Sets for embroidering with a cross: needlework, new and beautiful, partial embroidery, children's manufacturers, 4 crosses

Together with the sets, the brand produces accessories for embroidery. The range of images is quite diverse - children's motifs, icons, landscapes, floral arrangements. Riolis is the most popular manufacturer of products for embroidery. Its products are produced under the brands "Create Yourself", "Merry Bee", "Riolis Premium".

Компания "Риолис" производит много разных идей для вышивания, среди которых популярными являются красочные цветы The company "Riolis" produces many different ideas for embroidery, among which are popular colorful flowers


This is the apotheosis of embroidery ideas. Any set of a company is a real work of art. The development of schemes employs talented designers. Country of origin - Russia.

Panna provides a large selection of images for embroidery, developed by talented designers Panna provides a large selection of images for embroidery, developed by talented designers


Our domestic company. Despite a short period of existence, won respect from a wide range of embroiderers.

Отечественная фирма "Искусница" продает наборы для вышивания с птицами, зверьми и пейзажами леса Domestic firm "Masterpiece" sells embroidery kits with birds, animals and forest sceneries

Golden fleece

Another domestic manufacturer. The kits contain the highest quality accessories and materials for embroidery. Images are very diverse - marine motifs, zodiac signs, legends, myths etc.

Компания "Золотое руно" изготовляет картинки для вышивки в мифическом стиле, со знаками зодиака, морских пейзажей The company "Golden fleece" produces pictures for embroidery in mythical style, with zodiac signs, seascapes


The market has been well deserved for more than 30 years. Over the renewal of sets there is a staff of designers of several hundred, constantly tracking fashion trends. The quality of the sets is magnificent.

Dimensions is one of the most popular companies, because it manufactures interesting and high-quality schemes Dimensions is one of the most popular companies because it manufactures interesting and high quality

schematics. Some collections of well-known manufacturers are relatively expensive, but most are available to the private needlewoman.

You can buy new ready-made embroidery kits in specialized stores or order in the best online stores "Merezhka", "Ozone", "Murkiny handicrafts".

Cross stitch: what's included in the embroidery kit

A ready-made cross-stitch kit can be purchased from handicraft shops. There is nothing superfluous in it, only the necessary material and instrument.

The embroidery kit includes:

  • Canvas .This is a special fabric for embroidery. On it squares with holes are clearly visible. You can buy such a can of any color.
  • Needle .Basically, a tapestry needle is used. It, unlike the usual for sewing, has a wide eyelet and a blunt end.
  • Threads .Often used threads "mulina".They consist of 100% cotton. The palette of their shades is simply gorgeous.
  • Embroidery frame .These are two forms of almost the same diameter for anchoring the canvas, when directly embroidered.
  • Scheme for embroidering .The scheme is black and white, color, combined, with symbols.

In the store should choose only a large and high-quality set for cross stitching The store should only choose a large and high quality set for embroidering with the cross

An additional tool is a special pencil or marker for the fabric. Such rods and ink are easily washed off with water and do not leave a trace.

All components of the kit can be purchased separately. So you will choose for yourself individual tools, but it's all with experience.

Cross stitching: sets for needlewomen

Complex embroidery with a cross means using more needles, thread colors, methods and types of stitches, and of course time. Sets for such embroideries are also available on sale. Consider an example of a complex embroidering of the painting "Twelve Beauties".Its size is 1495x376 crosses.

To create a complex cross-stitch embroidery, you need to select many different colors To create a complex cross-stitch, you need to select many different colors.

The kit contains:

  • Diagram;
  • Aida 14;
  • Threads 101 shades;
  • Needles of different sizes.

The finished size of the picture will be quite impressive - 271x68 cm. Time to work is difficult to determine. Everything depends on the individual qualities of the needlewoman - the speed of embroidery and how much time a needlewoman can give to her favorite occupation each day.

It's better to embroider a picture of this size on a special machine, not using a hoop.

Hits and new cross stitching kits

Many embroiderers are eagerly waiting for new products from their favorite manufacturers.

Some new cross stitch kits:

  • Polyptych. This is a fairly new and unusual set with a partial embroidery. As a result, the background is embroidered on the canvas, and the background image remains on the background. Thus, the volume effect is visually created. It can also be called 3D embroidery.
  • Marya the Masteress. Domestic firm, the kits of which are presented for every taste. Sets have a worthy bundle. Latest innovations: "Lavender and Olive" and "Cats Cutie".
  • New settlement. The firm is on the market for more than 6 years. The design of the drawings is excellent. Novelties: "Shalunya", "Merry Family", "Prague Through the Looking Glass", etc.
  • Anchor. Manufacturer Germany. The collection of sets is presented in various subjects - Mishka Teddy, towers and structures, children's themes, animals, flowers. The last sets are: "The King", "Among the Flowers", "Prima Dance".
  • Anemones. Manufacturer of Riolis. Embroidery visually alive and natural.

Now there are a lot of novelties in cross-stitch embroidery, so they can be selected, given their own preferences Now there are a lot of novelties in cross stitching, so they can be selected, given their own preferences

You can also note quite a few new sets such as "Fairy Town", "Angels", "London", ""Poppy Field", "Spring in the Park", "Winter Impression", "Two White Tigers".

You can track the appearance of new sets on the official website of the manufacturer and order with delivery to the house, without waiting for their occurrence on the shelves of stores.

Beautiful cross stitch kits from renowned companies

Every beginner needleworker strives to start working with beautiful embroidery.

Many companies now produce a large selection of schemes for cross-stitch embroidery, which you can buy at an affordable price Many companies now produce a large selection of cross stitch patterns that can be purchased at an affordable price.

The most beautiful set for embroidery:

  • DOME CRAFT( Korea).The kits of this corporation are suitable for handicraftsmen with a lot of experience, as well as beginner embroiderers. The market is more than 20 years old. The kits contain only high quality materials. Many DOME embroideries have an artistic theme, which is even more demanding. The most beautiful sets: "Green Village", "Scenery with Clover", "Dahlias" and many others.
  • Xiu Crafts( Taiwan).The company produces premium kits that are sold in many countries of the world. Famous designers and artists managed to transfer Chinese painting to fabric, thanks to this fact, many can appreciate all the splendor of the color range of compositions. Famous sets: "Magpies and Persimmon", "Eternal Love", "Spring Breeze", etc.
  • Charitven Mit. The Ukrainian company is the leader in design of pictures and quality of materials, not inferior to world producers. Recently released a beautiful series of "Premium".
  • RTO.Russian manufacturer of sets for embroidery. The catalog of the RTO works is quite large. Each will easily find the right embroidery for himself. Sets: "Tulips on the table", "At the pier", etc.
  • Beauty i creativity. In the sets used paintings of famous artists. The last beautiful hits: "Lavender", "Ship Grove", "Seasons - Autumn", "Again in Paris leaf fall".
  • Russian favorite. Another domestic manufacturer. In the range of sets of floral designs, bright children's sets, romantic images for adults. Recent developments: "Kaban Sidorovich", "Magnolia Sulangi", "Maki".

Beautiful embroidery can serve as a best gift to family and friends.

It's better to embroider the embroidery in the frame under the glass. This way you can protect it from dirt and dust.

The best cross stitching kits: reviews of needlewomen

Many craftsmen share their impressions after completing the embroidery. Some are enthusiastic about the firm and the set in general, some from the material, and some from the drawing. In general, the reviews are good, some of them are presented below.

In order to choose a quality set for embroidery, you can ask for advice from experienced needlewomen In order to choose a quality embroidery kit, you can ask for advice from experienced needlewomen

The best embroidery kits, hand-crafted reviews:

  • Matrenin posad. Juicy colors of threads, dense canvas, bright drawing.
  • Russian bride 35176. Convenient and understandable black and white scheme. Instruction in Russian.
  • Pinn Ferrari. Embroidery goes realistic. A great gift for car racers and drivers.
  • A wonderful needle. Good value for money. With proper use, the stock of threads remains. Convenient and understandable schemes.
  • Serafim of Sarov. The finished icon has a magnificent view.
  • A little cheetah. Embroidery turned out like a photograph.

In any case, each determines for himself what is best for him. As they say: "How many people, so many opinions".

When buying a set, carefully read the information on the package. For beginners it is recommended to start with simple schemes.

Cross-stitch kits( video)

Cross-stitch embroidery is the most common type of needlework. For many, this kind of leisure has become a favorite activity, from which one can get a lot of fun. A truly invaluable contribution to the creation of each individual work is the soul. No finest and beautiful materials will replace precious time and diligence. But still, the embroidery kits can simplify the work and help to avoid mistakes.

cross stitch kit( photo)