Landscaping infield with their hands in the pictures: a project video

Landscape infield (photo 60). Drawing up a design project. Landscaping and water clearance.


Table of contents

  • 1 Drawing up a design project
  • 2 Greening infield
    • 2.1 landscaping principles
    • 2.2 types of beds
  • 3 water decoration
  • 4 Other elements of the infield design
  • 5 Summing up
  • 6 Photo Gallery

Priority for many instead of the once popular garden beds now become a landscape design infield.

Gone are the days when the owners of summer cottages were sent to their plots of land only for the extraction of record harvests.

landscape design infield

Now most consider personal possessions as suburban nook, where there is a break from the bustling city, breathe fresh air, to find unity with nature.

Ways to "green" and "revive" the site, there are many, it all depends on your desire and funds to the embodiment of the paradise of your dreams corner is required not so much. Garden design in the country with their own hands - what we now describe.

Thus, we consider in more detail how you can decorate your site, as well as demonstrate how design can be infield in pictures.

Drawing up a design project

First of all it is necessary to evaluate which and how many elements of the decor will fit in your yard. The area is not the last value.

We list what attributes can be filled with the territory of the site to make it irresistible:

  • Greening. The first thing associated suburban area - of course, green. Landscaping can be divided into several components - trees, shrubs, lawns, flower beds, alpine slide.
  • The aqueous component, which may be represented by a pond, stream, fountain, cascade or their combination.
  • Necessary attributes of comfort and beauty area - garden furniture, benches, paths, garden arches, lanterns.

Plan infield design project based on your own preferences, picking up a plan for their area and inflicting on him the location of the interesting attributes you specifically.

Greening infield

landscape design infield with their hands

Lawn in the garden

landscaping principles

Planting should be made based on the presence and amount of the area already growing trees.

Trees sadite where are going to place a gazebo and benches. After a couple of years the trees will grow and be able to create shade and coolness in summer.

Most of the space you can sow lawn grass. Green lawn with lush grass will stream a certain tranquility, order and comfort, as well as enable if you want to lie on the grass as a child or have a picnic.

Shrubs can be planted in the event that the area space in abundance. They sit down on the perimeter of the house and close to the beds as a halo, it is one of the main garden design tips.

Tip! It should not be planted too close to shrubs flower beds, if they grow flowers that require a lot of sunlight.

infield design

raised beds

What infield design be without colors? Flower bed - one of the main components of the site, pleasing the eye.

infield design your videos hands

Alpine hill

They are placed mainly on the lawn, in the places where they are comfortable to contemplate.

types of beds

  • regular - allocated strict geometrical shape and a diameter of usually not less than 1.5 m;
  • irregular - the plants they were planted in separate groups and are carefully selected according to shape, color and flowering time;
  • chameleons - a subspecies of the traditional flower beds, flowering for the season several times changing color, which is achieved by the skilful mixing plants with different flowering period;
  • upbeat - closer to the center are planted higher plants on the edges of flower beds - low;
  • carpet - consist of a dwarf and parterre plants, creating complex patterns at flowering;
  • vertical - provide for the exhibition in the form of figures, consist mainly of bougainvillea, climbing rose and clematis;
  • monoklumby - consist of a single type of flower.

Alpine slide, in contrast to the classical beds, very extravagant version of the amateur. This combination of plants with stones, designed to display the Alpine mountain range in miniature.

They are often mistaken and tasteless litter abundance of extra flowers and plants. However, a properly designed slide promotes relaxation and is an indication of excellent taste. If you wish to learn this and a novice can not wonder that there is a direct design of the garden with his own hands.

Stones to suit absolutely any roller coaster, but the presence of large boulders would be an advantage. Choose plants with a note "for the Alpine hills."

water decoration

design infield in pictures

Creek in the area

In order to design the infield with his hands was full, you can build a stream or waterfall.

To do this you will need:

  • or bight conduit, the water supply;
  • Summing circuit for connecting the pump;
  • a water pump and a hose thereto;
  • special nonwoven material and a film;
  • stones and plants for decoration.
  1. Start by digging a creek bed, which is more convenient to be located on a slope, it will not dig additional slope on a flat surface.
  2. Thereafter ditch carpet the nonwoven fabric designed to protect the film from mechanical damage by sharp stones. On top of the layer of material in 2-3 trail film which does not allow water to soak into the earth.
  3. Top layer of paving material and another for the stream area poured sand and fine pebbles operating masking function film and a nonwoven material and therewith adding a stream appeal.
  4. On one side of the stream cascades spread stones - the basis of future falls. In the deepest place to install the pump, the hose from being led to the top of the cascade and camouflage among the rocks. Fill channel and include water pump. Stream waterfall ready.

Other elements of the infield design

design infield project

Garden path to the small flowers

Smaller, but no less important can be considered as an item such as garden paths. They must integrate harmoniously with the landscape structure and beneficial to emphasize its.

Here, a good option could be paving the artificial or natural stone pavers. Naturally write tracks in natural landscape is possible, it landed in the gaps between the stones undemanding small flowers.

A classical embodiment of arbor in the area considered wooden structure. It can be erected from a bar and a wooden lining. In the most beautiful places, and where you like to retire, you should install the wooden benches.

The entrances to the gazebo or garden pond can be decorated with an arch, under which should be planted twine plant.

And to top it should take care of the evening and night lighting your garden setting on the edges of tracks and near the most beautiful places of decorative lights. Subtleties of their installation can be found by viewing the video in our special article.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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