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Niche of drywall in the living room (36 photos) - beauty and convenience in one "bottle"


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  • 1 All you need to know about drywall niches
    • 1.1 What is a niche in the wall
    • 1.2 That can be placed in a niche
    • 1.3 Nuances in the installation niche
    • 1.4 A bit about the design
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Today, in order to create a truly exclusive and unique interior of the apartment, the designers and the owners themselves boldly experimenting with different ways of surfacing materials and wall design. Instead bored of wallpaper and paint, in the course are the most unusual materials ranging from old newspapers and finishing decorative plaster, paintings and stunning bays.

Therefore, the topic of this article, we have chosen to date - a living room, decorated with niches plasterboard!

Niches of the drywall in the living room interior

Niches of the drywall in the living room interior

All you need to know about drywall niches

Even 20-30 years ago, designers could not think that will ever appear a building material, from which you can at the same time to build the walls, multi-level ceilings, and other interesting structures, and thus the price for it will be very available. This, of course, about the drywall - a robust, environmentally friendly materials, which in the right hands is transformed into architectural masterpieces of outstanding beauty.

In this article we will touch on only a small fraction of what can be created from this versatile material, namely a niche in the living room of various shapes and sizes with their own hands!

What is a niche in the wall

Wall niche - this recess in the wall, which plays a decorative or functional role (or a combination of both). In order to give a niche and functionality, it sets different shelves again because of the drywall. It should be noted that the form of niches can be very different: rectangular, rounded, asymmetrical - a very wide field for experimentation!

What opportunities are with these designs?

  1. Can serve for visual reception elongation or expansion space, as well as to isolate any zone.
  2. Can hide defects and to an incredible change the style of the room, making it more original.
  3. It is the perfect place to store small items, as well as massive furniture and equipment (sofas, stereo, TV).
Niche under the TV and musical equipment

Niche under the TV and musical equipment

All this not only decorate the interior, but also saves money that would have gone to the alignment of the walls and the purchase of furniture cabinets.

Decorative recesses may be located on the same wall or distributed to different areas of the room.
Worth noting is another advantage of them - niche can be modified, oblitsovyvaya, obkleivaya, repainting and adding different elements, e.g., chromium-plated tubing or wooden shelves.

That can be placed in a niche

Small items:

  • Vases, figurines, picture frames and other decorative elements.
  • Shelves of wood under the decor or the book (you can make a whole library in a niche).
The universal drywall constructions

The universal drywall constructions

Major items:

  • For niche perfectly hiding massive pieces of furniture (cabinets, sofas, armchairs), electronics and household appliances. This technique allows you to save a lot of space and make the room in order.
  • Some enterprising owners niches framed fireplace and battery. As it looks, you can see in the photo below.
Fireplace in the niche of drywall

Fireplace in the niche of drywall

The battery in the recess of the GCR

The battery in the recess of the GCR

Nuances in the installation niche

The original design niche

The original design niche

First of all, it should be noted that to make the recess can be in any wall. However, interference with the bearing walls must have permission from the engineers and the consent of the court. But partition (including plasterboard) without problems lend themselves to any interventions and changes even themselves.

Of course, it is best to seek professional help, they quickly and efficiently will draw in your living room niche desired shape. But if you have even a little skill in dealing with plasterboard, it is easy to do the job by hand.

One of the design work

One of the design work

You will need to draw up a detailed installation plan, calculate the required amount of materials and stock up on the necessary tool.

  • Drywall sheets;
  • metallic profile;
  • screws;
  • reinforcing tape;
  • putty;
  • Construction knife;
  • roulette;
  • level;
  • screwdriver;
  • sandpaper;
  • decorative coating.

And only after that you can start the installation.

To date, there are two ways of fixing the GCR (gypsum boards):

  1. Installation on a special adhesive composition directly to the base wall.
  2. Installation with metal sheets (more reliable method), which is the framework on the base wall.

Installing a metal frame - it is quite simple. First the marks on the wall, then with the help of fasteners for drywall partitions profiles and screws constructed frame. frame evenness constantly checked the building level. Once the frame is assembled, it can be mounted on the GCR using the same screws.

If you mount a niche in the plasterboard wall, after the assembly of the metal frame do not forget to take care of the sound insulation.

The joints between the sheets are aligned reinforcing tape and mastic, and the corners - by special brackets and filler for finishing drywall. Structure grind sandpaper to obtain a perfectly flat surface. Niche ready for decorative coatings!

Very popular decorative plaster and paint. Coating materials is recommended to choose environmentally friendly (oil formulations is better not to use, they are not only not suitable for finishing drywall, but also considered to be harmful). The best solution would be acrylic paint, which is also applied with a brush or roller. After drying decorative coating gap can be commissioned.

A bit about the design

Stunning symmetrical niches illuminated by photos

Stunning symmetrical niches illuminated by photos

Modern Niche - this is not just lower than the wall, and a harmonious space, has an individual design, color scheme and unique lighting system.

So, look at each of these three aspects separately:

  • Wall recess may be horizontal or vertical. The first fits perfectly into the living room with low and long furniture (sofa, dresser), as visually lengthens the wall. The second will look great next to the door, the window, bulky furniture. If you make a few niches in one room, they must be in harmony with each other in registration.
Luxury idea!

Luxury idea!

  • Designers use two ways of registration niche - or contrasting pastel shades. Well-chosen bright or light colors look very nice!
Decorative niche with backlight

Decorative niche with backlight

  • Making a niche originality by using different textures and combinations. In addition, in the decoration of the recesses can be used metal, stone, wood, glass, mosaics, murals - such lining looks very impressive. Among the variety of coating materials you can easily find one that is suitable for the interior of your living room.
Finishing deepening mosaic

Decorating with mosaics

Finishing decorative stone

Finishing decorative stone

  • In addition, "beat" the entire structure is possible by means of light. Spotlights of various sizes and shapes, LED strands of various colors, halogen lamps, and much more - the choice is really wide.


Now that you know how to choose a plaster niche in the living room. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find the necessary information on the question. Good luck!

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