom is uncomfortably cold. It does not prevent additional heat source;
  • on maintainability. Communication (particularly collapsible compounds) valve and filters must be available after repair; plumbing better to choose, given the availability of spare parts for it on the open market;
In extreme cases, the tube may be hidden in the folding box with a hatch for access to the valves.

In extreme cases, the tube may be hidden in the folding box with a hatch for access to the valves.

  • Aqueduct for resistance to pressure surges and temperature. Do not forget about the risk of accidents during the testing of heating and about the possibility of water hammer at start abnormal water.


The estimate for the repair of toilets individual items include the purchase of building materials and plumbing. It is clear that the choice of their appearance - only a matter of taste, but the type and properties of the key shopping should choose according to the criteria described above.


There is competition tiles - resistant to moisture, abrasion, almost eternal material. As a rule, the floor in the bathroom is a multi-layer:

Layer functions
Waterproofing (polyethylene film) Protecting neighbors from leaks
reinforced screed Leveling the floor
Tile Finishing coating

Warming and acoustic isolation (buffer strip around the perimeter of the screed), there is not usually used: the already low height toilet cubicle should not become less.

The optimal size for a small tile a bathroom floor - approximately 30x30 centimeters. Irregularities of the walls can be laid diagonally disguise: if the deviation from the parallel seams and walls will not be evident.

Tile laid on the diagonal.

Tile laid on the diagonal.


Optimal option walls looks like this:

  • To a height of 1.5 - 1.7 meters at them laid tile. The bottom of the walls will inevitably come into contact with the clothes of visitors, so it must collect a minimum of dirt and easy to clean;
  • At a higher altitude wall light waterproof glued wallpaper or painted. The white walls, as already mentioned, to visually enhance a small room.
    A compromise - the use of the entire wall waterproofing "rubber" paint. The author of this article, based on their own experience, can assert: it looks like an ordinary silky latex paint, and perfectly clean using any non-abrasive household cleaners.
The walls are painted with waterproof paint.

The walls are painted with waterproof paint.


Leaks from the neighbors often make the ceiling look unattractive bathrooms. Rusty stains, Blades plaster and fungus - a dubious decoration, is not it? Obviously, the ceiling finish should be water resistant.

Version of this finish, in fact, only two:

  1. Suspended ceiling made of PVC film. At a cost of 400 rubles per square repair small toilet will not break the bank; At the same time the film is not only align the ceiling, but also protect the premises from minor leaks by holding water. Later it can be drained through the hole for ventilation or lamp;
  2. Suspended ceiling of PVC wall panels to the frame of galvanized profiles for drywall. The perimeter panel okantovyvayut start profile or ceiling conventional foam molding.

Please note: you must provide a ventilation space between the overhead or stretch ceiling and ceiling.
Otherwise, the overlap is inevitably affected by the fungus after the first leak from above.

Plastic ceiling. Pay attention to the ventilation of the space above it.

Plastic ceiling. Pay attention to the ventilation of the space above it.


Exhaust fan is selected primarily on the level of noise - it should be minimized. As a rule, the least noisy products with sleeve bearings; bronze bushing ensures long service life of the motor.

Desirably dimming fan power circuit: voltage adjustment will adjust the speed of air, fresh air and achieving a comfortable temperature.

Silent extractor toilet.

Silent extractor toilet.


It can be organized in several ways.

  • If the repair and design of the bathroom and toilet allow this parallel heated towel rail in the bathroom can be mounted coil in the toilet. Towel warmers are installed in hot water riser gap in the circulating hot water system (it is characteristic of homes built after 1980);
Because of the additional wall towel withdrawn.

Because of the additional wall towel withdrawn.

  • Installing an electric baseboard heater capacity of 200 - 300 watts is also able to make the room more comfortable and dry;
  • Finally, in a low-power ceiling toilet infrared heater can be installed.

sanitary engineering

Which of the sanitary equipment mounted in the toilet? Toilet bowl. Our choice - squat toilet with molded shelf and bottom tank: it is cheap, very maintainable and easy to use.

Low-cost, high-quality and comfortable toilet by Cersanit.

Low-cost, high-quality and comfortable toilet by Cersanit.

Here are a few recommendations for the choice of plumbing fixtures:

  1. It is not necessary to chase the expensive brands. Exclusive incompatible with products from other manufacturers of valves kits often cost half the price of all compact. For comparison - quality domestic fittings will cost 300 - 500 rubles;
  2. Porcelain earthenware preferred since fewer spoiled due to a smooth surface with a minimum pore size;
  3. Desirable "antivsplesk" system - a small protrusion around the water surface;
  4. The smaller the surface area, the better the wash water at the same flow rate.

Valve and filter. It should prefer brass ball valves and brass as strainers. Filter cover should look down - in this case they will be easier to completely clean of dirt and sediment filter will be most effective.

Washbasin. It allows you to wash your hands after using the toilet, do not go outside its boundaries. Since the size of the room is small, our choice is a corner sink about the size of 400x400 mm.

Wall-mounted mixer with showerhead. It will allow to use the toilet as the bidet without installing in a compact room additional bulky device.

Repair toilet 137 series of panel houses. Mixer with shower allows you to use the toilet as a bidet.

Repair toilet 137 series of panel houses. Mixer with shower allows you to use the toilet as a bidet.


Hardly above we mentioned a high probability of water hammer in the centralized water supply system. It makes seriously to the choice of pipes.

From the standpoint of strength are preferred:

  • Galvanized steel pipes. They are connected only on the threads: welding inevitably disrupt the zinc coating, leaving the pipeline vulnerable to corrosion. Mounting galvanizing process - rather laborious and requires accurate fitting sized pipes;
  • Corrugated stainless steel pipe. It bends with a radius equal to the diameter of the pipe and is connected with compression fittings heat resistant silicone gaskets. Technical characteristics make this material one of the best solutions in its class:
Parameter Value
Working temperature 0 - 150 ° C
Operating pressure 25 kgf / cm2
collapsing pressure 50 kgf / cm2
Water supply of corrugated stainless steel.

Water supply of corrugated stainless steel.

Useful things

Obviously, different repair options toilet forced to use different technical solutions and will generate different problems.

Solutions for some of them we will tell:

  • When installing the toilet bowl on a tile with small height differences apply under its base slightly diluted with water to a consistency of thick cream cement. Putty distribute load across the base area of ​​the base of the bowl to prevent crack at lateral load;
  • For stickers wallpaper in a humid place, use not wallpaper paste, diluted with water and PVA;
  • When you combine the bathroom with a toilet in the concrete wall at the beginning chisel it breaks a small hole; then chipped off the wall in a circle of his usual sledgehammer;
  • Stickers for ceiling moldings convenient to use acrylic plaster or liquid nails. Their viscosity does not give the plinth away from the curved sections of wall.
skirting sticker on liquid nails.

skirting sticker on liquid nails.


We sincerely hope that these tips will help the reader to choose the best solution to repair in your own apartment. If you have any questions or wish to supplement this material your experiences - please post a comment. Good luck!

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