Kitchen design in the style of Provence: feel the warmth and tranquility

Kitchen design in the style of Provence (36 photos): characteristic features, finishes and options


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Provence style is the perfect embodiment of family traditions and comfort. Therefore, in recent years, the kitchen, decorated in this style, and are very popular. It should be recalled that the Provence - located on the shores of the Mediterranean southern province of France, with its beauty and charm to conquer the hearts of all who come there.

From it derives its name now popular style. Kitchen design in the style of Provence will approach people with a desire to settle in her home hearth warmth, tranquility and hospitality.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

The characteristic features of the style of Provence

For kitchen design in the style of Provence is characterized by white, beige, sand, milk and ivory shade. Often the surface of the furniture transform scuffed and facades paint the flowers.

The inherent attributes and features of the style of Provence:

  • earthenware and porcelain tableware and accessories;
  • checkered tablecloths;
  • frill;
  • pots;
  • light, weightless curtains;
  • many flowers.

For such a solution would be the best kitchen countertop of granite or marble in bright colors. Kitchen utensils can serve as an additional element of decor, if it is in sight.

Kitchen furniture should preferably be made of wood - ash, oak, walnut or cherry. Facades of light wood often artificially aged do like faded under the bright Mediterranean sun.

This effect is achieved by a special technique called craquelure. Cabinets and cupboards pick up solid, slightly rough, and very roomy. The doors of the kitchen cabinets are often painted floral patterns.

Complement the design of a kitchen a large dining table and chairs with wicker backs or in the bag. The big plus is if the table, in addition to the characteristic light-colored, will be round-shaped and curved legs - the kitchen in the preparation of compositions in the style of Provence is almost half the battle. Chairs desirable to buy a set with a table.

Tip! Household appliances should be installed in the set, because the modern design of ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers are rarely able to perfectly fit into the rustic style of Provence, or country.

In Provence, the kitchen design will fit perfectly forged fittings and shelves, copper utensils, terracotta vessels, rails made of brass and copper. They look very simple, but very practical.

Kitchen utensils and containers need not hide in closets. Pots and pans hanging on the mind itself will serve as a decoration of dishes.

Design Provencal cuisine

Kitchen utensils as part of the interior

Decorative niches and open kitchen shelves serve as a place for the wonderful gizmos from antique shops or flea markets, wicker baskets and bundles of herbs.

kitchen decoration in a style of Provence

Decorating the walls of the kitchen in this case involves a deliberately rough texture that is perfect in the finishing style is not required. It can be if not perfectly smooth plaster and embossed wallpaper kitchen.

Cracked or frayed surface and minor overt defects will only emphasize the interior man-made and give it charm.

Paul usually trim tiles wood color or granite or tiles with imitation of natural stone or wooden boards. The highlight of the interior can be a massive dark wooden beams on the ceiling or their imitation.

Embodiments of the kitchen design in the style of Provence

  1. Kitchen Provence antique with sunflowers. Decorative wall finish is made with their own hands casually in gray or shades, ceiling plastered in the same way.

On the floor lay an old sloppy or made old tile in combination of two colors - light brown and beige and white. Furniture pick made old or antique white color in a thematic style. Paint its narrow vertical elements of sunflowers.

Put on the shelves of clay, ceramic and porcelain ware (necessarily the presence of a pitcher) decorated sunflowers on the wall hung a picture with them also.

In a conspicuous place a wicker basket to match the old interior, put in her living, and when they do not, artificial sunflowers. Complement interior woven towels and tacks. From the modern appliances and utensils in this kitchen is better to abstain.

Old kitchen of Provence in the sunflowers

Old kitchen of Provence in the sunflowers

  1. Classic cuisine in the style of Provence. Decorating the walls, as well as the ceiling, carried out more carefully - in a light beige shade.

On the floor tiles trail brown with a reddish tinge. Furniture stylized antique light wood color with the presence of several open shelves and shelves with latticed doors.

The table in the same manner, chairs with curved back and legs. Hood hidden under the surface finishing, slightly changing its tone more vivid. Curtain Design for the kitchen should be light, white. Hang them so that they are covered by one-half to two-thirds of the window.

Everywhere, but without fanaticism a stylistic accessories - ancient pottery and copper utensils, radiogram, and all that was fashionable and relevant for the kitchen for more than 50 years ago.

Equipment adjusted for color and furniture built in, without creating imbalances. Table and the free surfaces are covered with small light tablecloth to a cell or a flower.

The kitchen in the classic style of Provence

The kitchen in the classic style of Provence

  1. Kitchen in a modern style of Provence. The coincidence of the previous types of design are only one - about the same as the classic colors, typical of this style.

In the rest - in the materials and supply - this design is more modern and perhaps the most suited to the realities of our lives. Decorating the walls is made in a slightly beige or pinkish tinge, working part (apron) is made of tiles of the same color, possibly with inserts pearl marsh or brown.

Trail on the floor darker relative to the walls of the laminate, and the ceiling is made of white. Furniture take modern possibly partially carved suitable style, e.g. blue with attachments cupboards, bordered shiny metallic or wooden plate well polished gold or copper colors.

Modern kitchen in the style of Provence

Modern kitchen in the style of Provence

Countertop installed in atypical style for dark blue texture for granite, put a modern sink and faucet. Stove incorporated in the set, may well be black, and the hood is selected in such a way that it merges with the general beige (pink) design. Complement the kitchen white porcelain tableware with understated pattern in a thematic style.

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