Schemes of Japanese cross-stitch embroidery: motifs for free, in hieroglyph style, lucky Chinese landscape, photo download

Schemes of Japanese cross-stitch embroidery are quite interesting, not ordinary and attract by the fact that they combine originally different shades Schemes Japanese cross stitch some interesting, original and attract those that combine different shades original The attractive Japanese embroidery cross schemes - so it its originality and sometimes very unusual combination of colors. For example, fire with salad - this is considered a successful combination, while most Russian-speaking needlewomen do not share this opinion. In any case, there are quite a few admirers of Japanese schemes for embroidery. But which schemes are most popular?

    • Cross Stitch: scheme of Japanese motifs, technique Sachiko
    • What is the Japanese embroidery cross
    • diagrams for the em: Japanese characters and choice of material
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cross stitch: scheme of Japanese motifs, technique Sachiko

for Japanese embroidery cross schemes can nluchit in many ways, ranging from autographic create thumbnails( including by means of computer programs), ending the use of any character you liked as a base. Already, with calligraphy in all Asian countries, there have never been problems - it is both difficult for the ordinary person, but it attracts attention.

Japanese Sashiko embroidery is simple, interesting and exquisite Japanese embroidery Sachiko is a simple, interesting and gourmet

most popular motifs used for embroidery in Japanese style:

  • Sami Japanese( Geisha image on the canvas);
  • Samurai;
  • Hieroglyphs;
  • Sakura;
  • Temples with a corresponding pitched roof in Japanese style.

Of course, this is not all the sets that are used when embroidering a cross. But it should be remembered that not every sketch is suitable as a blank. The reason for this is simple - embroidery in a cross in Japan, in principle, does not exist. There is cultivated Sashiko technique, under the straight needle. And this can be done simultaneously on several pieces of cloth.

What is the Japanese embroidery cross

As you know, originally Japanese women did not embroider a cross. For them, Sashiko was traditional, and other methods only spread after the 17th century, when Japan, in principle, began to develop foreign lands. It is also known that Chinese craftsmen provided much in the art of needlework to the Japanese. Part of the culture is literally taken from there, as well as the writing of hieroglyphics. How now embroider a cross?This is a combined technique Sashiko and traditional embroidery.

Japanese cross-stitch embroidery is a combination of traditional embroidery and Sashiko technique, which uses the finest threads Japanese cross-stitch embroidery is a combination of traditional embroideries and Sashiko techniques that use the thinnest threads

Key differences:

  • In total, one single screed is used to create the work;
  • The image itself is additionally decorated with traditional sashiko( it turns out a kind of drawing in the picture);
  • The finest threads are used in embroidery.

A theme that Japanese traditionally use in embroidery, pretty standard: this is the landscape, and some photos of cherry blossoms, floral compositions. And, of course, beautiful hieroglyphs with clear keeping of skillful calligraphy.

diagrams for the em: Japanese characters and the choice of material Repeat

Japanese motif in his works is relatively easy, especially when it comes to the characters. There, cross-stitching is applied with a thin thread with a monochrome. That is, a light canvas is used, which is decorated with a dark pattern from above. Doing it in color is not the best choice. You can only replace the black color, for example, with red.

The Japanese motif of embroidery includes a white cloth and black, and also red threads Japanese embroidery motif includes white linen and black and red threads

Where to get the scheme?The masters say that the simplest and right option at the same time is to create them yourself using computer programs. And they can be downloaded for free on thematic forums, including entire collections.

For beginners, you can start with the following characters:

  • Luck;
  • Sakura;
  • Courage;
  • Sashiko.

The difference in style is negligible, and it's better to start the stitch from the top edge.

Useful tips for embroidering a cross in Japanese style

It is assumed that the main material on which the future drawing will be created can be monophonic, but with prepared squares. And it is more convenient to use a thick long needle, rather than a small one, despite the fact that a thin thread is used( even if it is natural silk).

When embroidering a cross in the Japanese style it is recommended to use a thick long needle even on a thin canvas When embroidering a cross in the Japanese style it is recommended to use a thick long needle even on a thin canvas

How can I prevent a cross thread from spreading over a cross stitch when I sew a pattern over the stitch?

For this you can:

  • In the process of creating the bottom of the picture, prepare small holes for the future stitch;
  • Top with varnish;
  • Use several canvases folded together. The first picture is sewn to one, the second - is tightened with the second.

Japanese style embroidery( video)

Of course, it is impossible to describe all the craftsmanship of Japanese needlewomen with several suggestions - all this comes only with experience. But the basis, in principle, is identical - the screeds under the diagonal are held in the same squares. By the way, in Japan, many in the process of creating a work change the size of the cells. This makes it possible to combine on the canvas, for example, graceful flowers with the same hieroglyphics.

Japanese embroidery cross schemes( photo)