Decorating the bathroom with their hands: ideas for decorating

Decorating the bathroom with your hands (42 photos): design options


Table of contents

  • 1 On finishing the bathroom in order
    • 1.1 Guide to action
    • 1.2 preliminary work
    • 1.3 surface preparation
    • 1.4 decorative trim
  • 2 Painting and whitewashing
  • 3 Wallpaper and adhesive tape
  • 4 Facing ceramic tile and mosaics
  • 5 plastic panels
  • 6 Summing up
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Despite its relatively small size, a bathroom - is an important part of any home or apartment. Every day, this small room is visited by all members of the family, so should be the most comfortable, functional and comfortable.

Decorating the bathroom with their hands

On finishing the bathroom in order

Guide to action

Before you go to the hardware store, determine what you need to add and change in the bathroom, so that it more effectively reprized his role of "center sangigieny" home. Is it necessary to expand the premises to replace pipes and sanitary appliances, lay tile.

Make sure a rough estimate and project work in order to understand how much money you will need repairs and whether there is a necessary number, otherwise the room can stay unfinished.

Pre-purchase building materials and a sober assessment of the real possibilities and the ability to self-performing the operations.

preliminary work

So you've decided to try to repair. If the work involves replacing plumbing, remove the bath and sink. To replace the sewer communications is better to buy plastic pipes, they are more flexible, so durable and easy to mount.

The next step - removing the old ceiling, floor and wall lining. Before removing the old plaster or knock down the tiles, it is useful to get a punch with a nozzle-shovel, but to remove the old paint is better to arm spatula.

surface preparation

Before you start painting and decorating, you need to align the ceiling, floor and walls. This is done with the help of plaster, screeds or moisture-resistant drywall. Surface after plastering the walls with his own hands and install drywall should be very smooth, no waves and dips.

decorative trim

Perform better from top to bottom, starting from the ceiling trim. It should be remembered that the suspended ceilings or mounted after finishing walls.

Bathroom renovation in the Khrushchev or other buildings should be carried out taking into account the high humidity, so for wall use only water-resistant types of materials.

At least enjoy a floor covering. It is best to choose floor tile, granite flooring or liquid fine for him.

And now let us consider in detail the options facing the bathroom.

Painting and whitewashing

Painted Bathroom

Painted Bathroom

This method is the traditional type of decoration of bathrooms. Very profitable, because of its low cost, but it is applicable only when all surfaces are in perfect condition and do not need additional training, such as the lining of the walls plastered, re-plastering or shpaklevanii.

Make sure that the paint / whitewash was resistant to moisture, it has the ability to repel grease and dirt. All preparatory materials - plaster, primer, putty should also be mandatory to have water-repellent characteristics.

According to professionals, it is best suited for the bathroom paint Latex. They have a wide range of colors, have excellent moisture resistance, they painted the walls, you can always re-paint.

It is often covered with decorative plaster for walls and ceilings in the bathroom used acrylic, water-dispersible and water-emulsion compositions. The main advantages of color bathroom - easy care, low cash costs, good water vapor permeability, the ability to create exclusive patterns and designs.

Wallpaper and adhesive tape

Another inexpensive and simple method for lining bathroom. It is important to remember that the only suitable washable wallpaper, vinyl or acrylic for her. Paper double-layer and single-layer counterparts lose their appearance and quality after a few weeks.

Choose a product that has an icon in the instructions, depicting three waves. He points out that the wallpaper have a moisture resistance. But, despite this, the wallpaper is better to combine with more resistant materials and water paste of those parts of the walls, which do not come into direct contact with the bath or shower.

Special polymeric film on the working side have an adhesive layer, and on the front - a decorative covering (price - from 442 rubles.).

Note! Polymer films have one major drawback. This material does not pass through the air itself.

Facing ceramic tile and mosaics

Bathroom tiled mosaics

Bathroom tiled mosaics

In recent decades, this kind of lining is the most common in the bathrooms. Beautiful appearance, excellent protection against moisture and easy to care for ceramic tile made so popular.

The most popular options for tiling:

  1. The base or "seam in the seam." The most popular method involves matching tile joints in all directions.
  2. "Angled" "diagonal". In fact, it is the same as the base case, but all of the tiles are arranged with the coincidence of the joints diagonally. The advantage - well masks irregularities of the walls, the lack of - increased material consumption and the need to cut across the edge of tiles.
  3. "The Extension" - this method is most simple in execution. It looks best if rectangular tiles. Reminiscent of traditional brickwork - tile is laid with an offset of each of the next series in the 1/2 tiles.
  4. "Chess". The tiles are placed as in the basic method, but with a game of contrasting colors - light and dark tiles allow you to create a simulation of the chessboard.
  5. "Chess at an angle" - going along the diagonal. It looks best as a floor covering. On the walls of this variant is better not to play, because it is tiring for the eyes.
  6. "Lines". Method poryadovym alternation of different colors or shades of tiles. Strip can be placed both vertically and horizontally.

In recent years become increasingly popular lined bathrooms with mosaics. To date, the standard sizes of tiles is a 2 × 2 cm, small pieces glued onto a flexible polymer mesh size sheets of 30 × 30 cm.

You can think of a variety of compositions themselves create decorations, picking up different colors at intervals mosaic sheets.

Plenty of room for imagination and increase producers, releasing more and more new product lines, made both of traditional ceramics, stone, glass, glazes and exotic materials - metal, coconut shells, clam shells, fur, leather, and even semi-precious and precious stones.

But the most affordable and practical finishing material - it's glass majolica.

There is no glass long mosaic of it has an absolute moisture resistance. She has zero water absorption, does not absorb water vapor, not deformed by excessive moisture and promotes the growth of mold and mildew.

The material has heat resistance, does not fear of exposure to chemical and technical compositions.

plastic panels

This type of coating materials distributed as a cover for the ceiling in the bathroom, but it can be used for walls. It is necessary to bear in mind that these surfaces are produced different types of panels. Sheets for walls inside have longer ribs and plastic have slightly thicker.

Tip! Choose a material having light shades - so bathroom will appear larger.

Summing up

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