Repair toilet in the panel house: budget or cosmetic, the sequence

Repair toilet in the panel house (42 images): step by step guide


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  • 1 We carry out repairs
    • 1.1 Training
    • 1.2 The sequence of work
  • 2 Safety during work
  • 3 Summing up
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As you know, the toilet repair in the panel house is very difficult and requires serious training event. Training not only in terms of financial position, but also in decision-making concerning the design features of your toilet and bathroom.

So what secrets conceals renovated bathroom and toilet: videos, ideas, photos, professional advice - all this for you.

Repair toilet in the panel houseBudget update the toilet requires a competent approach to the choice of finishing materials.

On the walls you can pokleit different types of wallpaper, use the handy self-adhesive film or simply their whitewash (paint).

Gender can be relatively inexpensive to lay tiles or paint. Then replace the plumbing - and ready.

We carry out repairs


Just before starting work, make sure you have a detailed plan of how you will act. The first step will be a detailed description of everything that needs to be replaced.

Calculate an estimate for the repair of the bathroom, then you will know the price of work. Be alert possible contingencies in the process of work when it detects any problems.

The sequence of work

At work it is important to observe this order:

  1. Release the bathroom of unnecessary items.
  2. To dismantle the various equipment.
  3. Hold plaster beacons on all surfaces that will be faced with tiles.
  4. Pipes and wiring device sewage, given the particular placement of plumbing fixtures.
  5. Lay and efficiently wipe the tiles.
  6. A suspended ceiling, and then proceed to suspending the lamps and other accessories for the bathroom.
  7. Install a toilet, sink and bath.

The second step - the hiring of professionals. If you are unsure of their abilities and are afraid that will not be able to finish the begun business, use the services of professionals. To save money, you can hire professionals to carry out specific works, and some items to perform. This advice is relevant for those who are planning to carry out only cosmetic repairs toilet.

The whole process and the sequence of repairs in the bathroom or the toilet will be laid on the shoulders of professionals. This applies both to the design development and overhaul in the room.

The third step - develop some ideas. If your bathroom for a long time needs to be reconstructed, it is not necessary to hurry, it is better to get acquainted with a variety of modern design trends and new color schemes. If you prepare an apartment for sale, be very careful with the choice of colors.

Note! It is not necessary to be zealous with bright and eye-catching elements in the design of a small closet, give preference to lighter shades, which are able to visually expand the space.

Budget toilet repair

The idea for toilets

Safety during work

That during the overhaul have not happened any unpredictable situations, stick to certain security measures.

  1. You must carefully follow the instructions and recommendations for the safety of the materials and tools.
  2. Before use, examine the situation in detail on how to properly use the conductive elements.
  3. Turn off all electrical equipment, and then unplug the apartment.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the various aspects of how to repair their own hands and, preferably, hire professionals for the quality of dismantling the sewer and sanitary equipment.
  5. Roughly calculate the time and gradually every step of the plan.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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