Cross-stitch embroidery of a lion's scheme: a lioness cross, a free family and rainbow monoschemas, download colors for the family

Schemes for embroidering a cross of lions can be bought in the store for needlework or the Internet Schemes for embroidery lions cross can be bought at the store for needlework or Internet great gift to a friend, colleague, child or loved one - it's all about cross stitch patterns of lions with his hands. Since the first years of our life, the image of the king of animals has become familiar to man through fairy tales and animated films. Strength, grace, courage and courage are only an incomplete list of the qualities of these animals. Not surprisingly, they have become popular among fans of embroidery.

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    • Tools required to cross stitch lion
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    • fix Vshivkov lion cross in cold water
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right picture for embroidery stitch selection lion

everyone wants that his cross-stitch was all otnoSions memorable. For this purpose, the images of the king of beasts are complex in terms of their composition.

At the same time, many forget that the image-base for embroidery must meet a number of requirements. First of all, we are talking about the ratio of the image found to the canvas.

Choose a scheme for embroidering lions, based on experience and availability of materials Select circuit embroidery lions follows from the experience and material availability

Accuracy here always comes to the same cell. And this is not an exaggeration, because a mistake even in 1-2 cells puts a cross on the whole work.

In addition, the skilled worker is obliged to keep the following nuances:

  • maximum allowable number of colors in the picture-based does not exceed 8-9;
  • The minimum required color density is 180-200 dpi;
  • Refuse complex images;
  • Similarly, it is recommended to enter if the found media file contains a large number of shadows.

When choosing the basis for creating an embroidery scheme, remember the maximum allowed size and number of colors. In his desire to create a masterpiece with a cross should not go too far. Otherwise, it will be physically impossible to transfer the found pair of lions to the canvas, not to mention the subsequent embroidery.

Necessary tools for cross-stitching a lion

Having dealt with the base, you can proceed to purchase tools for work. It is necessary to push off from the minimum number of colors required for a specific image. For example, a family of lions strolling through the savannah requires a dense canvas and 6-8 shades. Within 2-4 colors is required in the case when the result is a single lion-hunter. Simply put, to begin with, you need to carefully inspect the pattern found. If you do not plan to simplify it, then the number and color of the floss must be determined by the available variant.

All the necessary embroidery tools can be purchased at a specialized store selling embroidery items All necessary tools for embroidery can be purchased at a specialty store that sells products for embroidery

The further procedure is as follows:

  • Threads floss in the required quantities;
  • Gold and black threads are used in the case when the creation of a lion goes in a 2-color format;
  • Sharp scissors;
  • White canvas with the required density level;
  • Fingers are optionally used if the embroiderer does not feel enough confidence;
  • Sharp needles of required parameters.

Before you go to the goods store for needlework, you should carefully study the visual basis for future work. The more flowers on it, the denser the canvas will be. In addition, the number of colors and shades of the picture depends on the choice of needles. If this figure is in the range from 2 to 4, then the wizard needs needles No. 26, 14 and 16. If it is a question of a greater density of colors, needles No. 13-15 and 22-25 are required.

We implement the diagram of the cross-stitching of the lion

Once the preparatory stage is completed, you can start work. The beginner and those who have sufficient experience, one should once again glance at the resulting scheme.

First of all, attention is drawn, as was said earlier, to the correspondence between the image of the substrate and the canvas. If no errors are found, then embroider a family of lions.

The composition with the image of lions is an excellent element of decor, which fits well in any interior The composition with the image of lions is an excellent decor element that fits well in any interior.

The contour is always executed with black threads in one addition. Here, literally, jewelry precision is needed, otherwise the lion's mane or muzzle will not turn out to be natural.

To avoid common mistakes, the recommendations below will help:

  • Put the canvas on a flat surface facing you;
  • Fold the required amount of floss into the eye of the needle and insert it into the eye of the needle;
  • Apply the lion contour with a tissue marker;
  • For those who work with hoops, you should slowly fix the canvas in the rim;
  • Embroidery starts from the top left or right corner, depending on where the king of the jungle and his lioness are;
  • Initially, the most important elements of the scheme are transferred to the canvas, and then everything else;
  • The needle starts its movement from the outside;
  • Each stitch is fixed to another, not knots.

The key to quality work in the technique of monochrome or using a variety of colors, is the exact sequence of actions. First, marking with a marker is performed, and then a contour is formed in black. The final stage is the use of a golden hue. It creates a rainbow effect, making the figures pseudo-dimensional.

Fixing the lion cross stitch in cold water

Regardless of whether you use monochems or ready-made sets, after finishing the work, the picture needs to be processed. It's about putting it in cold water. This is done for practical reasons. A short exposure to cold water enhances the strength of the fibers, providing strength.

That the embroidered composition turned out beautiful, it is necessary to look before the beginning of work video with a master class and to familiarize with recommendations of experts In order for the embroidered composition to turn out to be beautiful, you should see the video with the master class and get acquainted with the recommendations of

In order to ensure that the embroidery result lasts longer,
  • Dry the cloth on a flat surface in a warm room;
  • Preheat the iron to the minimum power level;
  • Carefully smooth out the canvas;
  • Wait another 10-15 minutes.
  • Simple cross-stitching: lion circuits( video)

    Lions are familiar to people from early stages of life on this planet. They surround him not only in nature, but also in works of art. Not surprisingly, members of the cat family have taken their place among embroidery subjects. The picture-basis can be purchased at a thematic store or found independently. In the second case it will be necessary to mark it with the greatest accuracy.

    Details: stitch lions with schemes( photo examples)