Cross-stitch embroidery schemes: free pair, download for white, two sets, Ekaterina Volkova, animal family

Embroidery with the image of a wolf, framed, is an excellent decor element for any interior Embroidery with a wolf image embroidered in a frame is an excellent decor element for any interior. In the 20th century, wolves underwent a serious observation and thanks to this the opinion about the predator radically changed. It turned out that animals are fine family men, devoted parents. All this does not interfere with perceiving the wolf as a noble and beautiful animal. Today, designers create the most incredible stories using cross stitch with wolves. There are so many plots that it is difficult to make a choice. However, breaking them into topics, you can ease yourself the task. Skeptics, talk about the signs associated with the placement of the house of the wolf, it is not necessary to be superstitious, a beautiful picture with a wonderful story, in which the honor of the soul of an embroiderer is embedded, can bring only harmony and coziness into the house.

    • Original cross-stitching Wolves: single, married couple
    • White wolf - cross-stitching
    • Cross-stitch: sets of wolves
    • Ekaterina Volkova - hyperrealism in crosses
    • We choose embroidery by cross: wolf schemesVideo)
    • Examples of cross-stitching: wolf schemes( photo design)

Original cross-stitching Wolves: single, married couple

Wolf is one of the most dangerous animals in Europe. A lot of fairy tales and epic are connected with this predator.

The most famous:

  • Ivan Tsarevich and gray wolf;
  • Little Red Riding Hood;
  • Wolf and seven kids;
  • Three little pigs. The embroidery of a single wolf always looks beautiful and complete.

Sets for embroidery with a wolf are very popular. But, once it is necessary to say that embroidering wolves is not easy, that the animal looked realistic it is necessary to use as many colors as possible. Very often shades of gray, barely distinguishable, and embroidered with a small cross. It is better to choose difficult work for experienced needlewomen. The second option is very popular today - it's embroidery happy wolf family. A pair of wolves, created by the scheme of Dyan Allaire, will decorate any room.

Embroidered wolf will be a good gift for a beloved man Embroidered wolf will be a good gift for a loved one

To perform this work the author recommends:

  1. Use canvas beige or cream 14;
  2. Embroider is better than a cross of two threads;
  3. Used in 38 colors;
  4. The size of the finished work will be 40x30 cm;

Another popular option is a married couple of wolves, idyll of wolf paternity and motherhood, caring for cubs. This embroidery is very complicated, it is absolutely necessary to embroider it on tapestry hoops. Embroidered wolves always look alive, expensive and beautiful. True fidelity and strength are embroidered with a soft, supple thread, there is something mysterious and mysterious about this.

White wolf - cross-stitch

Embroidery White wolf is one of the most popular. The craftsmen love to embroider, a snout, a predatory, strong animal, this piercing, confident look, symbolizing power and invincibility. Such work will be to the liking of any man.

It can be placed in the boy's room, or present to her husband, a friend on February 23.

Схема вышивки "Белый волк" подходит для начинающих, поскольку не содержит сложных элементов The "White Wolf" embroidery scheme is suitable for beginners, since it does not contain complicated elements.

Another variant of cross-stitch embroidery is wolves from cartoons. The most famous character, of course, is the hero of the cartoon "Once upon a time, a dog."We can not forget about the legend of animation, the wolf from "Well, wait!"

It does not matter which scheme the needlewoman chooses will be:

  • Single wolf;
  • A married couple;
  • Animated wolf.

The most important thing with patience and desire to take your creativity. It is important to correctly calculate your strengths, and start with simpler schemes, and when you have the experience you can choose, there will be monochrome or contour embroidery.

Cross-stitch: sets of wolves

Beginner needlewomen can now buy ready-made sets for embroidery. It is very convenient. The choice today is huge, the motive and the plot can be chosen to your taste, you can choose wolves, you can flowers or temples. Something other.

Embroidery, which depicts two wolves against the background of the forest, looks finished Embroidery on which 2 wolves are depicted against the background of the forest, looks finished

In a good, high-quality kit it is mandatory:

  1. Schematic instruction;
  2. Tapestry needle;
  3. Set of threads Mulina;
  4. Canvas.

You can not do with embroidering a cross and without a hoop. For larger jobs, it is better to use large special hoops. Also it is necessary to observe safety precautions.

Ekaterina Volkova - hyperrealism in crosses

Author's works of Ekaterina Volkova amaze with its realism. Master of designer fats winner of the competition "Golden Button" 2015

If the needlewoman takes the scheme from E. Volkova, then you need to prepare yourself that it will not be easy to embroider, as the designer uses in works:

  1. Fractional cross;
  2. Petit;
  3. Semicross;
  4. Fruzelok.

Embroideries of Ekaterina Volkova attract the eye, because they have a deep meaning Embroideries of Ekaterina Volkova attract the eye, because they have a deep meaning

It is a pleasure to embroider Volkov's paintings, in the process you can get a true drive from an ideally designed scheme, selected colors and equipment. The most popular schemes of the famous designer are Orange, Gooseberries, Still Life with Peach, Dragon-reading, Winter, Grandma's Tales, Sleeping Princess and Frog.

Naturally, all the masterpieces can not be listed. It is difficult to start embroidering according to Volkova's schemes, but if it works out, then an eminent embroideress will turn out to be a master craftsman named Alisa, Elena, Olga or wearing a different name.

We choose embroidery by the cross: wolf schemes( video)

If you do the work according to the rules and with a good mood, then any girl, and maybe a young man can create a real masterpiece.

Examples stitch embroidery: circuit wolves( photo design)