Shelves from gypsum cardboard: profile photo, how to make your own hands

Shelves from gypsum board decorate the interior of any room Shelves plasterboard decorate the interior of any room Currently drywall is becoming one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of partitions, arches, ceilings and even the shelves. The latter are the perfect solution for decorating a living room or bedroom, shelving from this material can save a lot of space, look modern and unusual. Also racks can be decorated in different ways, which makes such racks almost universal. Today, let's talk about how best to choose drywall, and how to properly make shelves for your apartment.

    • What is the shelf profile for plasterboard
    • Tips: nuances and installation
    • Plasterboard shelves in the interior
    • How to assemble: quality
    • Make a rack of plasterboard with their hands as a gypsum board make the rackshelves of plasterboard( video)
    • Design shelves of plasterboard( photo in the interior)

what is the shelf profile for plasterboard

recently drywall becomesI'm more and more popular.

This can be explained by several factors:

  • available material;
  • Modern appearance;
  • Allows you to save space;
  • Wide choice of design;
  • Practical and easy to install.

Advantage of the plasterboard rack is that it allows storing a large number of different things Advantage of the plasterboard rack is that it allows you to store a large number of different things

Gypsum cardboard racks allow you to store a large number of items, while they look modern, stylish, perfectly fit into the interior of the living room or bedroom.

The cost of drywall is not high, and ease in installing racks will save you money and create shelves with your own hands.

Due to its properties, drywall can be decorated in various ways, create a rack of any size and shape. Also, this material and products from it allow you to disguise any flaws in the walls or ceiling, smooth out some irregularities and bring harmony to the interior of the room. Before installing the plasterboard racks, you need to carefully consider its design, create a drawing, a diagram of the room. Determine whether you will perform the installation yourself or use the services of a master.

Tips: How to make a rack of plasterboard quality

to make gypsum board rack, you must select and purchase plasterboard and screws, as well as to acquire the necessary tools for installation.

You can create a drywall rack yourself, the main thing is to think in advance of its design and prepare materials for work You can make a drywall rack yourself, the main thing is to think in advance of its design and prepare materials for work.

  1. Choose the drywall, depending on the expected load. If you plan to place enough items on the rack, then choose a standard size GVL - 2500 by 1200 mm.
  2. If you plan to install shelving in a damp and cold place, you should pay attention to the gypsum sheets, which are resistant to the cold.
  3. The cost of gypsum fiber sheets is slightly higher than the cost of drywall, however, in GVL it is possible to screw fasteners without dowels.
  4. Screws for attaching plasterboard sheets to the frame must be designed for GVL, they have a cone-shaped head with a special slot for a screwdriver and serifs for a countersink, which allows to drown the heads of the screws in the material completely.
  5. The frame can be made of wood, and maybe from a metal profile, the second option is preferable, it is more reliable, it allows to create a really strong construction.

A ready-made shelf can be painted, it is best to do it with latex or silicone paint. Additional coverage of such a plan will give strength, simplify the care of the rack, and allow it to be cleaned with abrasives.

We make a plasterboard rack with our own hands: nuances and mounting

The first step is to make all the measurements, and create a scheme on paper. Such manipulations will make it possible to accurately calculate the amount of drywall that will be required for work.

You can install shelves in two ways:

  1. Separately;
  2. When installing a gypsum wall.

By installing the Hypocarton wall, you can immediately mount and practical shelves Installing a Hypo-cardboard wall, you can immediately mount and practical shelves

A separate installation begins with the preparation of the surface for the structure. Another option involves creating a special niche for gypsum board finishing. First you need to put the furniture layout, the depth of the shelves from 19 to 51 cm, width 2.5 m. Bearing elements can have a greater depth, this varies from the chosen design.

The installation of these columns is done using a level. The frame is screwed to the wall. On the floor and from above, with the help of a corner, a line is drawn that will indicate the depth, along which the guiding profile will be fixed later on. There is a rack-mount analog and the required number of columns. If the floor is flat, then the marking for the shelves can be done with a tape measure. Height is selected for each element separately, dimensions are taken into account. To make the structure even stronger, you can screw in an additional 2 screws.

A rack profile of the required size is placed inside the structure. In the same sequence, the remaining shelves should be assembled. In conclusion, the shelves are sewn with strips of GKL.

The ends in the fastening points of the shelf and the column can be sewn in one piece. Use a knife or saw to prevent the formation of cracks, and put the putty work after the primer. Apply the reinforcing filler second coat, apply the finishing or decorative mixture as the last step. If you want to additionally trim the rack, then glue the wallpaper.

Gypsum plasterboard racks in the interior

Gypsum plasterboard racks in the interior - a modern and practical solution. They can significantly save space, optimize it and replace old-fashioned and bulky cabinets.

Gypsum plasterboard not only adds to the interior of the living room, but it will make it modern and functional Gypsum board cabinet not only will complement the interior of the living room, but will make it modern and functional.


  • The gypsum cardboard racks are an integral part of the loft, hi-tech, modern and minimalist furnishingsThey look reserved, but at the same time, stylish;
  • To give the interior a special touch, additionally set the backlight in the decorative shelves of gypsum board, you can also make them multicolored;
  • For various interiors, you can decorate shelves with wallpaper or other modern materials, lay out a mosaic, cover with photos, insert mirrors, glass;
  • If you use the rack as a shelf for the equipment, be sure to use a special galvanized profile to make the construction stronger;
  • If you plan to place a large number of different things on the shelves in the rack, you can hide it from the eyes of others with the help of curtains;
  • Depending on the finish and lighting, the plasterboard rack can dramatically change the situation, bring something new and interesting to the interior.

In general, we can say that gipsokartonnye shelves - a great solution for the living room and bedroom in a modern style, they allow you to save space and at the same look great.

How to assemble a plasterboard rack( video)

Gypsum cardboard racks have recently gained increasing popularity, thanks to their marvelous characteristics. This is a practical and beautiful solution for modern interiors, while they are easy to install with your own hands, drywall - an affordable material that is easy to handle. Do not be afraid and decor, use different materials and elements to create a unique interior. We hope that our article helped you to choose the material, and to create regiments with your own hands.

Design of shelving from plasterboard( photo in interior)