Decorating the house siding with his own hands: the staircases and basement exterior

Decorating the house siding with your hands (36 photos). Kinds. Necessary materials. Features mounting. Installation of the facade. finishing gables


Table of contents

  • 1 Tool for finishing siding
  • 2 types of siding
  • 3 Necessary materials
  • 4 Preparing for installation
  • 5 Technology finishing process siding
    • 5.1 Features mounting
    • 5.2 installation of facade
    • 5.3 finishing gables
    • 5.4 Completion of
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Decorating the house siding is both decorative and construction component, and an element that can significantly reduce heat loss. At the same time, in comparison with the other finishing materials, siding is very inexpensive, and its service life reaches approximately 50 years, and this is due to the high popularity of this material.

The cost of installation work on the decoration of home siding will be at least 50% of the cost of materials, so good alternative, allowing significant savings, can become an independent home decoration siding. This procedure is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance, and it is quite feasible hands layman.

Tool for finishing siding

Utdelka house siding with their own handsInstruments:
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • punch;
  • hammer;
  • Metal scissors;
  • building level of no less than 80 cm;
  • hacksaw;
  • roulette;
  • carpenter's square;
  • construction rope;
  • pencil for marking.

types of siding

How to decorate the house basement

types of siding

To solve than decorate the house from the outside, we must first understand what are the types of siding and in what order each of them applies.

Secrete several kinds of siding:

  1. Vinyl - the most popular form. It used to finish the house facade and consists of an inner and outer layer. The inner layer prevents the material change geometry and appearance has protective properties, by enclosing the adverse effects of environmental factors, and is a "face" of the building. Price - from 570 rubles.
  2. Ground siding used to trim the top of the foundation (the plinth), projecting above ground level. Made from the same materials as vinyl, but is more durable.

Externally ground siding often mimics the surface of materials such as brick, natural stone, wood and gives the lower part of the building attractive appearance, and also removes all the questions about what to decorate the plinth houses.

  1. Metal siding is mainly used in the construction of warehouses, industrial and manufacturing buildings. It is divided into the steel and aluminum.
  2. Cement siding is applicable in areas with high demands on fire safety and is almost never used in the decoration of residential buildings.

After selecting a suitable material, it is necessary to define the outer texture and color. At the current market offers a wide siding colors and textures, ranging from "under the tree" solutions to classic beige and gray shades.

Necessary materials

The staircasesRequired to produce an accurate rendering number of boards and the support bars based on the area sizes and surfaces. The ideal option here would be to purchase saydingovyh panels, slightly exceeding the length (no more than 10 cm), the width of each of the walls of the house.

This will reduce to a minimum the waste of materials used. However, based on the fact that the presence of the desired size is not always the case, you can do any of the standard length of panels.

After making a decision as to whether, made meticulous rendering of the area than to finish assembling the foundation and facade of the house surfaces and counted margin of approximately 10% of the splines, is required to calculate the number of auxiliary elements.

Ancillary products include:

  • starting and finishing strips, respectively, begins and ends with mounting main planks siding;
  • corners, are fixed at the corners of the house and hide the extreme side of the main planks;
  • J-battens used in edging purposes (on the perimeter of windows, gables, decorative elements);
  • H moldingovy connecting profile for connecting the basic short splines.

It is also necessary to stock and consumable materials, such as galvanized or aluminum cap cluster with 0.9-1 cm diameter and a length at least 3 cm.

Preparing for installation

On the surface walls of the house temporarily dismantled elements: decorative objects, lights, window frames, visors, sills, and if necessary, in some places, remove the old plaster. Should remain free of foreign parts planar surface.

An important component part of the finish siding is a crate, to which all the elements are fastened directly siding system. In addition to the role of the frame, purlins can serve as a support for additional insulation and promote the equalization curve initially aligned wall plastering.

For these purposes, often use inexpensive cost dry wooden beam (moisture content 13-15%) cross section of 50x30 mm. Boards with nails fastened by finishing all parts of the walls in the upright position, the general side bar to the wall and move between bars of 40-50 cm and are mounted on the corners, the finishing of the house and cap.

How to decorate the house from the outside

Crate wooden beam

Technology finishing process siding

After installing the battens and possibly laying insulation, it begins the process of finishing the siding.

  • The first step in the corners of the house is attached saydingovy area and wherever needed - J-strips and connecting the H-profile.
  • Then, around the perimeter of the base is fixed at home starting panel at a distance of not more than 5 cm from the ground level.
  • Further, in its upper groove inserted first main panel siding. The panel should not be strongly pulling up, is necessary to slightly pull until it clicks, meaning a reliable connection with starting panel.
  • One after another from bottom to top remaining attached siding panels, driven in such a way, that their entry into the corners were not dense, and with a gap of 5-10 mm on each side.
    Finishing cap with his hands

    The entry in the siding corners

Features mounting

The last point of installation is for the purpose of prevention of deformation of the material during its expansion or contraction under the effect of high and low seasonal temperatures. With the same purpose are mounted to the sheathing panel without dokruchivaya screw (not fully nailing the nail) for 1-1.5 mm full hard grip and screwing it the exact center of the site of attachment at an angle 90°.

This mount allows saydingovoy design a little "walk", which is regulated by all manufacturers of vinyl siding.

How to decorate a foundation

Correct and incorrect installation

Ends trim cap with his hands finish installing the panel.

installation of facade

Mounting the facade of the building begins with fixing the starting panel along the perimeter of the house, but very close to the finish panel already installed basement saydingovoy design. Further, all occurs as well as the finishing of the cap.

However facade finishing more difficult and time-consuming process, because when the self-adjust and to fix the panel in the upper part of the facade is very easy.

Tip! Facilitate the process of finishing the top layer will help the presence of scaffolding, because to pick up and get end portions 6-meter panel in the grooves over, while at the same time on the stairs, almost impossible.

finishing gables

Special attention should be finishing gables. Here, in addition to the height, there is a difficulty in fitting the panels, because the front - this is often the triangular part of the facade, which means that the edge of each panel must have a corresponding taper.

Tip! The best solution would be to fit elements to the desired shape and size on the spot, because the slightest curvature the original design of the gable can lead to the fact that pre-prepared strips just do not come up and will rejected.

Completion of

After completion of the assembly work on the decoration of the house siding, should be attached to their former places all dismantled elements of the facade.

Work on self-decoration of home siding completed.

To make the home highlights need to decide what to decorate stairs that it harmoniously fit into the exterior transfigured home.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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