Metric for newborn cross-stitch patterns: download for free, birth of a child with a date, girls

Embroidery for newborns is an excellent gift for a woman who became a mother Embroidery for Babies is a great gift for the woman who was the mother of With the birth of the baby to congratulate relatives or friends can be a variety of ways. And one of them is handmade. This is in any case better than a banal postcard from a supermarket, balls or a teddy bear. Embroidered cross-stitch children's metrics, of course, will be more original - this is an image with the date of birth of the child. Children grow up, and a beautiful little thing with a memorable date remains.

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What kinds of embroidery cross schemes

Most often acquire kits with embroidery multgeroya or funny characters, and such options are many. Such a child's metrics is easy to sew. The scheme is very simple, and the colors of threads for such embroidery need not so much - 10 or 15, this, of course, is relatively small.

The diagrams contain information on the size of the future embroidery and the threads to be purchased for its manufacture diagrams contain information on the size of the future and embroidery threads to be acquired for its production

If you embroidering like a postcard, which witnessed the birth of boys or girls, you will leave there a place for embroidery important data - is the name of the child, Date of birth, possibly height and weight. It looks nice, beautiful, outwardly such an embroidery resembles a touching picture. And there is always a place in the house for her.

Cross stitch: a newborn and his date of birth

become very popular metrics with stylized sleeping angels, leverets, mishutok, seals, etc. It looks all childishly cute. For embroidery, you will need either bright threads or threads of delicate colors, depending on which image you are embroidering.

An excellent option is to make embroidery with the date of birth of the child An excellent option is the manufacture of embroidery with the date of birth of the child

Alternatively, you can embroider quatrain, which is kind of a wish child. And this embroidered postcard can hang in the frame over the crib of the child, or simply hang on the wall in the nursery. In addition to the rhyme you can embroider funny little animals, fabulous plants, asterisks and the moon or pyramids and other children's toys. In a word, everything that is associated with childhood and infancy.

Embroidered cross-stitch for newborns: variants of metrics

There are several attractive options at once, which you can take note. There are many ideas, only choose. The main thing is that the degree of complexity of embroidery corresponds to your level of preparedness.

Cradle with baby

Not necessarily there should lie exactly a little man, it can be and sleeping in a cozy crib bunny and kitten. In a word, there must be an image of a baby's cradle. Accordingly, and to hang such a picture is more correct over a cot.

Embroidered portrait of the baby

Such embroidery unambiguously touches the mother of the baby. But the work is, of course, of particular complexity. If you make complex transitions of colors and tones, a photo effect will be created. Such a portrait of a boy or girl is also supplemented by metric parameters.

Prayer meter

It's also a pretty popular option. It will not only be a kind of adornment for children, but will also serve as a guard for the baby. Usually a medium complexity scheme is used. This picture you can start sewing in advance, it is fairly neutral, and will suit a child of any gender.

Metrics with zodiac sign of a newborn

And this is a complete picture, completely filled with a cross. There will be their place for the baby's name, and for his birth date, as well as the image of the zodiac sign, constellations, continents, contours of countries, etc. can be depicted. The work, of course, painstaking, but the result is worth it.

Embroidery with the image of the zodiac sign of the child will be an excellent element of decor for the children Embroidery with the child's zodiac sign will be an excellent decoration for the children's room

You can completely repeat one of the schemes, or you can combine embroidery yourself. For example, the baby will be rubbed and greetings addressed to him. Or a hare in the cot and the date of birth of the baby, as well as some lovely curly plants, like framing a picture.

We select embroidery schemes for the newborn( video)

Do not forget to decorate the picture adequately, find a suitable frame so that there is nothing to be picked up. And sometimes a leaf with prayer is put inside the frame, or something memorable - for example, the first cropped lock of the kid. Then the picture with embroidery will be even more valuable.

Good work!

Examples schemes cross stitch for newborns( photo)