Cross stitch patterns for Gzhel: download for free, for cross-stitch embroidery

The pattern of cross-stitching gzhel has its own nuances and involves painstaking manual work Scheme cross stitch Gzhel has its own peculiarities and requires laborious manual work Gzhel - a name quite ancient style pottery decoration. It is characterized by floral and floral elements executed in white and blue. Real gzhel crafts are quite expensive. If you are a fan of this technique, you can embroider a cross and home textiles in a similar style for yourself.

    • Basic principles of cross stitch Gzheli
    • What will it take to cross stitch Gzheli
    • embroidery technique in gzhel style
    • Description of the easiest cross stitch Gzheli
    • detailed embroidery scheme cross Gzhel( video)

Basic principles of cross stitch

Gzhel Gzhel The main feature is the presence of blue and blue pattern on a white background. That is why embroideries in such colors bear the name of the eponymous method of decorating ceramics.

If you look at the original items, painted Gzhel, you will see that they have a smooth transition from light shades of blue to darker. Therefore, to create a realistic pattern you may need from six to twenty tones of blue and the colors of different intensity.

The work background can be either filled or empty. It depends on your wishes, as well as on the color and texture of the canvas.

When choosing the shades of blue for your embroidery, consider that the transition from one color to another should be soft and almost imperceptible When choosing the shades of blue for your embroidery, consider that the transition from one color to another should be soft and almost invisible

In many ways, the final result depends on the quality of the circuit, but if you want, you can change the shades that advisesThe author at his own discretion.

Also keep in mind that cross-stitch, in contrast to the smooth surface, has the feature of forming corners, so this type of needlework fit only volume work with a large number of elements.

What will it take to cross stitch Gzheli

In principle, a set of embroidery Gzheli, no different from a standard set of embroidery. However, in such a painstaking and delicate work, all tools and materials should always be at hand. It is also necessary to prepare everything necessary for work in advance.

When choosing a thread for embroidering with a cross gzhel, remember that it is better to take a larger number of meters of each color When choosing the thread for cross stitching gzhel, remember that it is better to take more meters of each color

Tools and materials for embroidery gzhel and methods of their preparation:

  1. Threads of a mulina must be presented in several shadesBlue. The number of colors can vary from four to thirty. Each color of the thread is better to be wound in a convenient hank for embroidery.
  2. It is necessary to sew the edge of the edge or glue it with glue. This must be done to prevent the thread from shedding the material.
  3. Label the size of the embroidery on the canvas with a rectangle, and divide it into squares of 10 by 10 crosses. To do this, you will need a special marker for the fabric, which can be washed off with water.
  4. Fill the canvas with the embroidery frame.
  5. You also need one or more needles for embroidery, depending on your technique.

Preliminary preparation of tools and materials will facilitate your work.

Technique of embroidery in gzhel style

Gzhel is a rather complicated kind of embroidery. In spite of the fact that not all the canvas is to be filled with crosses, the patterns are rather small and are close to each other, and many colors are used. That is why the best method of embroidering such paintings is parking.

For gzheli best fit parking squares 10 to 10. The meaning of this method is that you move to the next square, only after the completion of the previous one. In this case, the threads are not fixed, but are parked in the next section. Needles can be used new for each color, or one for all threads.

When embroidering a picture in the style of gzhel, any technique can be used, the main thing is for the handicraftsman to be comfortable and do not interfere When embroidering a picture, any technique can be used in gzhel style, the main thing that needlework was comfortable and nothing prevented

First you need to fill all the cells of the square with crosses of the lightest shade, gradually the intensity of the color should increase. Only with this technique will work go fast, and the transitions will be smooth.

Stamens of flowers, rounded thin patterns and butterfly's mustache are sewn back with a needle back in two layers of a floss. Thus, the lines turn out to be thin, smooth and uniform.

Diagrams of such embroideries we provide you completely free. Here you will find only the most interesting and understandable examples.

Description of the easiest embroidery cross-stitch gzhel

As we have already mentioned, the amount of blue shades in this kind of embroidery cross-stitch can vary. The simplest scheme includes only four thread colors. For example, white, blue, blue and dark blue. With these flowers you can embroider a vase filled with flowers in the style of gzhel.

Embroidering a picture in the style of Gzhel remember that you first need to fill the elements of the lightest shade, and only then more dark When embroidering a picture in Gzhel style, remember that you first need to fill in the elements of the lightest shade and then the darker ones

Short description application of colors in the embroidery of simple picture in gzhel style:

  • Contour vases andFlower petals embroidered in dark blue crosses;
  • The main volume of flowers and leaves is filled, in blue;
  • On the petals and leaves there are blue and white highlights;
  • Part of the vase inside and the shadow around it are embroidered in blue;
  • The stems of flowers and the pattern on the vase are embroidered, in blue, with a "back needle" seam.

Do the work in the right order and the result will surprise you.

Detailed diagram of cross-stitching gzhel( video)

Gzhel looks very noble and elegant. If you like such motifs, then the textiles in gzhel style will perfectly suit your kitchen. Try to embroider it yourself and your house will be filled with harmony and warmth.