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Flowers in the garden (photo 60): the site design. Tips on caring for roses. How to choose planting irises. kinds of phlox


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Very popular flowers in the garden - the design of their striking diversity and magic of combinations of shapes, combination of colors and shades. Each refines your garden in its own way, someone makes him exceptionally zone for recreation, someone equips garden plot, and someone plants a total area of ​​grass and plenty of fragrant flowers.

flowers in the garden design

Flowers in the country will always please your eyes and soul. How nice after a hard day's work to sit on a comfortable bench or chair in her lush garden and watch the whole palette of colors and variety of forms.

Depending on the size of your site, chosen design of garden flowers. You can plant it in different varieties and species of plants or make separate corners. For example, a rose garden or a corner, where they will grow only hosts.

It is often used in the rose garden design. They fascinate look and presentation to create a unique mood. However, it is worth noting that they are growing - quite laborious occupation. These colors are often called capricious. Although this fact has never stopped anyone to grow beautiful and healthy roses in their area.

The main thing is to put them in his heart and soul and try to follow the correct care regimen for them. And then there will be great with the garden design.

Tips on caring for roses

Caring for roses have throughout the year. The development of young shoots in the spring, the time of their flowering, duration and degree of profusion of color depends on the weather.

design of flowers in the garden

Example of the arch roses

If the year is very warm spring, roses may develop a more active and bloom earlier than planned. If the weather is dry and hot, roses and flowering will suffer much less.

This is due to the lack of the necessary amount of moisture in the soil. Also rose bushes can be subjected to various insects attacks, infectious diseases.

Note! Roses love very loose and fertile soil. So you have to engage in regular dosage dressings. This is done in the period from early spring until late August. Later in plants ends a period of growth and feeding become unnecessary.

There is a wide variety of fertilizers. Of the mineral fertilizing roses for the best use of "Kemira". Fertilize the plant should be no more than twice per month, spreading a tablespoon of water in the bucket. Bucket in this case should be galvanized or iron, plastic or enamel.

Among a variety of organic fertilizing using an ordinary cow dung. Prepare the dressing can be stirred into a bucket of water 0.5 liter of manure. Fertilize the rose at the root.

And if not roses?

Design floral garden provides application and other plants such as irises, phlox, hosts. Let's start by looking at the most popular and pretty ancient colors.


Five facts about irises

  1. Irises in the garden design have been used for a long time. This is evidenced by the fresco found on the island of Crete. Her age is about 4 thousand years.
  2. Very interestingly arranged the flower of the plant. Its petals are deployed so that any detail of them will be visible to the naked eye. The petals have a special structure that provides shimmer and silver outflow of the slanting rays of the sun or artificial light.
  3. It is important that the irises in the garden design will perform not only the function of aesthetic complement other colors, but can safely wear the title of medicinal plants. For more than 300 years in Italy engaged in the elaboration of an iris oil, which is contained in the rhizomes. It is widely used in the perfume industry.
  4. Other types of irises possess antiseptic properties, and leaves can be used for manufacturing brushes, as they have very strong fibers. Also, the leaves are known for the presence of a large supply of vitamin C.
  5. Among the variety of the most popular irises can be called Bearded irises that bloom from late May to mid-July. Depending on the weather, irises may bloom for two weeks to a month. During this period, your garden design is unsurpassed!

If you wish to contemplate their beauty for two months, you'll have to pick up some sort.

How to choose the place of planting irises

Irises in the garden design

Different types of irises

The choice of location for the irises - a very difficult job. iris flower is often called the first half of the day, as they will feel good about themselves on the site, where before noon will be the sun, and after shadow.

It is important to not close has large trees and shrubs that will select a lot of moisture. It is best to plant irises on the south or south-west facing.

The soil is better to choose a question-drained and a neutral acidity.

Fertilize the ground can be peat, manure or compost. A strong root system irises only improve the soil structure of your garden, so include them in the crop rotation and alternate with plantations of other colors.

Note! Irises should not be planted after potatoes, as this culture is susceptible to the attack of many infections. Plant irises after other vegetable crops, lupine. At one point they will retain their decorative effect up to 5 years.

decorative phlox

Quickly gained popularity phlox. This is one of the few flowering plants that are able to delight you with their color for 5 months. Phlox in a garden design began to be used in the United States in the late 19th century.

phlox in the garden design

Phlox in combination with other colors

The most common -. Phlox shrub with a height ranging from 25 cm to 2 m The most popular representative of this group is considered phlox paniculata.

Under natural conditions, this flower purplish red flowers diameter up to 2.5 cm. In the culture of their color can vary greatly. It may also be modified in size, shape and texture of the corolla. He, in turn, reaches a height of 5.5 cm.

To phlox bloomed well, fertilize flowers several times a season. Immediately after the snow melts sprinkle urea, then loosen the soil and promulchiruyte it.

In late May, it is necessary to make feeding infusion of mullein or chicken manure. Applied also potassium-phosphorous fertilizer. Fertilizers should be applied after rain or watering.

peonies in the garden design

Peonies in the garden

In phlox superficial root system, so often they suffer from lack of moisture in the soil. However, the stagnation of water these plants do not tolerate well, so be moderate in irrigation, but also follow it regularly.

Her Majesty Hydrangea

It should be noted that the hydrangea in the garden design is not the last. Stam tree can grow hydrangeas. To do this you must regularly trim the stalks rooted in the past four seasons. Hydrangeas like well-drained soil, abundant watering and shade. You must be a high-quality protection against frost.

If you do not want to buy not cheap plant species peonies can be used in garden design. It's always nice, gentle and inexpensive.

Summing up

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