History of cross-stitch embroidery: historical background, creation of Russian cross-stitch

The technique of cross-stitching was applied even during the construction of the locks The history of cross-stitch embroidery dates back to the Middle Ages, when this craft was to be mastered by every girl. All of them tried, trying to surprise future matchmakers with their works. Today, the craft has been transformed somewhat and the ability to embroider is not a prerequisite for a modern woman. However, very many people find themselves in this hobby!After all, with a competent approach, the ability to embroider can be translated into a great way to earn money.

    • short history of cross stitch
    • Location: cross-stitch, and the story of its creation
    • Today: The Story of cross stitch
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short history of cross stitch

According to some reports, cross stitch history goes back in the days of primitive tribes. Then, living in caves, people still had no idea of ​​beauty and fashion. Their main task was to fasten the skins to provide themselves with reliable heat and protection from external factors. However, as you know, human fantasy simply does not have boundaries. At the level of legends there is an opinion that one of the primitive women of fashion and invented the technique of decorating coarse hides unusual for those times open seams. Let not in the form in which the craft exists now, however, the beginning of the path has already begun.

Even children who are 5 years old can start embroidering a cross begins to engage in cross stitch are even children who are 5 years old

As time went on and improved everything:

  • materials;
  • Tools;
  • Skills of skilled workers.

Embroidery by the cross is recognized as the most popular way to decorate clothes and emphasize individuality. And, from the woman of fashion does not need any specific skills!It is enough only to purchase the canvas with the scheme, and then simply follow all the instructions. This work is not fast, but the result is worth the effort!

Location: cross-stitch and history of its creation

Historical background gives a very vague idea of ​​where exactly the first embroidery originated. It is known only that the very first works were discovered in China and dated to the fifth century BC.

This hypothesis is quite real, because it is the eastern countries that first introduced the elements of art to the world.

At first everything was based solely on fabric paintings, and only then went to interior items, clothes, etc. This is explained by the fact that art is constantly evolving, seeking new ways of expression.

There is a wide variety of different embroidery techniques that allow you to create beautiful compositions and decor elements There is a wide variety of different techniques of embroidery, which allow you to create beautiful compositions and decorative elements

Today masters from China all also continue to delight consumers with their masterpieces, transposing embroidery on:

  • Luxury panels;
  • Small modular paintings;
  • Clothes;
  • Interior items;
  • Footwear.

There are a lot of ways to use embroidery. Of course, luxurious examples of manual work are quite expensive, so they need to be used only for special things and occasions. The so-called machine variants are done in a few minutes!Therefore, they are located absolutely on everything, than it is possible, because the cost of work is minimal.

Today: The Story of cross stitch

History embroidery long gone, but the true masters treat it very carefully, trying not only to repeat the work of their predecessors, but also to increase their heritage. Without this desire, the embroidery process would very quickly be boring, and wishing to continue his life every year would be less and less.

To date, you can find a number of schemes, which indicate the colors of the threads for embroidering the selected composition Today, you can find a variety of schemes, which specify the color threads for sewing the selected song

Needlewoman modernity have made the following changes to the process:

  • Volumetric embroidery;
  • Smooth transition of colors;
  • The realism of the created pictures.

Of course, technological progress does not stand still, opening for embroidery an order of magnitude more possibilities.

Master does not need to painstakingly transfer the drawing to the canvas anymore!It's enough just to get ready material.

Meanwhile, not everything depends on machines. True masterpieces are obtained only thanks to the efforts of needlewomen, their diligence and attentiveness. Otherwise, the work will not save absolutely nothing!

A brief history of Russian cross-stitching

The history of Russian cross-stitch embroidery dates back to time immemorial. The first mentions were made in fairy tales, which passed from one generation to another. It remains only to imagine how deeply rooted in the ancient world was the understandable and well-known embroidery.
However, such creations are not just art!

Thanks to the technique of cross-stitching, you can even create a pillow Thanks to the cross-stitch technique, you can even create a pillow

For ancestors, the embroidery was:

  • By the way of protection from evil forces;
  • A valuable relic that was passed from generation to generation;
  • A gift that could be presented to an expensive person.

How to begin the story of cross-stitching( video)

The history of embroidery is not so unambiguous as it may seem at first glance. In order to understand the whole philosophy, it is necessary to thoroughly study the question, having shoveled dozens of sources. And, perhaps, only then will the doors of history be slightly ajar.