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Quilt in the patchwork style, made by own hands, will be an excellent decoration of the interior Blanket patchwork, made with his own hands, will be an excellent interior decoration Recently, many people prefer to make bedspreads and blankets with his hands. If you want to sew an object yourself, give preference to the patchwork technique. Blankets made in this style, look very attractive, and easy to manufacture. This product can be made from the remains of fabric of different texture.

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Making quilts with their hands

Make a quilt patchwork easily. To do this you will need a sewing machine, threads, a needle, scissors and pins.

It is very important to choose the right fabric for a blanket. Experts advise using a white cotton cloth with a printed pattern. Also for making a blanket you will need a sintepon.

For the manufacture of the product will require shreds of cotton printed fabrics and sintepon for manufacturing products required patches of cotton printed fabric and padding polyester

manufacturing blankets following algorithm:

  1. fabricate squares of desired size from the fabric cut.
  2. Place the squares on the surface.
  3. Sew all squares vertically.
  4. After this, connect all the obtained parts to a single sheet.
  5. Fabricate two strips 16 cm wide.
  6. Sew strips to the edges of the blanket.
  7. Pin the sintepon to the top of the blanket using needles. Remove excess tissue.
  8. Make a lining cloth from 2 pieces of fabric. Attach the received parts to the main canvas.
  9. Stretch the contour of the resulting product.

Make a patchwork quilt: a master class for beginners

If you are familiar with the technique of patchwork, you can use a simple circuit. To make a blanket in a simplified scheme, you will need a monophonic coarse calico, a sheet of sintepon, shreds of different colors.

First you need to cut at least 50 squares of cloth. Each side must be at least 21 centimeters. You can combine shreds of different colors. This will help you create a unique pattern.

To make a patchwork quilt, the parts must be laid out according to the intended pattern and sewed together To make a quilt, the parts must be laid out according to the intended pattern and sewed together

The algorithm for sewing a blanket for beginners is as follows:

  • Spread the squares on any surface. Form the pattern, and carefully consider the composition of the product.
  • Proceed to staple the pieces. Sew the strips of the squares, and then connect them together. Do not forget to smooth the cloth from time to time. This will protect the fabric from shrinkage.
  • Make a blanket for the blanket. Remember that you need to leave small allowances.
  • Fold the fabric, filler and lining. Grind the resulting product with pins.
  • Stitch the blanket along the edges.
  • If necessary, attach to the edge of the blanket blanket.

How to sew a quilt in the style of patchwork fast

Many craftsmen working in patchwork style adhere to the technique of "quick squares".This technology can save a lot of time.

When making a blanket using the "quick square" method, you will need several patterns from calico. Before starting work, the cloth should be soaked in hot water, and then thoroughly rinsed. Then the starch is a starter, and walk through the material with an iron.

The technique of making a quilt from squares is very simple and is available even for inexperienced craftsmen Technique for making a quilt from squares is very simple and is available even for inexperienced craftspeople

The technique for manufacturing blankets from squares is as follows:

  1. Cut 2 strips of the same size from 2 pieces of fabric of different colors. Then fold them face to face, and stitch the workpiece along one edge.
  2. Then cut the strip of cotton goods, the amount of which must be the same width as the previous two bands combined.
  3. Attach the 3rd strip to the first two. Do not forget to put them face to face. As a result, you should get a semblance of a sleeve.
  4. Cut the resulting sleeve into several isosceles triangles.
  5. Harvested cloth for the wrong side of the blanket( for example, cotton or cambric) spread on the surface. On top lay a sintepon and a detail and double triangles( in the spread they should have a configuration of squares).
  6. Stitch the product around the perimeter.
  7. Make the edging of the blanket. To do this, you need a strip of natural cloth. It must be stitched to the blanket, and then tucked, and again produce a line.
  8. Use the same method to treat all edges of the blanket.

Bilateral bedspread patchwork own hands

Bilateral bedspread patchwork looks harmonious, if your room is sustained in a country style. To make a blanket you will need a thread, a sewing machine, a knife, scissors, cloth patterns.

Before starting work, you need to make squares to create a coverlet. If the size of the finished web 1,5h2,3 meter, it is desirable to use square patches with the side of not less than 23 cm. Sinteponovye lining size on the blankets must be somewhat smaller than the dimensions of the finished web.

Handmade bedspreads in the patchwork technique successfully complement the interiors in the country style Handstitched covered in patchwork technique successfully complement the interiors of country style

sewing technique covers the following:

  • First you need to prepare the tissue. To do this, thoroughly wash and iron the material. If you use cotton fabrics, it is recommended to starch them.
  • After you have prepared the shreds, fold the two squares together facing each other. Do not forget to leave an allowance of 1.5 cm.
  • Stitch two squares.
  • Sew one more shred to the workpiece. Repeat this procedure until you have a 6-squared strip. You need to make at least 9 such strips. After finishing the stitch, iron the resulting blanks.
  • Fold the two adjacent strips with the front side facing each other, and connect them with pins. Stitch the strips. Repeat this procedure for all strips.
  • Prepare the front side of the veil with the wrong side to the top, and put the sintepon on the cloth.
  • Sew the lining to the flaps.
  • Make a piece of fabric cut from the cut, whose dimensions should be slightly larger than the size of the resulting fabric.
  • Secure the workpiece with pins, and attach it.
  • Sew the corners of the resulting product.

patchwork blanket with his hands( video)

As you can see, quilts and blankets to make very simple, even if you are just getting started with the technique of patchwork. A master class with step-by-step instructions, presented in this article, will help you master the patchwork sewing. In order for you to get a beautiful product, make sure the blocks are symmetrical, and do not neglect preliminary decalcification of the material.

patchwork quilt( photo)