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Thanks to a wide variety of schemes, it Thanks to a wide variety of designs it's easy to make embroidery that will be popular in 2017 Cross-stitch embroidery has been used for more than a decade as a dress decor. With the help of skillful embroideries, both everyday clothes and festive clothes were adorned. And if you look at new pictures of embroideries on clothes, it's easy to see how much attention is paid to this decoration recently. You can watch and video review, and not one photo gallery to browse, and make sure - it's time to introduce fashion processes and into your creative practice.

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Cross-stitch 2017 on clothing

If you are afraid of ruining a thing, then you can embroider old things - a T-shirt or jeans that are not so terrible to spoil. While you are not yet a master, and wonderful embroidery may not turn out, start with a simple one. Small patterns, pincers, which will become a nice nuance on clothes.

The simplest example is that you love the owls, and have long wanted some thing with such an image, but it was not suitable. So take the scheme for embroidery yourself, the threads, the needle and good mood will do their job. So a sweet little girl can become an embroidered brooch on a blouse, t-shirt, trousers or bag.

Clothing with elements of embroidery is very popular among women of fashion Clothing with embroidery elements is very popular among fashionistas

And you can take the canvas, embroider the owl, and arrange it all in the appropriate frame to make a real homemade brooch. If it's May, June or July on the street, it's time to think about decorating a summer textile bag. And here cross-stitch embroidery will be very welcome.

Cross stitch kits: new items 2016-2017

For needleworkers today, a lot is done - sets are made that you do not need to collect yourself, you can just open it and everything is ready to go. And, the subjects are very different.

Among the popular can be identified:

  • Poppies and cherries with a counting cross;
  • Tree - 4 seasons;
  • Elegant riding horses;
  • Autumn Park;
  • Indian Beauty;
  • Mexican girl;
  • Ornamental embroidery in the national style, etc.

Embroidery with the image of the winter landscape is an excellent element of decor for any interior Embroidery with the image of the winter landscape is an excellent decor element for any interior.

A mass of embroideries depicting animals that do not lose their popularity. Increasingly, folk, authentic motifs are used, where a certain symbolism is used. You can purchase sets from well-known manufacturers, such as Matrenin Posad, and others, less well-known, but already conquering their customers.

Symbol of the year 2017: cross stitching of the Red Rooster

. Since the New Year, which always surprises, is not far off, it's time to prepare for the preparation of gifts, as well as various decorations, symbolism. And, of course, how to do without embroidering the symbol of the year - the Red Fiery Cock.

What can embellish such embroidery - a pillow, Christmas toys, a cover, the same clothes. Let a thing with such embroidery become a charm for the next year. So, the image of a cock can decorate a towel or bedding, it will be a beautiful actual label.

The embroidered cock fits well in the interior in 2017 The embroidered cock fits well in the interior in 2017

The embroidery algorithm will be as follows:

  • When choosing a garment to be decorated with embroidery, give preference to things from cotton fabrics, flax or wool with simple weaving of thread and duck;
  • Choose the desired motif for embroidery, it can be a pattern in the form of braid, flower, pattern, animal, vegetable motif;
  • Choose the right yarn for embroidery, for linen or cotton fabrics, select a floss, and for wool you need a special wool for embroidery;
  • The part of the product on which the embroidery will be embroidered;
  • With a seam for this part of the thing, fix the cut of the canvas, the direction of the threads of this auxiliary canvas must coincide with the weaving of the material on which the embroidery will be sewn;
  • In the embroidery frame, insert the material so that the pattern is centered;
  • The long tips of the yarns are hidden in the weave that came from the opposite side;
  • Auxiliary canvas, remove, wash product in cold water and remove;
  • The washed item should be put on a soft flannel fabric with the wrong side up, the product is ironed.

But if you are just starting out, it's better to use the canvas with the already printed drawing. This will allow you not to get the first pancake lumpy. In any case, attention and diligence will be needed.

Cross Stitch 2017( video)

Cross-stitch embroidery is an amazing creativity that can be applied in a variety of different ways. And if until now you have not thought about such embellishment of clothes, it's time to do it. At least try it.

Have fun!

Examples schemes cross stitch 2017( photo design)