Diagrams of cross-stitch embroidery: free download for embroidery, large bouquet, flowers in a vase

To embroider in this scheme, two shades of green, white, sky blue, light blue, ocher and yellow yarns will suffice. From such a small number of colors, the mind will give you a voluminous and realistic image of chamomile.

It is better to start from the middle of the main( largest) flower. When the central element of the picture is embroidered, you can start embroidering other parts of the chamomile from it. Thus, it will be easier to correct mistakes made while embroidering, and correctly combine the picture.

Beginners should embroider their first daisies on a specially designed canvas. It is better if it is not white, but black or dark blue.

How to embroider chamomile with a cross on textiles

To complex schemes include paintings, embroidering which you need to fill the whole background. Such works usually include a huge number of shades, so not every craftsman can cope with them.

Works, where there is a huge number of colors and shades, it is better to embroider by parking.

To embroider chamomile with a cross on a textile tablecloth, you need experience and skill in the process of doing the work To embroider chamomile with a cross on a textile tablecloth, you need experience and skill in the process of performing the work

Not only voluminous works but also embroidered embroideries on textiles are considered complex. After all, not all fabrics have convenient for embroidering division. It is also difficult to evenly arrange chamomiles located, for example, on the edges and or in the corners of the tablecloth. Usually schemes of such works are applied with a pencil or chalk directly on the products, but even with such help, it is not every novice who can handle embroidering on finished products, for this one needs to have some experience, and a good eye.

Simple diagrams of embroidery with a daisy cross( video)

Camomiles are delicate wild flowers that symbolize purity and innocence. They can decorate textiles in the interior of the kitchen, or simple summer sarafans and handbags. Try to embroider these wonderful plants, but to help you in this free scheme that we have chosen for you.