Modular sofas for a living room with a sleeping place: corner bedroom, a narrow bay window and a hall of a direct

The main element of the living room is a sofa, so his choice should be carefully considered The main element of the living room is a sofa, so its choice should be approached carefully It's wonderful to come home on an autumn rainy night or when it's snowing after a busy day, get settled on a modern designer sofa with a cup of fragrant tea or coffee, and wrap yourself upIn a shaggy plaid, immersed in a dreamy and wonderful world of books, movies, the Internet, getting a full relaxation and comfortable rest. To date, the furniture industry offers a variety of modern sofas made in different styles, from quality materials and meeting the latest trends and styles of fashionable design of any living space. They are convenient and practical.

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Sofas for a living room with a sleeper

Modular sofas with a sleeper bedErsalny, ideally placed in small apartments, in which the room is often a bedroom. In the afternoon it is a place where family members, friends can stay, and in the evening - an excellent bed. Such sofas are equipped with quite capacious boxes for things and bedding. Their distinctive feature is a rectilinear form, since the sleeper and the mechanism of its transformation can not be bent.

Modular sofas consist of several interconnected modules that easily turn out, either into a huge bed, or in a chair with a single bed, or in a sofa with a table and shelves, depending on the needs of the person at that particular time. They can be angled, and placed in a line along the wall. Comfortable armchairs can be detached and be separate parts of the living room interior.

Sofa with a sleeping place should be chosen taking into account the size and design of the guest room The sleeper sofa should be selected according to the size and design of the guest room.

Sofas for the living room with a sleeping place differ in the following parameters:

  • By the mechanisms of transformation;
  • By type of core( soft and hard);
  • The size of the bed;
  • By forms.

Mechanisms-transformers are very diverse. If the loop that is pulled is under the seat, then the model is called "Accordion".The "Dolphin" model draws a block from below, and the place for sleeping rises upward. The clamshell model turns into an ideal spacious sleeping place, you just need to pull yourself and then forward, but there is no box for laundry. At "Kangaroo", the bottom block is pulled out, very light, practical and trouble-free. At the models which have received the name "Eurobook", the mechanism rather simple, but one of the most convenient.

The most convenient for placing in children is the modular corner sofa with the "Dolphin" mechanism. This design even the child will decompose with ease.

Even with the purchase of modular sofas, it is necessary to take into account that some structures are transformed along the wall, and some forward.

Corner sofa with sleeping place in living room

Corner sofa is simply indispensable in a spacious and huge hall. It easily transforms into a comfortable bed, equipped with a folding table, shelves for placing all kinds of things, from a laptop and various decor items to the TV remote control. And some models have even mini-bars. Corner sofas for the living room are both hard and soft. The stiffness of a corner sofa depends on the tastes and preferences of the one who uses it. From the point of view of practicality, a hard sofa is more durable, but you can feel yourself sitting on an office chair in it.

If the corner sofa is also a bed, then it is desirable that it is orthopedic, moderate stiffness.

In the interior of the modern living room perfectly fit corner sofa with comfortable bed In the interior of a modern living room, the corner sofa with a comfortable sleeping place perfectly fits

The variety of angular sofas is striking.

On request:

  • With right-hand or left-hand corner;
  • U-shaped structure;
  • Complex geometric shapes, but in any case, they are straight sleeping sections;
  • With additional functions, such as all kinds of tables and bars, or small shelves in the corners.

Upholstery corner sofa is very diverse - jacquard, shenillovaya, made of genuine leather. It all depends on the price of the model. When choosing, you need to know that genuine leather is more wear-resistant, but very expensive. It is quite good jacquard, flock and chenille, and the tapestry is more capricious, but, perhaps, the most inexpensive.

Narrow sofas with sleeper for living room

If the room in the apartment is not too large, then the most ideal solution is to place in it a narrow sofa with a sleeping place. They happen, as folding, and not decomposing, but from this less convenient they do not become.

In narrow, non-folding sofas, the seats are located above the berth, and they are equipped with drawers.

The upholstery material is very diverse, from dense fabric to eco leather. The frame base, as a rule, is made of a wooden beam. The folding narrow sofas can have no more than two berths. The mechanism itself-transformer does not differ from the mechanism of the layout of angular sofas. Seats on a spring basis are filled with polyurethane foam, sintepon.

For a small living room, designers recommend choosing a narrow compact sofa with a sleeper

The most popular types are

  • Classic Fiji;
  • Thoughtful minimalism - "Sigun";
  • Original luxury Charlie Lux;
  • Economical "Lyon";
  • Cozy and comfortable "Bristol";
  • Universal Atlanta.

Narrow, double-spaced places - great for holding a small apartment.

Sofas for living room with sleeper

Modernity dictates the conditions in all directions and trends of fashion. With non-standard solutions for the layout of living quarters, non-standard sofas are also offered. These are so-called bay window sofas for a living room with a bed. They are distinguished by a special design, the absence of rectangular shapes, either modular, or manufactured according to individual projects, taking into account all the requirements and desires of customers. Erkerny sofas have arched shapes.

The most popular are the bay window sofas, which are characterized by stylish design and practicality The most popular are the bay window sofas that are characterized by stylish design and practicality

Are divided into:

  • Monoliths;
  • Modular;
  • Transformers;
  • Combined.

Have different mechanisms of transformation: rolling out on wheels, folding back, half or modular( transformed by moving or transforming modules).Upholstery materials are very diverse, basically the same as on corner sofas, differ in structure, price, and quality.

Review of large sofas for a living room with a sleeping place( video)

When choosing any sofa with a sleeping place for a living room, you must be guided by the size of the room, your tastes and preferences, the overall design decision of the whole dwelling, so that this piece of furniture organically fits into the environment, Became a sofa and a real place for a cozy and comfortable pastime.

Details: modular sofas for the living room with a sleeping place( photo examples)