Interior decoration of the garage with his hands: how and what to decorate walls correctly

Interior decoration of the garage with your hands (36 photos): concrete flooring, tiling plaster, tile, plastic panels and clapboard


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Garage must be not only comfortable and safe place to store cars. Many motorists spend in it much of their free time, so performing an internal Finish the garage with his hands should create a cozy atmosphere for work and visually lighten and expand room.

Interior decoration of the garage with his handsA wide range of cladding materials will give you the opportunity to build harmonious interior space according to your taste and abilities.

Concrete floor in garage

The base of concrete - the first step to equip your garage. This coating is inexpensive and durable, it has excellent resistance to harsh operating conditions. But it also has significant drawbacks: increased dust formation and poor resistance to dirt.

The upper concrete layer was gradually abraded, coated floor unattractive greyish bloom. Dirt and chemicals, which abound in the garage absorbed coating that promotes stable and odors indoors. However, this situation can be avoided to protect the concrete base by special means.

How to decorate the garage

Floor of reinforced concrete in the garage

This impregnation can be any color. But it is worth to say that their life is small - from one to three years. So you have to constantly engage in sex repair. If you are not satisfied with such a prospect, you can cover the concrete of liquid polymer floors. They have excellent performance and have a life span of tens of years.

The main thing when pouring the concrete base - just keep the technology. Otherwise coating subsequently begin to crack and disintegrate.

The best base floor in the garage is integral concrete slab, plinth abutting on the construction. However, for its filling will require considerable effort, special equipment and an invitation to teams of workers, all of this will increase the construction time and cost.

Optimal solution:

Paul arranged on the level of crop base or slightly above. The thickness of the concrete should be about 8-10 cm. Before grouting the soil is thoroughly cleaned and aligned horizontally. If you need bedding, it is carried out with sand or fine gravel, followed compacted.

Mix of mark M200 / 300 can be ordered ready-made in the concrete plant or cook yourself. Assume the following proportions: 1 proportion of cement, 2 parts sand and 3 share of fine gravel or crushed stone.

To obtain a flat coating, stretch cords or set the level of solid plaster beacons of profiled pipes. Do not forget to spread the reinforcing mesh. Concrete pour cards, trying to do it continuously. If you put the beacons, the solution is placed strips between them.

After the mixture grab carefully powertrowel and smooth coating. To equip the topcoat can be based on 28 days after its filling.

Important! Outside the garage, on its perimeter, is required to make the blind area whose width should be at least 60 cm. it is technologically as well as the floor. On the blind area is enough 4-5 cm of concrete, its plane should have a slight slope in 1,5-2 °, directed from the walls of the garage. This is necessary for the removal of melt and rain water from the buildings.

Inner lining garage

Technologically finishing the garage with his hands is, first of all, not his decoration and protection.

Mode of operation of this structure is extremely rigid and plastered the walls with his own hands and the floor often exposed to strong chemicals - fuel, technical oils, antifreeze, water and extremes temperature. And the probability of mechanical damage is very high. Therefore, facing the inner surfaces of the garage must provide effective protection from all destructive factors.

First of all we must remember that this premise should be to equip the most stringent safety standards for the car and, of course, its owner.

Facing the inside of the garage must be carried out only from materials that:

  • They do not possess flammability;
  • are resistant to chemical attack;
  • resistant to dirt and do not absorb odors;
  • easily washed and cleaned;
  • resistant to impact and mechanical stress.

List considerable and significantly limits the selection of materials suitable for cladding surfaces garage. Not the least role in the final selection is playing and the economic factor.

  • Another nuance. Not worth much trust in glossy magazines, which often flashed examples finishing garages, rather reminiscent of an expensive country cottage living room. White floor, perfectly aligned with the plaster walls and ceiling look impressive, but in fact you will lose all this beauty quickly.
  • The white color is extremely picky about cleanliness in the room. so what's so cool look at the photo in the magazine, after some, quite a short time lose all its luster.
  • You should remember that color is fundamental to creating a harmonious interior in all types of premises. With its help you can play with the space and visually expand it. Moreover, lined in warm and bright colors will help to hide a lot of coverage deficiencies.
  • Another important condition is the correct choice - a measure of the strength and durability of the lining. Especially it concerns usually small in area garages, where every square meter is operated with a maximum load.
  • It recommended in such areas as much as possible to use various accessories and interior design - shelves, mezzanines, lockers. In turn, such an internal structure of the garage imposes special requirements for finishing surfaces thereof.

Next we will look at examples of finishing the ceiling, floor and walls of the garage. We describe the most common options for self-lining.

As traditional stucco oblitsevat garage

How to decorate a wall in the garage

Plastered and painted walls of the garage

Covering the walls of the garage, which has brick walls, performed traditional and most simple way. For alignment unevenness and protection walls structures are widely used various plasters which form them robust and reliable coverage.

a protective layer is further applied over the paint mixture. This is the most inexpensive and easily accessible method for lining all of the walls with his own hands. It is also suitable for surfaces made of concrete, foam blocks and aerocrete.

Plaster base surface well protects against all types of damage and is non-combustible material.

Before you decorate the garage, aware that such work is better to apply the plaster and dyes, which are intended for external use without fear of moisture and large differences temperatures.

It is worth to warn that the option of a garage facing plasters has some drawbacks. It's dirty, wet and long process performed in several stages.

For solid and flat surfaces you must first learn the basic fundamentals of how to plaster after work well, strictly adhering technologies applying each of the layers facing.

Decorating with ceramic tiles garages

Finish the garage with his hands

Floor tiles in the garage

This is one of the best coatings for walls and floor of the garage. Surfaces lined with ceramic tiles, have good strength and protected against mechanical and chemical damage, moisture and fire.

Garages and finishing are performed using such a construction material, pleasant look neat and well maintained. But it is worth mention that the walls of the room must be sufficiently strong to withstand the extra finishing layer.

Pre plane must align plaster or correct defects of tile adhesive layer with little drops.

Note! The main disadvantages of the lining made of ceramic tile - a long process, and the high cost of laying.

Interior decoration garage plastic panels and clapboard

Lining the walls and ceiling of the garage plastic panels

Lining the walls and ceiling of the garage plastic panels, the price - from 240 rubles. per sheet


If you trim garage plastic panels, after a few hours it will be completely ready for operation. This finishing method is very fast and affordable, thanks to the low price, in addition, assembly works are free from dirt and dust.

Before you decorate the walls in the garage, think about what kind of panels to choose from.

Experts recommend purchase of this facade linings manufactured from polyvinyl chloride. This plastic has water resistance, hygienic and fire safety. Outside, you can spend the finish siding with their own hands.


Sheets of material are fixed by means of wooden or metal battens, screwed with screws to the wall surfaces of the room. It is worth noting that this is the most efficient way of lining metal garages as it allows without problems to insulate them, placing between the frame and clapboard slab insulation material.

From minuses coating must allocate weak impact strength and significant narrowing minimum internal space 8 cm. It is also necessary to carefully monitor the location of the frame beams to mount hinged system without problems - shelves, mezzanines, lockers.

When the interior of the garage made with their own hands, for facing the ceiling is better to use a special designed precisely, plastic panels for him. They are cheaper, though they have less strength. But it is not so important, as the ceiling is not subjected to mechanical influences.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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