Schemes of cross-stitch embroidery: prayer and seven of all houses, free of charge and passed exams well, happy

  1. The color of the fern is Perun's symbol. It helps to strengthen the strength of the spirit in its carrier.
  2. Kolovrat helps men to resist enemies, and also gives strength in creative craftsmanship.
  3. The Symbol of the Kind will allow its bearer to strengthen man's health, improve physical and spiritual strength.
  4. Valkyrie is the guardian of warriors. In the modern concept, it will allow its bearer to achieve significant heights, as well as awaken in him wisdom, strength and nobility.

For children of Rusich you can also use male and female amulets, depending on the sex of the child. Such amulets will help in the early years to develop in the girl a feminine, and in the boy - a man's.

Diagrams of cross-stitch embroidery for the house

To protect from bad influence you need not only people, but also the house. After all, at home you are drinking positive energy and relaxing from the hard work days.

As a wardrobe for the house and the bath can act a picture, which will be depicted house and bast shoes. Such a charm will help to establish a life and coziness.

A little house is a spirit guarding your home A householder is a spirit guarding his home

From ancient times people tried to make friends with a house-spirit. This creature is in java and navi at the same time, it protects its house and those who live in it.

You can also embroider the symbols of the nuts and burdock symbolizing family well-being, coziness and prosperity. They will protect their masters from sorrows and misfortunes. They are embroidered on household items.

Happy Cube: Cross Stitch Pattern

A happy dice was originally embroidered on the way to sailors. However, at the moment, such a charm can be used as a keychain, which will not attract any attention. Thus, the amulet will always be with you.

There are various free schemes of embroidery of such amulets, the firm Panna, even sells kits that include schemes and all the necessary materials for creating such amulets.

The scheme of embroidery amulet "happy cube" is easy to find on the Internet Diagram of embroidery amulet "happy cubes" is easy to find on the Internet

In fact, you can include in such a cube embroidery 6 any amulets. The main thing is that they fit together.

One of the good options will be a combination of such amulet as:

  • Genus;
  • Traveler;
  • Fire-Eyes;
  • Stribozich;
  • Stribog;
  • Chur.

Thus, the carrier of such an amulet will be protected from bad looks, illnesses and failures.

Master class and diagrams of cross-stitch embroidery( video)

Oberegi is one of the most ancient ways of protecting yourself, your family and your home from all sorts of misfortunes. Despite the skeptical attitude to such symbols of some people, Slavic amulets are our roots, which need to be respected and respected.