Cross-stitch pattern for children: for the child are small, simple for beginners, sets for 3 and 7 years

For high-quality embroidery, it is necessary to select the correct and convenient schemes For qualitative embroidery it is necessary to choose the correct and convenient schemes Any embroideress knows that a competent scheme is the key to successful work. For successful embroidery, just such schemes are used, understandable, colored, with a competently written key. Roughly speaking, embroidery with a cross is a scheme, a graphic, an image of a picture on a sheet of paper by applying colors or symbols in individual cells, and each such cell will correspond to one cross in the work.

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    • Cross-stitchCross-stitch embroidery for children: variants

      If you start and plan to embroider something simple for a child, then it starts with the most simple embroideries, where many colors are not used. So, for example, the most frequent theme is flowers. Suitable pictures and pick up is easy, and such small works will perfectly decorate the nursery.

      For children For the embroidery, the cartoon character or the fairy tale

      is perfect. Which flowers can be embroidered with a cross

      • Roses. They really like little girls. They symbolize pure love, loyalty, loyalty. You need a mini-kit, because the colors of the threads are used very little. The theme is easy and romantic.
      • Maki. It seems to be simple flowers, but they are ideal for embroidery - they look interesting and original. Such pictures in the room of growing girls can complement the field flowers, cornflowers, spikelets. Such embroidery will protect you from bad weather and trouble.
      • Peonies. Delicate flowers, which will also please small girls. Teach children from an early age to beauty, and they will learn to appreciate it in different ways.

      For beautiful embroidery, almost any flowers are suitable, the main thing is to correctly and harmoniously select the colors of threads For beautiful embroidery, almost any flowers are suitable, the main thing is to correctly and harmoniously match the thread colors

      . No less than flowers, or even more, children like embroidery with animals. Well, if you know who exactly the child sympathizes with, and you will embroider this animal.

      Simple cross stitch patterns for children: animals

      Beautiful animals or funny little animals - this is sure to please children. For example, cats with kittens, a proven option for years. These sweet creatures, of course, will decorate the nursery, and each time they will be pleasant to the owners of the room, and to other household members.

      It will not be difficult for children to make embroidery in an easy way For children it will not be difficult to make embroidery in an easy way.

      Butterflies are another almost no-lose option. These pictures are charged for lightness and good mood, and also recall the summer and all the wonderful things that are associated with it.

      Schemes of the alphabet and numbers for children

      And these options are suitable for children that are in primary school, and for children a little younger. What are they needed for?To diversify the home learning process. Original figures and letters will look like they are embroidered with a cross. Yes, and often such motifs are accompanied by pictures of your favorite children's characters.

      This embroidery can be safely called cognitive, the child will really be more interested in learning the alphabet and numbers. But if you want to teach the child to embroidery, you can find the simplest schemes of letters and numbers. Just imagine how happy the child who has managed himself to embroider his initials or date of birth. It's really an invaluable job!

      For embroidery of the alphabet, it is necessary to select special schemes For embroidery of the alphabet, it is necessary to select special schemes

      And then it will be possible to go on to more complex embroideries, images of the same cartoons, flowers, animals. The first embroidery will not be very smooth, you will not use thread colors, but be sure to save them, glue them on a beautiful cardboard box or frame them. Such attention to the creativity of the child will spur his beginnings, that's for sure. Let it be just a little postcards, for example, for the New Year with the simplest embroidery of a Christmas tree or a ball - it does not matter, above all, the efforts of the child. And be sure to choose simple options to begin with, so that the complexity of the work does not discourage the child from learning further.

      How to choose embroidery patterns for beginners( video)

      Children's embroidery themes are very much - from banal angels to beautiful floral compositions and metrics, and other embroideries using letters and numbers. Try, save in the daddy you like the options, combine.

      Good work!

      Cross Stitch for children( photo)