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How to remove the wallpaper from drywall putty for walls


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  • 1 Plasterboard and wallpaper
    • 1.1 The structure of the plasterboard
    • 1.2 The process of dismantling
    • 1.3 foresight
  • 2 conclusion

To understand how to remove wallpaper from drywall, you need to understand the structure of the galactic cosmic rays, because you basically have to disconnect the glued paper. Experts advise to resort to such a procedure only when absolutely necessary, such as when the wall proved a greasy spot or you decide it to putty. But if you suddenly want to update the wallpaper, you'd better stick the new over the old, so as not to create yourself unnecessary problems.

Wallpaper on drywall easier to paste, you remove the

Wallpaper on drywall easier to paste, you remove the

Plasterboard and wallpaper

Knowledge of the structure of the GCR will help to understand the subtleties of the process of removing old wallpaper. Wallpaper strip usually has a paper base, so when gluing the two surfaces we get a thicker layer of cardboard. It is this structure we will have to disconnect.

The structure of the plasterboard

The process of forming gypsum board

In the picture the formation of gypsum board

  • Thus, the gypsum filler, referred to in the production of cuttings is closed on both sides of the dense paper or cardboard-like sandwich and pressed.
  • All drywall is divided into several categories: wall, ceiling, waterproof and fireproof. Regardless of the various additives used for one or other type, the main instruction sheets for the production remains unchanged and the top layer is required to be precisely paper. Therefore, the price of old wallpaper or type does not matter when dismantling.

The process of dismantling

Remove wallpaper with family

Remove wallpaper with family

  • If you decide how to remove wallpaper from drywall, the main problems usually arise when their surface is water or they are stuck on unconventional compositions, such as PVA. After the dismantling of such cladding is done by the water and there is an urgent need of its penetration into the adhesive base.
  • Of course, if the wallpaper glued on shpaklovanny drywall, the special difficulties with their removal does not occur, even if the surface is difficult to penetrate the water. With such bases can be simply scraped off with a spatula short. If the dry or wet damage occurs dismantling plastered surface without worry hide scratches, chips, and even bumps by using liquid solution.
dismantling wallpaper

dismantling wallpaper

  • The photo above shows how to remove wallpaper with plasterboard walls, if they were poorly glued. But this happens rarely and paper pasted on a uniform structure, or does not come off at all, or pulls a portion of the base. Certainly faced with a situation where the removal of coating from the GCR ended hit not on the sludge (filler) and the bottom of cardboard light brown color.
  • If in this manner produce a wallpaper removing drywall sheets then weakened and will not withstand putty layer. In such situations, mechanical stress (shock, jerk) plastered surface will crack. As a result, the entire wall can be unsuitable and would require a complete dismantling.
To disassemble the soaked wallpaper

To disassemble the soaked wallpaper

  1. Before remove the wallpaper with drywall, apply onto the surface of warm water. To do this, dip a cloth or sponge and abundantly moisten the surface. Undermining paper spatula, gently lift them, if necessary, further wet slightly wall directly with the treatment site. This embodiment is effective for a material for paper and paper basis.
  2. And now let's see how to remove vinyl wall with plasterboard, which are not so easy to get wet by soaking. By "difficult" category includes any washable wallpaper, which have a water-repellent properties. One of the most time-consuming, but inexpensive ways that you can implement your own hands - multiple soaking, which is repeated several times (5-6) at intervals of 10 minutes until the moisture reaches base.Soak the old wallpaper is sometimes very difficult to

Council. Before removing wallpaper with the vinyl-based drywall, consider the method of retaining moisture on their surfaces.
The need for repeated soaks based on the fact that vinyl is fully inert to moisture.
To prevent water dripping from the vertical plane, it is necessary to add a little glue, which you previously pasted wallpaper. In this case, the liquid will not run, and you can remove the wallpaper from drywall easily.

Wallpaper demounting with steamer

Wallpaper demounting with steamer

  • Vinyl is more or less susceptible to water penetration, but about how to tear off the wallpaper with drywall, if they are washable, even thinking professionals. This is usually used one of the three pretty effective ways that allow moisture to penetrate to the adhesive base and dissolve it.
  • The most reliable of all three methods - the use of an electric steamer, but such tools are rather expensive and rare. However, removal of wallpaper from drywall using such a device is very comfortable and the whole procedure takes place quickly enough.
  • Before tear wallpaper from drywall, try to stratify their hooking spatula topsheet. Thereafter, the remaining layer is removed using ordinary soaking, not applying to this effort. (Cm. also the article Design the walls with wallpaper: features).
To retain water washable wallpaper to make cuts

To retain water washable wallpaper to make cuts

  • But not all washable wallpaper can delaminate because there are thin enough copies. In this case, you can apply the third and last option - a notch. Across the plane of the wall of a paint knife horizontal incisions are made, then the moisture getting into them, delayed and dissolves the adhesive base.


Drywall under the wallpaper better putty

Drywall under the wallpaper better putty

  • Even at the stage wallpaper stickers for caution and be sure to conduct a preliminary putty plasterboard walls with a thin layer satengipsa applied directly to a pre-primed surface.
  • If you do decide not to putty GCR, use non-woven wallpaper that exfoliate, and the very basis is removed in the usual way. Several interesting solutions we have prepared for you in the video in this article. But be that as it may, every situation is individual and requires the same individual solutions.

Council. If you still need a steamer, and nowhere to take it, you can use an electric iron with a similar function.
Process was long enough, but you will spend quality dismantling.


We looked at how to remove wallpaper from drywall in the home, using the usual means available. But there is another method - a special agent ATLAS ALPAN, which can be purchased in DIY stores. Liquid has excellent penetrating ability and quickly dissolves adhesive base.

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.