Cross-stitch patterns of the zodiac signs: free download, lion and cancer, maiden and fish, Aries and other motifs, Sagittarius

Embroidery with the cross of the zodiac signs will decorate your clothes Cross stitch zodiac signs originally decorate your stuff Gone are the days when most cross embroidered napkins, pillows and other decorative items. Today, more and more often needlewomen turn to embroidery of metrics, symbols and signs of the zodiac. At what, such embroidery by a cross is self-sufficient - it can not decorate any object, and will be embroidered independently on a canvas, which is placed in a beautiful frame.

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Simple cross-stitch: zodiac signs

You can use a simple design that is designed for embroidery with the hands of beginners. There are all the signs, the motives of which are rather simple, but attractive. Begin to embroider the signs easier, and then go on to others, which are more difficult.

So, Taurus, Pisces, Sagittarius and Aries should not be embroidered first, if only it's your principle - go from complex to simple. Virgo and Cancer, too, are not the easiest signs for embroidering, Leo usually goes simpler, depending on how the creators of the scheme interpret it.

For the beginner, the simplest embroidered zodiac signs with interesting motifs For the beginner fit the most simple embroidered zodiac signs with interesting motifs

Canvey can choose any size of canvas will depend on the choice of threads. Embroidery usually occurs in two or three strands. The larger the canvas you use, the more threads there will be. This work will be embroidered in the technique of a complete cross.

Children's zodiac signs with a cross: schemes for needlewomen

To arrange a metric or picture in the nursery, you can look at the diagrams of children's constellations. It can be said that this is something between cartoons and symbols of the constellations. The child does not understand the meaning of the Zodiac signs immediately, therefore the pictures need to be adapted according to the age of the child.

Tips embroidery children constellations:

  • This little embroidery can be decorated with decorative pillows in a child's room, or a pillowcase;
  • Children's shirt, nochnushku, blouse can also be decorated with such symbolic embroidery;
  • The complexity of such embroidery is not great - and the threads are used for no more than ten colors, it is important to select strings of bright colors and, of course, excellent quality;
  • You can use Gamma yarn or floss yarn, usually a quality guarantor.

Children Children's drawings zodiac signs embroidered cross will appreciate your children

order that the picture was really beautiful, you can take the fabric of medium or small. In this case, the rule applies: the smaller the cross size, the more realistic the picture will be.

Take into account the fact that each sign of the zodiac is executed in its own color scheme. Canto take a milky or gentle-blue color, neutral background is desirable. The work is embroidered in technique with a complete cross.

How to embroider the picturesque constellations

And this embroidery will be an excellent gift for a loved one. True, it is worth saying at once that each such scheme can be equated to a work of art. There is also a sky full of stars, and a quality execution of the key element.

If you adhere to a simple technique of embroidering a cross, you can easily embroider the picturesque constellations If we stick to a simple technique of embroidery cross, we can easily embroider pictorial constellation

embroidering such a beautiful work using a dark blue or black canvas. After all, it will be in the role of the night sky. Further, the design depends on the elements represented by the sign. Such work will look good on the middle or shallow canvas. Of course, in this case, the threads must be bright colors.

Embroidery goes in the technique of a full cross, the thread is folded in half. And for the small elements of the picture, the connecting seam technique will be applied. The complexity of such embroidery can still be estimated as average. The finished canvas is usually made in a light baguette. Cross-stitch embroidery of the zodiac signs( video)

You can embroider a whole zodiacal circle on one canvas, such an image will be appropriate in the interior of a person, keen on astrology. And as a gift, such a grandiose work will look just fine, although it costs a lot of effort.

Successful work!

Embroidery zodiac signs( photo)