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Embroider a cross can easily learn not only women, but also men, and even children Cross stitching can easily be learned not only by women, but also by men and even by children. Cross-stitch embroidery is the most common type of embroidery that can be mastered by both professionals and craftsmen, even a serious man can learn to create incredible masterpieces, Embroidering with a cross. Embroidery with a cross can even be trained by the child, having selected children's motives and easy schemes for this, to conduct several lessons.

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Cross stitch patterns - embroidery for children

Attach children to needlework, teach manual labor and create the ability to embroider a cross, you can use elementary schemes that are availablegayut sequence of cross stitch.

Diagrams for embroidering with a cross with children should be childrens:

  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Silhouettes and objects;
  • Letters.

Children can easily be taught to embroider, the main thing is that they show interest Children are easy to learn how to embroider, the main thing is that they show interest

First, children need to be introduced to the embroidery frame, needle, thread, material and embroidery scheme. For starters, you can designate the place of the first insertion of the needle into the fabric, making a marking on the fabric with a simple pencil.

As a base fabric for children's embroidery, it is possible to use knitwear, it is soft to the body, it does not crumple, threads of floss fit well on it.

Next, children need to familiarize themselves with the value of the cell in the embroidery and with the direction of movement of the needle according to the scheme. When a child learns the necessary knowledge, embroidery with a cross can become a hobby for him. Embroidering children themselves, you need to select light and colorful schemes, so that embroidery could fit well into the children's interior and formed a feeling of beauty for kids.

Gentle patterns for cross-stitching: children

With the help of children's patterns of cross-stitching, you can embroider children's clothes, pictures for a children's room, napkins, blankets, blankets. Schemes can be downloaded on the Internet, here the most diverse subject of cross stitching.

Embroidering schemes for children can be very diverse:

  • Children babies;
  • Sleeping children;
  • Children in color;
  • Black and white embroidery of children.
Embroidery, where children are depicted, will not leave anyone indifferent Embroidery with children depicting anyone will not leave anyone indifferent

Embroidering children's embroidery with a cross uses 2 to 50 or more colors and thread outflows, because children's embroidery is always colorful. The color scheme can be different, depending on the chosen subject. The embroidery scheme can be subject and subject. The subject circuit requires fewer threads, and the plot scheme, on the contrary, expands the color range of used threads. Blanks for embroidery of children's schemes can be of different sizes, depending on the size of the picture.

Cross-stitch - Toddler

The cross-stitch embroidery is suitable for embroidery for future mothers and grandmothers. The work must begin with the selection of embroidery schemes for complexity, which will be feasible by virtue of their own abilities. Then you need to color the colors of the threads to the diagram by the number, which is indicated on the diagram itself and on the lace of the moulin.

On the advice of professionals of needlework and embroidery cross-stitch, threads for embroidery of the child's face should be chosen on a lighter tone than indicated in the scheme of execution, tk. The colors of the mulina are too saturated.

The background of the picture should also be bright or bright, since children in childhood and in infancy are better able to perceive light and bright colors.

The picture where children are depicted will best be looked at in the canvas of light tones The picture where the children are depicted will best look on the canvas of light tones

The fabric blank must be stretched on the embroidery frame and proceed to work, observing the following rules of embroidery:

  • Embroidery picture babies start from the middle of the canvas;
  • Embroider with a needle from the center to the edges;
  • Dark colors can be replaced with light ones.

Using summer pictures for embroidery of toddlers, it is better to choose bright colors of a floss. Winter themes with kids, such as the set "Watching Santa", can be performed in dark colors, adding a thread 2-4 times. Newborn baby or baby should be embroidered only with delicate flowery threads, pink, peach, beige. The sleeping child must also be embroidered in light tones and flowered flowers.

Especially popular black and white cross-stitch in retro style. Kids in this style of embroidery look more realistic, like a 3D image.

Embroidered paintings of children are ideal for decorating a child's room at any age, from birth, to junior school age.

Children's cross-stitching

The kid is always happy with cheerful and colorful pictures, and children's embroidery is always bright and interesting. Therefore, children's embroidery will harmoniously fit into the children's interior of any style. Children especially emotionally react to colorful pictures of fun topics.

The theme of children's embroidery can be very diverse:

  • Nature;
  • Animals;
  • Flowers;
  • Children;
  • Plots and landscapes.

Children most like to embroider fabulous characters, funny colorful pictures and favorite animals Children most of all like to embroider fabulous characters, funny colorful pictures and favorite animals

Embroidering pictures for the child, using scenes, landscapes, animals and children. For embroideries of blankets, blankets, envelopes, it is better to use animal schemes. For this scheme with ducklings, lambs, seals, Teddy bears perfectly suited. Clothes for the child can be embroidered with animals, using fairy-tale characters in simple embroidery schemes. For embroidering children's skirts, you can use capital letters or animal schemes.

Cross-stitch embroidery for children( video)

Embroidered embroidered embroidered embroideries, using the technique of the cross and threads of the required color, without pictures. Embroidered for the girl can be embroidered with bright threads, and embroidery for the boy can be embroidered in one color, blue or blue thread. After embroidery, the cloth must necessarily be washed with powder, in water at room temperature, ironed with iron.

Examples schemes cross stitch for children( photo)