Cross-stitch embroidery of the Easter scheme: free motifs, rushnyk scheme download, miniature themes, still life

The original symbolic embroidery will not only surprise others, but will also give joyful emotions original symbolic embroidery not only surprise others but give joyful emotions many needlewoman, both experienced and beginners want to please friends and relatives original symbolic gift, created with his own hands. Naturally, the symbolism of Easter, H.V.(Christ is Risen), V.V.(Truly Risen).The divine still life must be bright, joyful, bringing good thoughts. Thanks to ready-made sets of embroidery, each needlewoman can create a masterpiece with her own hands and please the householder with symbolic gifts.

    • Easter motives for cross stitch
    • Embroidery for Passover
    • Safety while embroidering cross
    • Interesting ideas Easter embroidery( video)
    • Cross Stitch on Easter theme( photo)

Easter motifs for cross-stitching

The spring holiday of Easter is just around the corner. If there is a desire to present relatives with original gifts, now is just the time to think about the idea of ​​a future presentation.

Easter embroidery with eggs and chickens will look great on napkins or small towels embroidery Easter eggs and chickens will look great on napkins or towels small

Easter subjects includes sewing:

  • eggs;
  • Chickens;
  • Borrow;
  • Hramov, etc.

Handwritters recommend to stop their choice on small napkins or small pictures. Motifs of embroideries by a cross can be different, but the most actual variant is an image of a cake and a temple. No less popular is the story of Easter eggs and willows. Small schemes with Easter eggs can be used as additional elements to the main embroidered canvas.

Easter embroidery for children

If you want to embroidery to attract children, the ideal solution would be embroidering eggs with different little animals:

  • chickens;
  • Ducklings;
  • by Rabbits;
  • Bear cubs.

The embroidery process will be doubly more interesting if you deal with it with your child embroidery process will be doubly interesting if they engage with their child

can choose any theme, as long as it was light and pure at heart. After all, since ancient times it is believed that the master when embroidering puts a piece of his soul from the product. Easter miniatures are an ideal gift for people close to the heart. An interesting picture will not leave anyone indifferent.

Embroidery for the Easter holiday

If the beginner needleworkers are interested in handmade embroidery, now is the time to think about preparing an interesting product for the Easter holiday. Today, in the trend, any needlework that brings joy and positive to the master.

Additionally, you can decorate embroidery with colorful ribbons, beads and other original ornaments further decorate the embroidery can be colored ribbons, beads and other original decorations

This can be:

  • Embroidery ribbons;
  • Embroidery with beads;
  • Weaving with beads;
  • Embroidered cross-stitch;
  • Applications;
  • Quilling and much more.

Today we will take a closer look at the Easter cross embroidery, which can help in the creation of a towel. It will be interesting to watch a festive embroidered towel, with a thematic composition and eggs. Schemes of compositions can be found on the Internet, completely free. You can also buy special sets for embroidery. Embroidering the Easter towel must begin with the acquisition of the set.

Next, you should prepare the workplace and material, threads floss, canvas, embroidery frame, blunt needle, scissors, scheme.

Embroidered towels with their own hands will be an excellent and creative gift for the Easter holidays Embroidered towel with your own hands will be an excellent and creative gift for the Easter holidays

Work on embroidery should start from the center. After the embroidery is completed, it is necessary to overthrow the towel, tuck it on the wrong side and stitch it on the sewing machine. The beauty of the product will give the treatment a little fringe and fringe. The handicraftsmen with the experience give some advice to beginning masters. Because the printer can distort colors, it's better to buy schemes in professional stores. Mouline should take natural shades, it will give the product life and naturalness. In order for the product to become resistant, it does not fade and does not fade, after the end of work it can be washed in water with the addition of vinegar. Creating a job with love you can not only relax your soul, but also fill your masterpiece with bright, warm energy.

Safety during the cross-stitching process

During the embroidering, safety rules must be observed. Yes, such an innocuous occupation like embroidery can also be dangerous. For example, you can be injured with a needle, or with sharp scissors. As practice shows, it is possible to injure not only the skin of the body, but also the eyes. What do you need to do before you start?First, store handicrafts in a special bag, box. Secondly, needles and pins must be stored in the needle bed, scissors in the case.

When working with embroidery, you must not only remember the safety precautions, but also take care of the product When working with embroidery, you must not only remember the safety precautions, but also take care of the product

During operation it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Carefully apply to the product and tools.
  2. Do not take needles, pins, any sharp objects in the mouth. Do not stick them into clothing.
  3. The sewing thread must be the length from the wrist to the elbow.
  4. In the interval between the work of the needle, the pins are pushed into the needle bed, the scissors are retracted into the cover.
  5. Scissors can only be transferred with closed blades to yourself.
  6. You can not bite a thread with your teeth.
  7. Do not swing with scissors or other sharp objects.

Interesting ideas for Easter embroidery( video)

After the work is completed, it is necessary to check exactly whether all the tools are in place, count the number of pins, needles, other sharp objects. If in the process needles or pins are broken, they must be wrapped in paper and thrown into the trash. The rest of the tool must be removed into place, stored, in a container or bag. It is important to comply with safety regulations, then from work will only positive emotions.

Cross Stitch on Easter theme( photo)