The design of the room of 20 square meters: the formulation of the premises from 17 to 24 square meters

design of the room of 20 square meters (33 photos): architectural and design methods of zoning


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  • 1 Incomplete partition - great for zoning
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Large spacious room - decoration of any apartment. How to plan the interior, if it is a single room? This is the question answered in this article. We will look at the design of the room 20 sq m and 17 sq m.

Dimensions taken conditionally, if you repair room area a little more or less than this, our advice will come in handy, too. You will need to carefully all remeasure and model in the drawing room or the monitor to make sure that the proposed solution will fit in the area under consideration.

The design of the room 20 square meters

Incomplete partition - great for zoning

Plasterboard partitions - a great way of zoning a 20-meter room.

it also fits into the design of the room 24 square meters or more, allowing you to get two small rooms without separating them at the same time from each other by a full wall.

There are several possible options for the organization of space, depending on the destination premises, which she will perform.


If you often work at home, it is better to separate the space for this. Separate sitting area and will tune in to the job, and saves you from distraction by other tenants. Optionally, do a solid partition, holes in it will give the rest of the family a sense of your presence.

The design of the room 17 square meters

Tip! If the partition will separate the area is not completely better to arrange them in the same style, adhering to the same color scheme.

Dining room

With this layout the look of partition should draw a sight. Excellent fit in almost any interior trio walls of plasterboard panels with a cellular filling (they are a little lighter than usual). Acrylic paint, similar to that used for painting plaster, will help to achieve the desired color intensity.

Room 17 meters Design

Dining compartment by a partition

Tip! On the inside walls can be reinforced bracket for TV.

Living room

Unfortunately, if you have a room of 17 meters - the design of the plan may not be suitable. The larger apartments such a solution one of the most successful.

The bottom line is that at the border area is set high cabinet to ceiling. In this case, the rear section is stitched sheets of plasterboard walls and acquires feature. Thus, in the zone to which the cabinet is facing the rear of the impression that the cabinet is not there.

Architectural zoning methods

If the erection of the partition seems too bulky and massive, and it just does not fit into the 17-meter design room, you can use the ease of administration.

  1. Arch. It looks much easier and takes up little space on the floor. Due to the variety of forms and methods of arch trim, you can create the most incredible design.
  2. Sliding doors. A great way to fence off part of the area when it is needed. If you want to keep the situation covered area away from the eyes, the septum necessary to make opaque. In all other cases - a sheet of frosted or ordinary glass will look very advantageous.
  3. Podium. The reception is not very versatile and suitable for active young people and families without children. Podium can be separated as a whole zone, and a single bed. In any case, do not go too far with his height.
    design of the room 24 square meters

    Zoning with the help of the podium

Design methods of zoning

No less interesting design will look 17 sq m room with a designer zoning.

Consider the most interesting methods:

  1. Furniture. Usually furniture is spread along the walls. Fashionable looks sofa deployed perpendicular to the wall and separates the dining area. It is also possible to separate a dining room low rack, but it should be paid back to the bedroom area, so as not to confuse this kind of guests.
    Design 17 meter room

    The division of space with furniture

  2. Curtains. You can create a cozy place with the help of the usual thick curtains. For example, one member of the family can relax, while the second, for example, hosts.
  3. Screen. It separates the zone a similar manner, but it is much easier to clean. In addition, the screen can be installed in different parts of the room.

Now you just have to choose the technique that helps you organize the space based on the area and preferences.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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