Makosh scheme of cross stitching: free download, amulet for love, what ornament to choose

The charm of makosh is appreciated among needlewomen for simplicity and, of course, for symbolic meaning The makosh was appreciated among the needlewomen for its simplicity and, of course, for the symbolic value of . Makosh is a Slavic totem female image, patroness of fertility and agriculture, she also helps in all women's endeavors: needlework, weaving, housekeeping, Ask for help if you need to find and hold love. Any craftsman should have an image of this bereguini, as protection and assistance in matters. Embroider this image can only cross, as the cross is a magic symbol. The guardian of Makosh needs a correct choice of the cross-stitch scheme.

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MKOSH by a cross: the scheme of the amulet for love

The first condition for the scheme of the amulet is that it must fall to the heart of the needlewoman, And to evoke in her only happy and pleasant feelings. Such a scheme can not be found immediately, but it is worthwhile to spend time searching for and pick up as many different options as possible and this ensures that the subsequent work will not be done in vain. All schemes are different, but they have similarities, which are due to the meaning of the amulet.

The makosh must be executed:

  • On the green canvas;
  • Yellow thread;
  • With a thread of fate in the hands;

Embroidered you witch will bring joy to the house and protect him from failures The embroidered amulet will bring joy to the house and protect it from failure

If there is no green fabric, you can use the usual white canvas on which the green frame is embroidered. Sometimes, if the female essence of Makosh is emphasized, it can be performed in red tones.

Important!Work on the amulet of Makosh should begin from the tenth to the fourteenth day of the lunar calendar.

Makosh - spells the fate of a person, so it is depicted with a spinning wheel or thread of fate in his hands. If you place the keeper of yourself and add to her image of gilded threads, she spins the woman a golden destiny.

Makosh - a pattern of cross stitching: what ornament to pick up

The ornament in the embroidery embroidery is selected strictly individually, depending on the purpose of the amulet, however, almost always Makosh is depicted with two birds, they are on each side of the keeper and are called - share and nedolya.

Birds take turns to touch the fate that Makosh gushes and give her something, happiness, but grief.

Choosing a scheme for embroidery makosh, consider the main purpose of the future amulet When choosing a scheme for embroidery makosh, consider the main purpose of the future amulet

Makosh always stands firmly on soil covered with spikelets - symbols of fertility and contentment. Also, the most common in this plot ornaments include cornflowers - the defenders of the eyes of the master. If desired, you can embroider Belobok - God's creativity of luck or Dazhdbog, patron of light, sun and rain, the creator of the rainbow.

Whichever ornaments are selected, they should be:

  • Studied;
  • To approach the style of the master;
  • Combine with the basic Deity.

It should be understood that not all symbols can be combined with each other. Some of them neutralize each other's actions. Makosh is combined with all earthly symbols, as well as with all patrons of nature.

The process of working on the amulet

Make the charm of the Makosh necessary for the craftsmen who want to embroider amulets for other people. Makosh is the only amulet that a woman can embroider for herself and he is the first one she does.

You can take on the work on the talisman only in good spirits, otherwise, the canvas will absorb your negative emotions and they will spread to the whole house and family.

Creating your unique amulet, be extremely careful and adhere to the main rules of embroidery Creating your unique amulet, be extremely attentive and adhere to the basic rules of embroidery

During breaks in the process of work, you can not leave a needle in the fabric, it must be removed from work to the side. You need to embroider Makosh's head at a time, you can not quit your job without finishing your head to the end.

Makos collects all the negative energy in the house, so it must be cleaned, in a literal sense, the embroidery must be washed.

The moment when it is necessary to clean the amulet, the hostess chooses intuitively. Makosh - a home guardian, she is not carried out of the dwelling and hung in a corner in a prominent place. Therefore, its size is usually greater than that of the native amulets.

Makosh - assistant in everyday life

Makosh not only helps in needlework, but in ordinary life she can work miracles. If family disagreements begin or the hostess feels a breakdown, the guard will necessarily absorb all the difficulties and the situation will quickly be discharged. The image of Makosh can decorate household utensils. Previously, if the girl was bad at cooking, she embroidered Makosh on pickets or towels and the patroness helped her in the kitchen.

The makosh created by you, will bring joy and luck to your home The makosh created by you, will bring joy and good luck to your home.

Makosh, as the personification of the female beginning, encourages young families to acquire offspring.

If a woman for a long time did not manage to get pregnant, then she hung the embroidered Makosh on the wall above the bed and after a while, the pregnancy came. Obereg not only helps with offspring, but also enhances love between spouses.

How to sew makosh with a cross( video)

For hundreds of years our ancestors, the Slavs, have invested their power and love in totems and deities. And, even if you treat wards as superstitions, you can not fail to recognize that all the energy stored in the amulet has a powerful influence. And if it is the energy of good and creation, its power increases. So why not take advantage of the legacy of the past and not help the modern hostess by ancestral forces!

Beautiful Charm Makosh cross( photo)