Schemes of cross-stitch lavender cross: for free, for sachets small

The picture with a bouquet of lavender will be a pleasant gift for loved ones and an excellent interior decoration Picture with a bouquet of lavender will be a nice gift for loved ones and an excellent interior decoration Beautiful lavender, cross-stitch embroidery according to the scheme which takes up to 2 hours, will complement the interior of the house or become a thematic gift. The secret of success lies in the ability of the masters to pinpoint the needles in the canvas, leaving the finest traces. That is why it is recommended to approach with seriousness the issue of choosing tools. We are talking about a fabric with the necessary level of density, as well as threads, the shades of which should be to pastel tones.

    • Select the necessary tools
    • embroider lavender cross under the scheme: the preparatory stage
    • embroidery right crosses lavender
    • decorated with embroidery lavender cross
    • Flower lavender: cross-stitch with schemes( video)
    • More: Diagrams of cross-stitch lavender( photo examples)

Choose the necessary tools

All needlewomen can be conditionally divided into two categories. The first include those who have everything you need at home. It is enough to open a locker, where objects for handicrafts are located, in order to get down to work right away.

Arsenal beginner needlework consists of canvas, threads, needles, scissors, hoop, pencils for marking well and of course embroidery schemes The arsenal of the beginning needlewoman consists of canvas, threads, needles, scissors, hoop, pencils for marking and of course the embroidery scheme

The second category includes beginners who need to think everything over before going toStore of goods for needlework.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand that embroidery with a cross of a field color requires the thinnest needles. It is recommended to use Nos. 26, 25 and 24. To create an external outline and background, it is better to take N13-15.

In addition, the following tools will be needed to work:

  • Schematic diagram of the image - the less errors it contains, the faster it will be to cope with the work;
  • A special marker for marking the fabric - use of traditional stationery is prohibited;
  • Beginners are advised to use a hoop;
  • Threads of a lavender mauve shade to create an image.

The contours of the flowers are made as thin as possible, and the overall background and outer borders are thick. To work need needles number 24-26, allowing to pinpoint each stroke. It is strongly recommended to pay extra attention to the scheme.

We embroider lavender with a cross: the preparatory stage

A common mistake of newcomers will be incorrect correlation of the selected image and canvas. If lavender is cross-stitched on the basis of a professionally prepared scheme, then in this case all the dimensions are indicated in the cells.

This type of manual work, like the others, has its secrets and nuances, which are mastered by craftswomen who have been practicing this needlework for many years This type of manual work, like the others, has its own secrets and nuances that are mastered by craftsmen who have been practicing this needlework for more than one year.

The situation is more complicated when the craftsman finds the images herself. To reduce the probability of error in this case will help the use of computer technology.

In just a few minutes, the resulting image can be correctly marked. After that you need to buy the canvas of the required sizes.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Carefully transfer the desired pattern to the fabric;
  • For this purpose a special marker for embroidery is used, the traces of which can be easily washed off if necessary;
  • The branches and leaves are drawn in a thin line, and the buds are thick;
  • If no errors are found, then we can start work safely.

Correctly selected tools and correctly measured measurements are the key to successful work. The images found need to be translated into a pattern for embroidery. Accuracy in this case reaches 1 cell. If there is not enough experience, you can always use computer tools. In addition, all markup is performed using a tissue marker.

Rules for embroidering with a cross of lavender

During work it is necessary to be attentive to small things. First, the work always starts from the center of the canvas. To begin with, it is necessary to embroider the contours of the bud with a cross.

In order not to get confused in the circuit and not to deal with errors, it's better to mark out the canvas by breaking it into large squares with sides of 10x10 crosses.

Beginners should always keep a printout before their eyes. After this, the transition to the central part of the flower, and then to the leaves and twigs.

If we talk about the thickness of the yarns used, then for the bud, we use floss yarn with double addition. In exceptional cases, triple addition is allowed, but only if a bouquet is planned to be displayed.

In addition, there are some more useful recommendations:

  • The fixing of threads can not be done on the outside of the canvas with the help of knots;
  • The background is made with a needle number 14-16, depending on the degree of its saturation;
  • Needles with number 25-26 are used for decorative elements.

The harmonious combination of thin and thick threads is the key to success. Twigs and leaves are always performed finely, and the bud is more saturated. To achieve this helps double addition. To increase this is indicative only if it is planned to depict a bouquet on the fabric.

Decorate lavender embroidery with a cross

Once most of the work is done, you need to think about additional decorative elements. It is recommended here to adhere to the principle of relevance. It's better to leave some empty space than to overload the composition visually. In order to sort out among the various options for beginners and professionals, there are simple recommendations.

Beads are distinguished by a wide variety of shapes, shades and colors The beads feature a wide variety of shapes, shades and colors.

Using beads - adds spectacular performance. At the same time, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of not too bright shades, which do not stand out much from the overall color structure of the work.

Application of yarns with the effect of gilding or silvering is an unusual design move, which helps to focus attention on significant parts of the composition.

Lavender flower: cross-stitch with schemes( video)

Lavender is a flower sung by writers, artists and musicians for their beauty. You can embroider it alone, for a sachet small or within the whole bouquet. If in the first case you need 2 more complicated threads, then in the second case 3-4.Before starting work, the circuit is carefully verified and markings are made using a tissue marker. Throughout the entire length of the embroidery scheme should be in front of your eyes.

Details: embroidery scheme cross lavender( photo examples)