How to hang wallpaper: video as fiberglass and paper stick in the corners

How to hang wallpaper: video instruction (39 photos), and laminating technology for different types of wallpaper


Table of contents

  • 1 Wallpaper: a few words about the diversity
  • 2 Technology
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    • 2.2 Glass fiber
  • 3 Angle - how to be?
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Stage wall decoration - quite important. After all, the quality of the performance will depend on type of room and the impression it would make on visitors. To learn how to hang wallpaper: videos, expert advice and a photo-guide, this is all in our article.

gluing technology depends on the type of coating.

how to glue wallpaper video

Wallpaper: a few words about the diversity

Conventional paper coatings are used as the background, which is subsequently decorated vinyl labels and inserts of other finishing materials. Wallpapers are accentual decoration of the room and create a unified atmosphere. Glass fiber often used as a basis for painting.

Vinyl covering - universal, can be used for finishing the kitchen and even the bathroom. Fabrics and natural - the most expensive material in the supplements do not need and are used for the design of bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.


adhesive Application

adhesive Application

Consider how to glue the paper wall - video, prepared by our specialists, we can help.


First of all, we carry out the preparation of the walls. For paper strips required smooth surface without the old coating residues purified from debris and primed.

For secure fastening to the wall suitable conventional adhesive for paper coatings or glue universal. paper material sheets weigh quite small, so even paste, brewed at home, keep these great paintings.

Cut sheets with an allowance of 10-15 cm, glue is applied to the reverse side of the sheet and sticking the butt from the window.

Note! The allowance is used to align the image. After leveling and drying the sheet surface cut the excess office knife.

In the corners of the sheets of paper glued overlap. After applying a sheet on the wall, align it and remove air and excess glue, conducting roller from the center to the edges.

Make sure that the glue did not get to the front side. A more detailed description of the procedure can be found in the prepared material - "sticking wallpaper video".

Glass fiber

Leveling fiberglass cloth

Leveling fiberglass cloth

Now consider how to glue the glass wall - the video clearly shows that the technology is somewhat different from working with a paper coating.

Of course, the preparatory work standard - to remove the old finish, lined the walls and primed. But the choice of adhesive is already different from the previous procedure.

Glass fiber are classified as heavy, so attach a special dispersion adhesive, provides reliable traction.

Only such an adhesive is able to keep steklopolotno on the walls and ceiling, to ensure the durability of the coating used.

Another feature is a wall decoration steklooboyami gluing. In this case it is applied directly to the wall or ceiling.

Removal of air from the strip

Removal of air from the strip

Fit strips to each other as possible within 20 minutes, then the glue dries almost tightly, to remove sheets from the wall is possible only by using a special remuvera.

Angle - how to be?

Let's look at how to hang wallpaper in the corners - the video recommends overlay sheets overlap.

To switch between the walls (inner corners) using a sheet about 50 mm in width, thus the curved edge will not protrude outwardly too. External corners okleivayut "obtyagivaya" angle strip.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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