Cross-stitch patterns for winter: deer in the winter forest, download the village for free, evening festive and Russian night

Schemes for embroidery depicting winter are great for beginners and professionals alike Schemes for embroidery depicting the winter are great for both beginners and professionals Cross stitch patterns "Winter" refers to the category of eternal and all favorite landscapes that you want to embroider at any time of the year at any mood. Despite the obvious thematicity, the choice of pictures is great enough. The craftsman needs only to determine his level of skill and then choose work to his liking. Now the nightshare is over for your favorite hobby!

      • Level of difficulty: Cross-stitching "Winter"
      • Best cross-stitching: "Deer in the winter forest"
      • Simple cross-stitching "Winter village": beginning
      • The easiest cross-stitch scheme "Winter evening»
      • Detailed diagrams of cross-stitching" Winter "(video)
      • Examples of cross-stitching" Winter "with diagrams( photo)

Difficulty: cross-stitching" Winter "

" Winter "is a rather complicated composition, Which includes setsennye color transitions. To cope with such a difficult task will probably be an experienced master, while beginners will have to work hard.

Popular variations on the given topic are:

  • Winter holidays or the New Year celebration;
  • Russian Village;
  • Troika horses;
  • Snow-covered house;
  • Winter night.
  • If you do not have an embroidery experience, then you should choose schemes that do not contain complex elements If you do not have an embroidery experience, then you should choose circuits that do not contain complex elements.

    In order not to overload a heavy burden, it is important to focus on the following parameters:

    • It's worth starting to choose pictures of small sizes;
    • Landscape should carry in itself a minimum of small elements;
    • The picture should be as simple as possible, so as not to discourage the beginner from creating further;
    • To prevent the picture from getting too dull, there should be a maximum of colored elements, except white, which is characterized by winter.

    It is almost impossible to make a mistake in embroidery with a cross, but the situations when the work turns out to be sloppy are encountered quite often.

    Of course, we can rely on the fact that the novice master is not yet full, but here you can argue. With a huge desire, even a beginner will make the composition perfect!

    Another thing is that it will consist of simpler elements than a professional who has performed dozens of works.

    The best cross stitch: "Deer in the winter forest"

    Embroidering animals is a complete pleasure for those who want to get a "live" masterpiece. With the right approach, animals can turn out like real!

    One of the most popular versions of the "winter" composition are deer. These cute animals in the winter forest are not only a harbinger of the new year, but also a symbol of integrity and harmony.

    Embroidery with the image of deer in the winter forest is an excellent element of decor Embroidery with the image of deer in the winter forest is an excellent decoration element.

    Such embroideries are made not only for themselves, but also for gift to dear people. And, no doubt, that such a creation will be evaluated at the highest level.

    "Deer in the winter forest" paintings are popular for the following reasons:

    • Image is bright, contrast;
    • Animals very dilute the boring landscape;
    • With such an image it's quite easy to handle even beginners;
    • It is the noble deer that is the "zest", which is so lacking in many works.

    It's better to start work with animals, which represent the most difficult part of the picture. After the foreman has been convinced that they have turned out faultless, it is possible to do and a landscape. It's almost impossible to spoil it.

    Simple cross-stitching "Winter Village": the beginning of the

    Very often the tinkers, even acquiring very high quality sets of embroideries, end up with a completely different picture.

    Embroidery "Winter Village", framed, looks great in the corridor Embroidered "Winter Village", framed, looks great in the

    The reasons for this phenomenon can be quite a lot:

    • Violation of the embroidery sequence: first issued in dark colors, then light;
    • Improper maintenance of the finished work, possibly washing in excessively hot water, after which the colors quickly fade;
    • "Wheeze", during which the craftsman adds to her carefully designed scheme her colors;
    • Low-quality sets that attract attention with their low price and bright design;
    • Unskilful use of instructions.

    It's never too late to fix your mistakes while there are circuits and threads available. Then, when the picture is already hanging on the wall, it will be too late to fix anything. Therefore, it is necessary to act immediately!

    The simplest scheme of cross-stitching "Winter Evening"

    To become the owner of the scheme, the needlewoman does not have to spend fabulous money. Download the free work of cross is not difficult, but to choose this option should a master "with a capital letter."

    Before you start embroidering the scheme with a winter landscape, it is worth watching the video with a master class Before embroidering a scheme with a winter landscape, it is worth watching the video with the master class

    Working with schemes from the Internet assumes that:

    • The master can already select and outline the canvas;
    • Accurately observes the proportions of the picture;
    • Is able to choose colors on its own.

    Detailed diagrams of cross-stitching "Winter"( video)

    Cross-stitch embroideries on winter themes are quite interesting and beautiful. Masters of any level definitely should pay attention to them!However, as in any other work, there are certain nuances that must be observed. If a person is embroidering, then it is necessary to do it on conscience, and not just to pass the evening. Then, and each resulting work will be the most real work of art!

    Examples of cross-stitch "Winter" to circuitry( photo)