How to hang a TV on a wall of plasterboard: fix, will stand the LCD butterfly dowel, shelf

Save space in the room will help the TV, which should be placed on the plasterboard wall TV can save space in the room, it should be placed on the drywall TV has long played a special role in the life of a modern person. Thanks to him, there was a great opportunity, without leaving your apartment, to learn a lot of news and useful information, so it is quite natural that in the kitchen, in the living room, and in the bathroom you can see the ubiquitous TV.Modern technology is characterized by its light weight and magnificent image, and a suitable place is the wall. But due to the large number of redevelopments being made in apartments, people, anywhere, install and remove interior ceilings, and they are replaced by gypsum plasterboard walls. Therefore, you should know how to hang the TV on a wall of drywall.

    • How to fix the TV on the wall of plasterboard: laying the wiring
    • Correct choice of the necessary plugs and how to hang dry the TV
    • Will the plasterboard support the TV: mount the bracket to the wall
    • Can I put the TV onWall of gypsum board and how to properly screw the TV to the
    • bracket. How to mount the TV on a drywall wall( video)

How to fix the TV on a wallnot Drywall: Route wires

Any room includes accommodation outlet for connection of necessary household appliances. Given that along with the LCD TV set and other household appliances: DVD-player, video camera or Wi-Fi, you should take care of installing several outlets. You may also need an extra shelf. In this case, the laying of the wiring is a mandatory process.

Before you hang the TV on the wall, you should think in advance about where it is best to lay the wiring Before hanging the TV on the wall, you should think in advance of where to install the wiring

. The wiring can be:

  • Open. It implies carrying cables directly over the wall of gypsum board. Of course, open wiring makes the exterior look less aesthetic, but it allows you to finish the repair work in the shortest possible time.
  • Hidden. This method is considered very popular, since all the wires and cables are completely hidden from view, which makes the room very neat and tidy. All cables are hidden under ceiling or floor skirting, and are only displayed in the right places.

Planning the output of cables for household appliances follows at the stage of creating a frame and installing sheets of gypsum board.

The right choice of the necessary dowels and how to hang dry the TV

Already at the stage of buying a TV, you should pay attention to whether it comes with a bracket. In most cases, the bracket is available, but sometimes, it may not be provided. Externally, the bracket resembles a butterfly, which on one side is attached to the wall of plasterboard, and on the other - to the back of the TV.

Strong and securely fix the TV on the wall of plasterboard will help high-quality dowels A high-quality dowel ASD5ASASD Strong and securely fix the TV on the wall of plasterboard will help high-quality dowels will help you securely and securely mount the TV on the plasterboard wall. Another important detail, without which the TV can not be hung on the wall-self-tapping screws.

Conventional plastic dowels do not work, as they can not stand the TV, and at the most unfortunate moment, they can collapse.

Often, dowel self-tapping screws do not come with the bracket, but they can always be found in an ordinary construction store. However, when choosing a suitable dowel, you need to focus on the diameter of the connectors in the bracket. Otherwise, it will not be able to perform its fixing function.

A self-tapping dowel has another name: a butterfly. This name is due to the fact that after it is screwed in, it has the property of unfolding, allowing you to create a strong fixation, which makes the mount extremely sturdy and reliable.

Will the gypsum board withstand the TV: mount the bracket to the wall

If you plan to mount a plasma TV, then reinforcement of the wall structure is not required. It's time to find a suitable location for the TV.The selected place should be marked with a pen or pencil.

Experts recommend to make first the markings on the wall and only then proceed to install the design under the TV Specialists recommend to do the first marking on the wall and only then proceed to install the construction for the TV

When it is planned to attach a powerful, heavy TV to the wall, then it is necessary to make actions to strengthen the drywall.

Several layers of plasterboard are used as an amplifier, which are attached to each other with a special glue.

Stages of fixing the bracket:

  1. Take the drill and in the marked place, drill a hole. The diameter of the hole must correspond to the dowel-self-tapping screw. In the event that the hole is small, there is a possibility that the dowel simply does not enter it, and if more, it will fail inward.
  2. Place the dowel in the hole and use a neat movement to screw the screw inside. Use a hammer should not be, because you can completely damage the wall of gypsum board. When screwing, the screw must rotate, but not its bonnet. This nuance allows you to conclude that all actions are performed correctly, otherwise, the screw must be pulled out and manipulated again.
  3. The last step is to check the self-tapping. For this, you need to unscrew the screw, if it is in the unclamped state, it will not work, and if not-dyubel, it will easily come out of the hole.

Similar manipulations should be made with other dowels.

Is it possible to hang the TV on a wall of plasterboard and how to properly screw the TV to the

bracket? A common opinion is that first you need to fix the bracket to the TV and then attach it to the wall. Nevertheless, practice shows that it is very difficult to do this. Imagine that you have a bracket in your hands that does not weigh like a fluff, but the television is still attached to it. As a result, the weight of the structure with household appliances is considerable. Therefore, first you need to fix the bracket on the wall, and then hang up the TV on it.

You can hang a TV on a drywall wall with your own hands, the main thing is to do it correctly and extremely accurately You can hang the TV on a drywall wall by yourself, the main thing is to do it correctly and extremely carefully

You can not put the TV on the bracket by yourself. And it's not about his considerable weight. Alone, it's simply inconvenient to operate a screwdriver, especially if the TV has large dimensions.

After the TV, it will be attached to the bracket, it should not be sharply released from the hands. You need to make sure that the mounting bracket keeps the TV firmly, and only then, let it go. To eliminate your doubts about whether the TV bracket will stand, it is worthwhile to twist it or turn it in different directions.

After the TV is attached, it is necessary to make its connection to the network. Focusing on the instructions for use, this manipulation is very easy, especially if you have already taken into account the length of the cable of the TV and took care of installing the sockets. Otherwise, you will have to use a carry-over, and she, undoubtedly, will spoil the appearance of your premises.

In the process of operation, do not forget to check whether the domestic appliances are heating up when in contact with the plasterboard wall. If this happens, the bracket should be adjusted slightly, pushing the TV away from the wall.

Options how to hang a TV on a drywall wall( video)

As you can see, attaching a TV to a wall is not a difficult task. Observing all the above rules, with work will cope, even a beginner.

Good luck to you!