Diagram of drawings for cross-stitching: for beginners for the ready, for children on the tetrad sheet in the cage, small

To date, there are a huge number of drawings and schemes that can be embroidered Today, there are a huge number of drawings and diagrams that can be embroidered Today, embroidery is gaining popularity. The scheme and pattern for embroidery can be completely different both in the style of the depicted object or action, and in the types. Also, embroidery can differ in the level of complexity of the work performed.

    • cross stitching for beginners on the finished drawing: tips and ideas
    • drawings for embroidery cross
    • circuit pattern for cross stitch: what to choose
    • monochrome embroidery
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cross stitch for beginners on the finished drawing: tips and ideas

cross stitch for beginners should be welcomeHobbies, interests.

therefore facilitate the first steps to help some tips:

  • basic tools for embroidery - a hoop, a canvas( or exercise book in a cage), sewing thread for embroidery, diagram, needle and scissors;
  • For a bright and beautiful result it is necessary to sew not in one thread, but in several, so crosses turn out to be three-dimensional and do not leave white gaps on the canvas;
  • The needle should be with a rounded tip and a large eyelet so that several threads can be inserted at the same time;
  • well-chosen presets greatly facilitate the search for everything you need, they usually include very graphic, outline light color, yarn, needle, instructions and diagrams;
  • It's much easier to embroider a ready-made design, it's worth remembering it;
  • For beginners, simple drawings and patterns that you need to embroider, preferably with a minimum of colors( two with bright contrasts are enough);
  • Initially, it is worth learning how to embroider on a tetrad sheet in a cage, ordinary children's exercise books will fit, and then go over to the canvas.

Embroidery is not just an occupation, it is a hobby that over time grows into a hobby Embroidery is not just an occupation, it is a hobby that grows in the hobby over time

It is the cell that is the basis for this type of embroidery, therefore both the notebook and the canvas provide a good opportunity to chart the pattern and correctly calculate the cells forEmbroidery.

To begin with it is advisable to learn how to make the right stitches and confidently fix the thread.

So experienced masters are not tied to the end of the filament bundles and that the cross is made correctly, can say double vertical stitches from the inside out. In fact, there are no big difficulties in embroidering on ready-made cells, it is important to understand the technology of working with threads, hoops and stitches, and then you can choose more complex drawings.

Drawings for cross-stitching

Online store Matrenin posad offers a large number of various materials for needlework, including cross-stitch patterns. Here you can find images for every taste - flowers, animals, landscapes, village and city, drawings for children.

Each artist will find for himself that interesting, large and small details in the images allow you to choose them according to your own sewing experience.

For beginners, ready-made sets, tools for sewing, and experienced consumers should pay attention to exclusive schemes and pictures larger than 50cm. Or drawings on silk for embroidery with beads.

Each person personally chooses a drawing that will soon become a real masterpiece of

. In the assortment of a huge number of drawings for embroidery, for example, etude with a bird, unfinished novel, flowering tropics, Scandinavian motifs, sailor and many more names andVariations.

The child will be interested in images of animated and fairy-tale characters, toys or non-existent animals.

Diagram of cross-stitch patterns: which one to choose

It's worth starting with canvas - it's a specially crafted fabric made of silk, linen, cotton or a mixture, sometimes made of plastic. The canvas is marked in small cells for applying the cross with a thread. The canvas can be printed on it with a pattern( scheme) or background.

Drawing( diagram) printed on paper in a box is well suited for beginners, in fact it is a simple and inexpensive alternative to the canvas.

Today in the century of technical progress, you can use your computer program to make your own version of the scheme from the drawing you like.

Needles often use programs that help in creating a picture The needlewomen often use programs that help in creating a painting

For example:

  1. The Cross program creates embroidery patterns even from photographs.
  2. The Pattern Maker for Cross stitch program, in addition to a large range of tools, offers the possibility of processing the foreground, for example embroidered flowers in a bouquet can be made larger by pre-selecting the priority of colors.
  3. PCStitch7 - this program is popular with fans of cross stitching for a simple interface, where everything is extremely simple and understandable.
  4. CrossStitchPro has a good color conversion algorithm.
  5. Thread translation table for Crestik floss.

Most often, such computer programs can be downloaded to your home computer for free.

Monochrome embroidery

Another popular kind of this handicraft is monochrome embroidery. Its value is large enough, the thin lines performed by the counting cross resemble a pencil drawing, which gives such products mystery.

Monochrome embroidery is quite simple, but it looks very original and at ease Monochrome embroidery is quite simple, but it looks very original and at ease

This embroidery looks great in the interior, for example on the wall as a picture. Such schemes assume the use of the same color and are performed in one thread, but for greater elegance, a bright accent is often added, for example, bright blue eyes of the girl.

Popular patterns for embroidery( video)

Whatever variant of the scheme, the picture would not be chosen, the result will always be interesting, beautiful and will convey the individual taste and experience of the master herself.

Examples of arrangements for the cross stitch graphics( pictures)