Schemes of a cross of a mountain ash: a cross for winter free, a guelder-rose and an autumn how to embroider

The cross-stitch embroidery scheme carries good memories of summer The ashberry cross embroidery scheme carries good memories of the summer Rowan is a winter berry that feeds all birds that have not flown to warm countries. In addition to nutritional and medicinal properties, it has a remarkable appearance. However, in the torn form, these orange fruits quickly dry up and lose their decorative properties. To preserve the spirit of winter cold for a long time will help embroidery of mountain ash with a cross.

    • What can be decorated with embroidery rowan cross
    • Simple scheme embroidery rowan cross
    • complicate embroidery mountain ash cross with the help of birds
    • complicated cross-stitch: Winter rowan
    • detailed diagram of the cross mountain ash( video)

What can be embroidered with ashberry cross

Rowan or viburnum embroidered with a cross reminds its owner of the winter days. After all, this berry weighs on branches even in the most severe frosts, being the main food for bullfinches and other birds that are not afraid of the cold. Therefore, it often depicts skilled workers in a set with red-feathered birds.

These embroideries are suitable for decorating not only the interior, but also the clothes. These bright orange berries look cute and unusual. Let's look at where you can use the ashberry images.

Embroidery of mountain ash with a cross can also decorate the dial of the watch, which will give the mood to the room where they will be.

How to apply the ashberry embroidery:

  • The tablecloth decorated with bullfinches and ashberries will look good on the table inWinter evenings.
  • The cushions in the children's room will decorate the interior and add to it a winter charm;
  • Some craftsmen manage to place such embroideries on leather bags and boots, however for such work special tools and not a hefty experience are necessary;
  • Very cute rowan berries and viburnum are very cute on kitchen towels and sticks;
  • Self-made notebooks can also be decorated with such unordinary embroidery.

Schemes of mountain ash can be very different, they will like both beginner needlewomen and fastidious masters. For the first work suitable only embroidering bunches with berries, and professionals will enjoy the landscapes of autumn or winter forest dotted with orange berries and pink bullfinch.

A simple diagram of embroidering a mountain ash with a cross

An embroidered ashberry scheme for beginners, does not include any additional elements. It consists only of orange berries and green leaves.

For this picture you will need a thread of two shades of red, one black, three green and one white. In total you should get 6 skeins of a mulina of different colors. In addition, stock up the canvas, needles and embroidery frames.

You will no doubt be able to find many schemes free of charge. We chose for the beginner needlewomen the most simple, but at the same time interesting.

A simple scheme of embroidering a rowan branch with a cross can become part of a large and serious work A simple diagram of embroidering a rowan branch with a cross can become part of a big and serious work.

Brief description of the embroidery of a single cluster of mountain ash berries:

  1. There are 9 berries of different sizes in one cluster. On the edge of each berry is embroidered in red, then filled with raspberry, orange or pink, and in the center you can make a highlight of 2-3 white crosses.
  2. When all berries are embroidered, they will need to be joined in one brush by a line of marsh green color.
  3. The last leaves are embroidered, their contours and veins should consist of crosses of dark green color, and inside they can be filled with a lighter shade.

Even a child studying in primary classes can embroider a rowan according to this scheme. Here the main thing is to apply diligence and assiduity.

Complicating the embroidered ashberry with a cross with the help of a bird

One of the most popular variations of the ashberry embroidery is the combination of a cluster of berries with a tit or bullfinch.

You can use the colors described in the last section for embroidery of mountain ash and leaves, but for the bird you will need to purchase three shades of gray, red, two shades of orange, and a brown color for the branch.

Embroidery of mountain ash and a bird will take longer, but the result will be more interesting Embroidery of mountain ash and poultry will take longer, but the result will be more interesting

You can embroider a mountain ash with a bullfinch according to a new scheme, or you can continue successful embroidering of mountain ash. To do this, sew three bunches of berries on different levels and connect them together with a branch of brown color. The tummy and breast of the bullfinch consists of red, light orange and dark orange color, while the closer the embroidery to the contour, the more saturated the shade should become. The tail, the ends of the wings and the head are executed in black and dark gray, and the middle of the wings should consist of crosses of two light gray shades. Do not forget to distinguish the transition from the wings to the trunk and the strip on the wings in white.

Complex cross-stitching: winter ashberry

The most difficult kind of embroidery are landscapes. Here, besides the rowan trees, there are a lot of other elements. It is also a bridge through a stormy river that does not freeze in the winter cold and a snowy roof of the house, and blue fir trees and pink clouds.

This work can include more than sixty shades. Because of what, it is very easy to get confused.

Embroidering a complex landscape, use the parking method that will make your work much easier Embroidering a complex landscape, use the parking method that will make your work easier at times

Embroidering landscapes is only possible for truly experienced craftsmen. Best of all, for such works use the parking method. In this case, you are less likely to make mistakes, because of which you have to redo the whole picture.

The parking method assumes alternate embroidery of parts with all colors. For example, the picture can be divided into squares of 10 by 10. The next square should be changed only after the previous one is completely filled with crosses.

Detailed scheme of the cross of mountain ash( video)

Rowan is a winter berry with astringent sweet and sour taste. It is a kind of symbol of autumn and winter. To keep memories of long cool evenings throughout the year, embroider this beautiful frost-resistant plant with a cross.