Povaryat cross-stitch schemes: free cheerful cook, download the scheme of cooks cross

There is a wide variety of schemes for embroidering the composition "Povaryata" There is a wide variety of schemes for embroidering the composition "Povaryata" The picture "Povaryata" - cross-stitch embroidery, whose schemes are quite diverse, is the most popular option for many needlewomen. Cope with the task at hand will not be difficult!However, the final result will certainly be a worthy decoration of any interior. And, most importantly, a master of any skill level will be able to cope with the task.

    • Simple cross-stitching "Povaryata"
    • Choice of schemes: cross stitch "Merry cooks"
    • Competent cross-stitch "Cook": scheme for beginners
    • Where to get the scheme: buy or download

Simple cross-stitching "Povaryata"

"Povaryata" is a versatile version of the embroidery, whose interpretations can be achievedInternally a lot.

Those who work with the canvas and threads are not the first time, they can choose any format for themselves. For beginners it is desirable to pay attention to what is simpler.

Choose one or another scheme for embroidering the composition "Povaryata" should, based on their abilities and skills This or that scheme for embroidering the composition "Povaryata" should be chosen based on its capabilities and skills.

This approach does not mean that the picture will turn out ugly and can not be shown to people. Sometimes early masterpieces are most appreciated and remembered with special trepidation. The main thing is not to spoil your own first impression of embroidery.

And you can do this by focusing on the following nuances when buying the kit:

  • Number of colors;
  • Cell sizes;
  • Ease of drawing.

In case if the embroidery is performed for the first time, it is necessary to choose the most simple variant, without background and accompanying elements. Let it be only the main image!Such a basic picture will outline the correct vector in the work and will give the desire to create in the future. Of course, you can start with a complex embroidery, which will take months without habits, and even years. But do you want to continue to embroider with a cross after such work?Experience shows that this is unlikely.

Choice of schemes: cross-stitch "Merry cooks"

The key to success is not only the skill of the needlewoman, but also the correctness of the choice of the cross-stitch scheme. An experienced master will not be difficult to do this, while a beginner may well spend on the process up to several days.

The schemes for embroidering the composition "Povaryata" often depict the same character, but with different foods and dishes The schemes for embroidering the "Povaryata" composition often depict the same character, however with different products and dishes

The key to success is:

  1. The desire to buy a really high-quality product. Excess savings can be a fatal mistake: the canvas will crawl in your hands, the thread will break, and the picture will turn out to be dull and inexpressive. Why spoil your first impression?It is better to immediately buy a quality product.
  2. Attention to detail. Often, the embroidery kits indicate the level of difficulty: from 1 to 5. Thanks to this tip you can pick up the work by its level.
  3. Presence of "prompts".The easiest way to begin acquaintance with embroidery on the schemes, translated into the canvas. So it will be much easier to get a hand and get a guaranteed good result from work. Of course, you can draw the canvas manually, however this process is rather tedious and does not always guarantee an impeccable final result.

In case you can not make a purchase yourself, you should contact the seller-consultant. After listening to the wishes of the client, he certainly will pick up the most suitable set for him.

Competent cross-stitch "Cook": scheme for beginners

Embroidery "Cook" in a single person or "Cheerful cooks" in the plural, can be purchased in painted form or carefully delineated hands of the master. To say what is best is not possible. Here, everyone must compare the pros and cons.

Beginners should choose a scheme that does not contain a large number of difficult to embroider elements Beginners should choose a scheme that does not contain a large number of difficult to embroider elements

The acquisition of a ready-made scheme promises:

  • Ease of use;
  • Save time;
  • Confidence in what will turn out eventually.

In the same way, it is possible to distinguish the advantages of manual drawing of the scheme:

  • Possibility to artificially increase or decrease the size of the pattern;
  • Arrange it on the outline as you want;
  • Optionally change some details.

Before starting work, you need to weigh the pros and cons. The selection of the scheme is one of the most crucial processes, which is the foundation of all further work.

Where to get the scheme: buy or download

Free schemes are a tasty morsel for everyone who embroider constantly. They can be downloaded without difficulty from the Internet, and then simply transferred to the fabric.

Everything is very simple and, most importantly, without any investment. It takes only a few minutes to find the right option.

Find a scheme for embroidery can be on the Internet or buy in a store for needlework Find a schematic for embroidery you can on the Internet or buy in the store for needlework

However, the "Cook" from this will not shoot faster. Still it is necessary to pick up the thread and the "right" canvas. Here it is already more difficult, because badly selected colors can spoil the picture with their own not a combination.

Here are the following pitfalls:

  • colors may not fit together;
  • the probability of error is very high;
  • picture can not turn out the same as in the picture.

"Little cooks": cross-stitch patterns( video)

"Povaryata" painting perfectly fits into any interior and will be a worthy decoration for it. In this matter, you should not hurry, trying to embroider each square squarely. A beginner has a small picture going from a few weeks to months. But, in the future, the process will take an order of magnitude less time. The most important thing is to learn and never cease to conquer new heights!Examples

embroidery stitch diagrams cooks( photo)