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Beautiful embroidery with autumn motif will be an excellent gift for relatives and friends for any holiday Beautiful embroidery with autumn motif is a perfect gift for family and friends for any occasion perfect gift or just interior decoration will cross-stitch, autumn - the time of year, filled with golden splendor. Regardless of the professional level, even a beginner will cope with work of this kind. The main thing is to choose a feasible sketch for transfer to the canvas( cloth).Inspiration can be found in nature, thematic albums or in specialized stores. The latter option is suitable for those who do not have enough experience.

    • simple cross stitch scheme autumn landscape
    • As a self-embroidered cross "Autumn»
    • Beautiful "Golden Autumn": cross-stitch
    • «Golden Autumn": Scheme cross
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simple cross stitch scheme autumn landscape

Before you start looking for a suitable basis for the work, you must soberly assess their skills. If those are not enough, it is better to limit the image with a small amount of detail. What is associated with autumn?With multi-colored leaves and a soft sun, giving the familiar landscape a new sound. All this suggests that you need to use pastel colors without bright spots.

Autumn is, first of all, bright colors that intertwine into beautiful compositions, not at all associated with bad weather and constant rains Autumn - this is, first of all the bright colors, which are interwoven into a beautiful composition, it is not associated with bad weather and constant rain

matter how voluminous work is planned to make, you must follow a few rules:

  • Embroidery of the central part is always the most intensive in terms of color;
  • The closer the handyman moves to the edges, the thinner and lighter the lines become;
  • In order to embroider composite composite figures, contrast stitches are used;
  • It is advisable to use thick threads only when several large objects are located side by side on the canvas.

The correct composition of color elements is the key to success. On the one hand, it is necessary to avoid, as mentioned earlier, too bright spots. They do not allow a holistic perception of the work. On the other hand, there should be smooth light and color transitions.

As a self-embroidered cross "Autumn»

Once a suitable autumn landscape found necessary to carry out the most accurate measurements. Each element of the future composition should be placed with an accuracy of one cell.

In order not to get confused in the scheme and do not deal with errors, it In order not to get lost in the scheme and not to engage in tinkering with errors, it is better to mark the canvas, breaking it into large squares with sides of 10x10 crosses

is enough to even minor mistakes that had to redo everything. The easiest way is when the base is bought in a store of goods for needlework. In this case, all markup is done in advance.

If it is a self-found image, then you can apply the necessary markup using a personal computer. Time will not take much, but it will avoid a large number of common mistakes.

Then you can safely go to the store for the necessary tools for the job:

  • Threads floss needed colors are acquired with a small margin, to minor errors did not cause a prolonged stoppage;
  • Canva - its density directly depends on the complexity of the selected composition;
  • Needles for embroidery - it is always necessary to have 2-3 different in thickness and diameter tools that allow embroidering the central part of the composition and small parts;
  • A piece of dense material slightly exceeding the dimensions of the embroidery;
  • Sharp scissors for the rapid removal of excess fabrics and threads;
  • Among other things, beginners are encouraged to use the hoop.

Correctly selected threads and other tools - a pledge of successful cross-stitching of images of any complexity. Before you start, you must carefully measure everything to avoid the need to redo all the work.

Beautiful "Golden Autumn": cross-stitching

A craftsman with experience is always embroidering using "in line" technique. Thanks to this, the autumn carpet of leaves or abstract forms will look more natural.

If in the summer trees predominate in green, then in autumn their foliage acquires the most diverse color. And the same forest becomes completely different If in summer the trees predominate in green, then in autumn their foliage acquires the most diverse color. And the same wood becomes completely different

In addition, it is better to abandon the use of nodules to fix the threads on the fabric. This is especially true for those who are interested in the technique of embroidery on worn gold.

The work begins with the formation of a visual composition center. If you plan to create geometrically correct figures of images, then it's better to lean on the shoulder strap.

In this case, the scheme is implemented as follows:

  • It is recommended to make each line 2-3 threads thick maximum;
  • Fixation of threads is done by removing the needle from the wrong side to the front;
  • Each subsequent stitch fixes the previous one;
  • The last operation is connected with the contour formation using the backstroke technique.

Professionals and beginners are encouraged to adhere to geometrically correct figures and techniques "in line".In this case, all the figures on the canvas will turn out to be more natural.

"Golden Autumn": the scheme of the cross

After that, both halves of our work should be connected using a pin. It is desirable to pin them from the wrong side, so as not to spoil the look of the work. It is recommended to stretch the thread in such a way that the loop remains on the outside.

It will not be superfluous for newcomers to remember a number of other recommendations to avoid errors:

  1. The needle moves first to itself, and then - from itself;
  2. The needle must pass through the loop;
  3. The thread is tightened as tightly as possible;
  4. The tip of the thread is always tucked under the seam loops.

Ideas for cross-stitching( video)

The embroidered autumnal composition will become a stylish decoration of the interior or a gift. It is created with the help of threads of pastel shades. To work, you need a few types of needles and hoop, making it easier for beginners. Before embroidery, accurate marking to one cell is made. Accuracy in the literal sense will save problems later.

Examples of cross-stitch "Fall"( photo)