The technique of embroidering a cross for beginners: the safety of the rules, how to embroider step by step, video

Embroider a cross - it Embroider with a cross - it's not only affordable and simple, but also incredibly exciting You can embroider with a cross, literally in 2-3 days. The technique is considered simple, affordable, safe. In addition, it is interesting and original. Tablecloths and napkins with flowers and birds remained somewhere in the distant past. Nowadays, embroidery at the height of popularity, it is fashionable today to embroider exclusive motifs that will decorate the interior, designer accessories. High fashion is not left out, clothes and shoes of famous models are also decorated with embroidery elements. Learn to embroider a cross can almost everyone, enough to master several techniques and understand the basics, the rules of the work.

    • Simple cross-stitch technique
    • Cross-stitch technique - how to fix the thread
    • Cross-stitching technique for beginners step-by-step
    • Cross-stitch safety technique
    • Cross embroidery technique for beginners( video)

Simple embroidering technique with a cross

The technique of embroidery production requires jewelry precision and good preparation.

The following materials and tools will be needed for work:

  1. Needle blunt;
  2. Embroidery frame;
  3. Canva;
  4. Threads of a floss.

The technique of embroidering a cross in another way is called "countable".This name is attached, because during the embroidering it is necessary to follow the pattern and count the number of stitches located in each row and color block. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to buy a convenient canvas, which will facilitate the counting process.

Learn how to embroider a cross is easy, because the learning process takes 2-3 days Learning how to embroider a cross is easy, because the learning process takes 2-3 days

In the initial stages of training, you should take the canvas with large squares that are formed from weaving threads.

The canvas is usually made of cotton or linen, however the craftsmen recommend using the material with the addition of a synthetic thread, vinyl, since it is easier to "read".Embroidering a cross does not necessarily have to purchase special embroidery hoops, ordinary ones are also suitable, since embroidery can be performed in parts. The needlewomen with experience recommend to give preference to the embroidery frame made of wood, it is convenient and comfortable to work with them. As for the needle, it should be with a blunt end. The denser the canvas, the thinner the tool for embroidering. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the eyelet of the needle, it must pass the thread freely. Threads for embroidery are traditionally taken by cotton or woolen, needlewomen with experience like to use silk floss.

Technique for embroidering with a cross - how to fix a thread

Elegant needlework should be neat on both sides. If the embroidery is two-sided carefully, then we can talk about the level of skill. On the front side there should be no unevenness, flaws. However, the ideal product is "clean" and from the inside, there should not even be nodules. Therefore, you should learn how to fix the thread.

For this, the thread is folded twice in the middle and the resulting "loop" is inserted into the needle.

Correctly fixed thread in the beginning of work is a sign of skill of the needlewoman Correctly fixed thread at the beginning of work is a sign of the skill of the needlewoman

Then the needle is inserted into the box, the beginning of the work and the "loop" is left on the front side. Further retreating somewhere a millimeter needle, again injected on the face and tighten the bundle. So get a knot that is not visible from the front side, or from the wrong side. Another important point to remember is the way of joining a new thread. When you want to change from tone to tone, the new thread should be carefully inserted into the drawing.

This is done as follows:

  1. A new thread must be stretched under several stitches from the wrong side.
  2. Next in this place you need to make a stitch.
  3. The new thread is fixed, you can continue to create.

The thread is also fixed when the job is completed.

Embroidery technique for beginners step by step

It does not matter if you are a graduate of a culinary college or have a higher education, everyone can learn the technique of embroidering with a cross, the main desire. Before embroidering a cross, you need to make sure that everything from the scheme and ending with a good mood in place. Do the work carefully, step by step, without haste, especially if the technique is mixed. It is important to collect a good color palette, thread as practice shows, there is not much.

Before starting work, store the necessary materials, good mood and step-by-step instructions Before starting work, stock yourself with the necessary materials, good mood and step-by-step instructions.

Once the circuit is selected, you can embark:

  1. The first thing to do is markup, this will simplify the task.
  2. You need to embroider from large areas of the same color.
  3. From the scheme it is necessary to delete already embroidered sites.
  4. It is important to track the direction of the stitches.
  5. It is necessary to embroider the main stitch, hide the nodules.

To save time, you can prepare the threads in needles beforehand by using a special organizer. A little patience and you can embroider a real work of art with your own hands. You need to start with a simple cross, and in time you can learn how to sew a beaded stitch with a seam. It is interesting.

Safety when embroidering a cross

When practicing needlework, you should also follow the safety precautions.

Remember that when embroidering with a cross, do not forget about safety measures and gently treat the product Remember that when embroidering with a cross, do not forget about safety measures and neatly treat the product


  1. Prepare a convenient place.
  2. Place the tool and material in front of you.
  3. Wash hands thoroughly.
  4. Do not touch the embroidery with wet hands.
  5. Do not bite the thread with your teeth.
  6. Rest.
  7. Do not throw the needle and do not stick it into clothing.
  8. Follow scissors, transfer rings in front.

Technique for embroidering a cross for beginners( video)

Now all the important points are familiar. Observing the rules, you can make a good embroidery and get pleasant emotions, relax with good. Create and receive positive emotions!