Wallpaper in the interior room: design of a rectangular room in the English style

Wallpaper in an interior room (photo 42): the choice of materials and style of design options


Table of contents

  • 1 Identifying with style
  • 2 Background: types, types, classification
  • 3 design options
    • 3.1 soft beige
    • 3.2 Figure: large or small?
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More recently, the word "living" sounds as belonging to the bourgeois class and the simple Soviet man such luxury was not available. Communal, then Khrushchev, in such malogabaritki guests were taken to meet the most spacious or spare room.

Now, the apartment owners need to allocate a whole living room or a large part of it. Gets off such premises with the utmost care, and even the wallpaper a leading role is played in the interior of the living room.

Wallpaper in the interior room

Identifying with style

Living room interior with fashion wallpaper

Minimalism is best suited to a small room

Civilization is not in place, and is now available to most what many until recently could only dream of. If you are allocated a room for relaxation and comfort in the evenings and reception, should be taken to furnish it with special attention.

So you have allocated for the living room very spacious and bright room in the apartment. Now the question arises: how and in what style to decorate her what colors to prefer and what pokleit wallpaper.

Here you have to stick to only your taste. After your daily rest after a working day will be here, and to be comfortable in the first place to you. There is a huge range of interior design styles and trends, among which to choose one or a combination of several.

For example, you can very well be combined quite artsy interior room in the English style with a soft - a classic. Radical rustic style with ethnic adding oriental or, on the contrary, the northern notes.

Once you have decided on a style, it is necessary to proceed to the purchase of finishing materials. Wallpapers are one of the most important materials, because they make the main emphasis in the overall interior scheme.

To not make the wrong choice, let's find out a bit more - what are the wallpaper, their variety and purpose.

Background: types, types, classification

Ordinary paper wallpaper modest colors and terrible quality remained, fortunately, in the past.

Now there are several major categories of wallpapers, which are divided into many varieties, which differ in quality, materials and prices.

  • Paper. An enhanced version of the usual wallpaper all of us. Unlike its predecessor, the Soviet era, they have acquired a high quality and a huge range of art-making.
  • Vinyl. They have a special coating that is easily cleaned and washed. Durable, wear-resistant, easily glued and have a huge selection of colors and patterns.

Note! Paintable wallpaper. This coating serves as a basis for painting walls. Their surface is slightly rough structure for the best adhesion to the paint. Perfectly hides the flaws of the walls, smooth out the cracks and chipped paint surface in this case is much longer.

  • Fabric. These wallpapers are environmentally friendly, made from natural fabrics are exclusive image. With their help, you can create an interior living room in a classic style, as well as kitsch style, Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque and English.

Glued to the prepared wall, do not require further painting or varnishing.

Interior room in the English style

Mural able to completely change the perception of space

  • Mural. Do not remember leafy Mural Soviet times, terrible quality and mismatched patterns at the joints. Modern wallpapers can not only make the room an exclusive and unique, but also create the illusion of space.

Especially good if you plan to design a rectangular living room, as space is adjusted to the desired proportion.

Nature, space, photos of the most famous masters - that's all amazing quality on your walls. With their help, you can create the illusion of where you've been or want to visit.

design options

Design living room rectangular

Beige eclectic looks great

Do not think the wallpaper may already be outdated. If you are planning a monochromatic scheme in the interior, it is better to buy wallpaper for painting. Applying them, you will hide all the flaws and irregularities of the walls with the least expenditure of time and effort.

soft beige

Let's say you have conceived the interior of the living room in beige tones, and do not know how to implement it. We say at once that by beige tones, you are showing clear signs of good taste and tone. It is in this range is usually created the interior design of palaces and royal suites.

And it is precisely these colors most successfully blended with gold accessories and furniture parts. Discard the large and obtrusive design. Enough to paste the wall-colored wallpaper or wallpaper for painting, but in two shades of light brown or beige. Now, even a small room, gets an enviable image of the royal apartments.

This style can be safely taken even for the design of a living room of 17 meters.

Figure: large or small?

Never be afraid to create the interior of a small living room. After all, it can be visually expand at a competent and cautious approach. And it is not necessary to involve specialists, to know some of the secrets enough.

living room design in the English style

The large living room - a combination of all the main design elements

Is probably the most important of them - is the ability of the wallpaper with a large, voluminous drawing, to reduce the space considerably. If you prefer such prints, you have to make a choice and to reject the idea of ​​visual expansion space.

If you plan interior room of 30 square meters, the limitation lost its relevance, because a lack of wallpaper with a large pattern will not be noticeable in large rooms.

The second equally important secret - the overall color scheme. The largest visual area create light-colored wallpaper with a fine, even better, a minimum figure. The darker the interior conceived, the closer it will look.

Design living room of 17 meters

Bright ceilings seem higher

The third secret - the visual ceiling lift. The biggest effect for this can be achieved by using wallpaper with vertical stripes and bright ceiling without a pattern.

The secret lies in the fourth creating panoramic space. This can be achieved by using a mirrored wall, and photo wallpapers. It is enough to greatly increase the space wallpapers depicting the cosmos or nature.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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