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Interior Design Ideas (36 photos): Marine style, Contemporary and Biedermeier


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Each owner of the apartment or a country house wants his home was the best, comfortable accommodation and surprise guests. That is why the interior design ideas are as necessary during the repair: no one wants to fall face in the dirt and be worse neighbors.

What style to choose for each room, and what resources are needed to create it, we will cover in this article.

interior design ideas

After this preconditioning, the apartment begins the so-called face-lift: the choice of wallpaper and floor coverings, install ceilings and lighting, the purchase of furniture and other interior items, as well as the decoration of the situation different accessories.

But at this stage in front of the owner of the apartments face the task of choosing a specific home design. Consider the most popular styles of our time.

Choosing a design style

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The interior in maritime style

Thanks to the Internet, you can find plenty of examples of different types of design, each of which has its own flavor, and enjoy a particular type of people.

Consider a few examples.

  1. Sea style.

There is such a style is not so long ago - in the 19th century. Usually it is used in the design of its travelers a large room, so as not to forget the usual ship's interior. It is characterized by extreme romanticism and allows you to create the atmosphere of distant travels around the globe.

And to make such a design is not so difficult, especially having a variety of materials on the market today:

  • Floors for marine design - sure wood, paint and bleach do not need them. If you have already installed other coverage, you can hide it with a carpet.
  • The walls are trimmed with dark paneling like aboard ship. It is not necessary to sheathe the wall, it will be enough wooden bottom.
  • A particular type of ceiling does not stipulate the creation of design rules, but the color is best to choose shades of wood. Of course, the most good option is that if the surface is also sheathe clapboard or other wood material.
    Typical decoration for marine design

    Typical decoration for marine design

  • Originally decorate the interior of the window as the window with beautiful scenery behind it. It does not necessarily have to be present, as is a purely decorative element. Normal windows close blinds or light curtains.

Note! Reclining shelves and wooden beds will create a truly unique maritime atmosphere.

  • As furniture for marine design can be used as a modern design and home furnishings made of solid oak or pine. It is desirable that it was a simple, multi-functional and does not take up much space.
  • To create the most realistic atmosphere, only colors of the sky and the sea must be used - white and shades of blue. Metallic and dark brown (the color of old ships), also fit perfectly into the interior.
  • The completion of the picture may be a decorative ornament on the theme of the sea: glass vases filled with pebbles, a large aquarium, maps on the walls, antique globe, telescope, measuring instruments and other items such type.
  1. Contemporary
The room in the style of Contemporary

The room in the style of Contemporary

For fans of the original is also suitable Contemporary style, combining all modern trends of designers that do not fit into the framework of the design ideas in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

It meets all the requirements of simplicity, comfort and functionality, and encourages the use of new technologies and ideas, so the interior design project at home completes the choice of this design.

It was formed more recently - in the late 20th century. It all began with the production of furniture in the Scandinavian style, and well-known company IKEA. This popular brand of the founder and illustrative example kontemporari in interiors and furnishings.

The main features of the style - easy layout, compatibility and interchangeability of furniture, the ability to complement an existing design with new interior.

Accurate and verified lines look quite elegant and create an atmosphere of 60s. Popular and accessible - another plus design, it is suitable to all lovers of comfort and ease.

The downside may be a coldness and monotony of interiors, but this can be avoided with the help of additional accessories - lamps, lighting fixtures, textiles and framed photographs.

Contemporary staircase

Contemporary staircase

Shades of color in the design can be very diverse, but it is necessary to prefer furniture muted colors (blue, gray, brown), and to focus attention bright vases, figurines or carpets.

There is also the option of using interior bright saturated colors (red, green, yellow), but then you need not to overdo it with accessories.

The style is also different in that it has finished the design examples for each of the rooms that meet the needs of tenants in terms of functionality:

  • Bedroom Contemporary in style, must necessarily have a wardrobe in the wall with a mirror facade of colorful flowers or a simple matte finish. On the floor - a carpet with clipped pattern and bedding made to combinations of colors.
  • For children, you can buy ready-made furniture sets bright, "toy" colors. Cots and lockers - a mandatory attribute.

Note! To decorate the interior of the children's bedrooms can use plastic wall stickers from interesting scenes from favorite cartoons, and for storage of toys and things suit textile bags shelves.

  • Living in a Contemporary style is typically furnished with upholstered furniture covers in bright colors with lots of pillows, a modular wall to the TV and audio equipment, shelves for books and magazines. To enliven the design uses lovely heart trinkets - photo in a beautiful frame, flowers in pots, rugs and souvenirs from various countries.
  1. Biedermeier - a traditional German style.
EXAMPLE Biedermeier-interior

EXAMPLE Biedermeier-interior

Biedermeier style is a striking embodiment of German traditions in the interior design. Germany is one of the trendsetters, so the German style is particularly noteworthy.

He appeared in the 19th century when trying to adapt to the needs of the luxury empire ordinary residents of the city. Allowing you to create a "philistine" comfort, Biedermeier attracts attention with its simplicity and respectability.

Traditional color shades for this design - light and warm colors: blue, pink and yellow. Typically, the walls or painted or wallpaper with stripes or a geometric pattern.

The floors are traditionally made of wood and dim rugs to match the walls. Quite popular features of Scandinavian style: fluffy carpets, bright windows of large size and the use of light-blue shades.

As decorations used by a large number of vases and other accessories. A distinctive feature of the German style is divided by the door - open can only its top or bottom.

Chairs Biedermeier style

Chairs Biedermeier style

Biedermeier furniture design preferences are completely consistent with the requirements of the Empire: soft fabric upholstery and curved surfaces, unpainted and unvarnished wood as the basic material, curved lines, chiseled legs upholstered backrest fabric, armrests and seat.

Sometimes it is possible to apply gold leaf. Fabric usually fastened by means of nails with large heads.

Fireplace with large mantel is considered necessary to subject living environment. Windows traditionally closed velvet or muslin curtains, walls are decorated with pictures and miniatures. Photos in heavy wooden frames and perfectly fit into the interior.

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