Design idea for a small apartment, a corridor: an interesting interior for small spaces

The idea of ​​design for small apartment (48 photos). A means of achieving a functional interior. A selection of ready-made designs


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  • 2 A selection of ready-made designs
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The main idea of ​​design for small apartment is competent construction decoration and other rooms elements, in which the room will be visually more spacious, most convenient and functional.

Small in area apartments, compared with spacious multi-room, in the context of interior design requires greater attention.

design idea for a small apartmentThe aim of our school will repair the main lighting design techniques apartment, allows to reach dubbed features, and also offer ready-made interesting decisions.

Functional design small apartment

Dubbed by some useful tips that will help make the interior design small apartments more spacious and functional:

  • Stationary furniture replace mobile and folding, It will allow most of the time to keep it folded, saving space, and use only as needed.
  • Use the versatile furniture. Pieces of furniture with multiple functions become allies in the fight for the coveted square footage. When purchasing select the model, for example, with built-in storage.
  • Should not "clutter up" the apartment souvenirs. Provided the limited area to save small accessories in your home design completely useless. If you have any special talisman to do without which it is impossible, place it in a prominent place, such as a mirror frame.
  • When designing the interior of small apartments, prefer built-in appliances. It without harming the functionality is ready to work honestly, even on the smallest space.
    Interior design small apartment

    Examples of built-in appliances compact arrangement

  • Remove excess equipment. In an era of technological progress the development of devices such as TV, computer, DVD-player, music center, radio, alarm clock and mp3-player can easily replace the compact and multi-functional object - laptop. In addition, the savings will not only be a place, but also significantly reduce the level of electromagnetic radiation harmful to the human body, as well as power consumption.
  • Best interior design of the apartments is not possible without the use of lighter fabrics. Lush draperies and multilayer curtains, on the contrary, should be avoided. There are quite acceptable and some excesses, for example, in the bedroom, you can build a real canopy, hanging from the ceiling a light bamboo frame and draped her tulle.
  • Buy transparent furniture. An optical illusion is a good means to save space, at least visually. Functional same quality furniture made of transparent plastic or glass are as good as the classic.
  • Use the sliding doors and partitions (coupe). Unlike folding, they do not take up space and look at this very attractive. In order not to spoil the floor guide rails, they can be mounted on the top of the doorway.
corridor design in a small apartment

Compact door coupe

  • Almost all the ideas for design of apartments a small area are based on the use of mirror surfaces. Room seem more spacious than proportionally to the number of mirrors that are in it. Objects with a mirror, a polished or chrome coating also fit perfectly in any interior, merging with the proposed environment.
  • Does not shrink with high-tech devices. For example, a compact plasma panel, wall-mounted, eliminates the need to put a stand under the bulky CRT TV.
  • Natural materials in the interior - the best choice. With an abundance of plastic housing will be like most in the house for the dolls. Wooden or parquet flooring laminate is a win-win solution.
  • To make the space open space walls and floor of dye in one light color.
  • Do not overload the space with bright colors. In a small space, an abundance of colors loads psyche. It is a bet on the bright local accent.

Tip! Prefer massive chandeliers small lamps. Built into the ceiling or hung close to it would be ideal for this luminaire.

A selection of ready-made designs

small apartment interior design

Compact ceiling fixtures

Consider the most interesting designs of small apartments on the specific examples.

Option 1

  • A first embodiment involves the classical interior for small spaces bright finish, which is the contrast except the floor of the laminate wood-brown color.
  • Walls design studio performed in a gray-beige shade twist which serves as a complex pattern of white circles resembling a target.
  • It is interesting to look glass furniture - coffee tables and pridivanny absolutely does not clutter the room.
  • The same can be said about the white sofa. In time the idea of ​​the circles is selected and a small rug in a circle, in addition to aesthetics then adds comfort room.
  • It should be noted that idea with a pattern of circles and quite suitable for corridor design in a small apartment.
  • Excellent sound, and lighting system, which is a complex combination of downlights with fashionable floor lamp near the sofa.
  • Rounding out the composition of large windows with blinds and light the same curtains. Nothing extra! Room spacious and comfortable.
    best interior design of apartments

    Design a small living room

option 2

  • The second proposed embodiment represented as bedrooms-working cabinet. Here, preference is given to a combination of white with light wood color.
  • This decision was impressed by the fact that even the design of a small-sized one-bedroom apartment will look as natural and naturally.
  • The room is quite small, so the functional areas are placed relative to each other is very compact. Single bed near the window, at the same time it meets all the necessary requirements - space for one person enough bed design is made in accordance with the general, the functionality added built-in pull-out bed boxes.
  • Right next to the bed with a small desk, over which hang wall shelves. At the opposite the window wall mounted narrow but tall (up to the ceiling) cabinet. Amended composition blackout blinds again wood color.

Additional ideas to design your dream home will certainly arise if you show interest and imagination.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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