Interior design of wooden houses: the idea of ​​finishing rooms of private housing from a bar

The design of the wooden interior of the house (51 images): interior styles and floor finishes


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  • 1 On the intricacies of design
    • 1.1 Interior selection principles
    • 1.2 The rustic interior details
  • 2 A few words about the contemporary interiors
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Create your own design - it fascinating and interesting, but the strength is not for everyone. It is easy to get confused when to be done from scratch, or to alter the design of the interior of a wooden house. On the intricacies and peculiarities of home today in our article.

The interior design of the wooden house

On the intricacies of design

The design of rooms in a wooden house

Country closest to nature

Interior selection principles

  • First and foremost it is worth paying attention to the fact that the exterior should match the style of the interior of the house. The house is a reflection of the character, tastes and way of life of the host, so it is important to pay attention to their own preferences and create ultimately a unified and harmonious way.
  • Planning the design of rooms in a wooden house, it is important to decide on the style and the end result. Ask yourself the question, how do you want to see my house?
  • The most popular styles today - rustic or country, ultra-high-tech, kitsch, austere minimalism, artsy classicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
  • Of course, the interior design of the house of timber or logs, involves relaxed life close to nature holiday away from the bustle of the city. More often repair a detached house is held in a rustic way. Do not think that such a style devoid of facilities and a comfortable life.
  • The interior can even combine several areas, most importantly, that all in harmony with each other, has been chosen with taste and meet the preferences of the owner.

The rustic interior details

the interior of the timber home design

Kitchen in a wooden house

What is a rustic style and how does it differ from others?

First of all, it is natural, natural materials for finishing. Wood, stone, cotton and linen. Calm colors - green, brown, gray and pastel shades of all colors.

With this style of interior design decoration specially creates the appearance of rough or partially processed materials. Leave the log walls, ceilings, put in wood furniture, where its natural structure is emphasized.

In this case, a skilled and thoughtful approach to design in this case gives the impression of rustic simplicity, but with all the modern accessories - electrical household appliances and amenities.

You can decorate the house inside on hunting, Scandinavian, African style, as well as to make the interior in the English, German or any other ethnic style. Everything depends on the desires, fantasies, preferences and ideas of interior design.

The interior design of a private house

A wooden house can furnish in modern style

A few words about the contemporary interiors

But for many owners of wooden houses holiday design ideas spread much wider visibility deliberate simplicity.

If the owner accepts only a taste of modern materials, feel free to choose progressive styles. Then, in the course are multi-level design and construction of plasterboard, with which it is possible to create a basis of the future interior.

If you have planned modern design rooms in a private home, should start from the ceiling, and then move on to the walls, windows and doorways.

From fantasy form ceiling will depend arch trim, as well as the color and the future of lighting. Modern materials have a lot of opportunities for the creation of different shapes and designs.

The ceiling can be done in classical form or create a bent, fantastic designs. In a fashion as multilevel ceilings, eaves system, a combination of stucco.

After shaping the ceiling, you can create openings. This may be semicircular arch, asymmetric or severe geometries. If you're a minimalist, completely eliminate the pretentiousness of the interior.

But lovers of kitsch and classicism longer have to work on designs quirkiness.

finishing the floor

Holiday design ideas

Wooden floor in a wooden house

At least paid attention to the floor. In a wooden house urgent all will look massive floor from strong and durable woods. However, there are plenty of options and room for the imagination.

After all the preliminary work it is time to finish. Here, again, it all depends on your taste and conceived design. Cutting-edge solutions involve metallic shades, at least superfluous, strict forms.

Tip! If you are more inclined to the classics, choose a soft, comfortable furniture, soft shades of the same.

No matter what option you are going to decorate your house, it is important to think and plan ahead. Trends, styles and techniques can be perfectly combined and harmonious look, if you approach this subject to the soul, and a great desire to do something out of their original home and really comfortable and comfortable.

Summing up

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