Cross-stitch patterns on a black canvas: free kid, flowers and sets download, cross-elf and cat

Embroider on a black canvas is not difficult, if you follow simple recommendations Embroidering on a black canvas is not difficult, if you follow the simple recommendations of Unusual cross-stitch patterns of cross-stitching on a black canvas make it possible to create strong gifts and simply decorative elements. At first glance it may seem that the material requires a lot of preparation. In fact, anyone can create an image on a canvas. The main thing is to observe several rules that allow reducing the number of possible errors.

    • Rules for embroidering with a cross on a black canvas: what you need to remember
    • Stylish cross-stitching on a black canvas: flowers
    • Unusual cross-stitching: toddler on a black canvas
    • Choose for cross-stitch on black canvas sets
    • Different patterns of cross stitching on a black canvas( video)
    • Detail: cross-stitch on a black canvas with patterns( photo examples)

Cross embroidery rules on a black canvas: what to remember

To begin with, it is necessary to dwell on a number of features that make the dark outline in all respects special. The first thing that literally catches your eye is fast fatigue. Due to the physical characteristics of the tissue, the eyes quickly get tired. Reduce the load will help a short break during work.

Embroidering on a black canvas, your eyes get tired quickly, so you need to take a break from work Embroidering on the black canvas, your eyes get tired quickly, so you need to take a break in the work

In addition to this negative effect on the visual organ, embroidery on the dark canvas has a number of other features:

  1. Even the skilled craftsman is not easySee the holes on the dark material. Quite often this leads to a non-uniform distribution of threads on the material.
  2. Darker color material collects external contaminants faster. For example, if the house has a cat or a dog, then their coat can spoil the appearance of the work.
  3. The process of markup takes more time. In this case, you can use only a marker for the fabric, otherwise the material will be spoiled.

The positive aspects of working with a dark canvas include the style of all works. When you use it, it's easy to create silhouettes or show a game of light and shadow. It is extremely difficult to do this on a traditional canvas. It is recommended to choose a dark material only in the case when a person has experience and a really confident hand.

Stylish cross-stitch embroidery on a black canvas: flowers

In order to work with the material did not lead to a deterioration in vision, you need to start with choosing the right lighting. For black embroidery cross natural light is suitable. It is better to take another lamp.

Even embroiderers with experience need additional lighting. It is installed in such a way that light fell at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the plane of the canvas.

If there is no possibility to find a portable lamp, then a piece of light fabric, located under a dark one, can be sewn on a dark canvas.

Very impressive look flowers embroidered on a black canvas Very impressive look flowers embroidered on the black canvas

This will greatly facilitate the work, because the flower compositions include many small details:

  • Significant and decorative elements of the picture are made in the technique of "counting cross";
  • Work always begins with the embroidery of the largest element - the bud;
  • The flowers are embroidered on the canvas in such a way that the outer contour of the flower is always lighter than the inner one;
  • If embroidered plants with bright buds, for example, poppies, then in this case the master uses colors with the maximum degree of saturation;
  • The maximum allowed number of colors and shades is 10( beginners) and 20+( professionals);
  • For work the canvas is used Aida 16;
  • Optimal number of needles for work 13-14 and 25.

Creation of flower compositions by a cross on a dark fabric refers to the middle category of complexity. The recommended size of one composition should not exceed 40x69 cm. If you translate this value into "crosses", understandable by the embroiderers, you will get 250x425.

Unusual cross-stitch: the kid on the black canvas

To create a composition of this kind, newcomers are advised to take ready-made charts. Find them will help thematic catalog of the store. Depending on which particular kid should turn out on the canvas, the threads and needles are selected. It is better to abandon the averaged version of the needles. Applied # 13-14 for creating a background and 24-26 for drawing small details.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • It is always necessary to start embroidering from the contours of the face;
  • The space near the face is always lighter than the rest of the work;
  • As you move to the neck, the thickness of the stitches increases to 2-3 threads;
  • A similar amount is used for the body;
  • When creating a work, it is better to avoid fixing threads on the outside of the canvas with the help of knots.

The baby should be embroidered from the contour of the face The toddler should begin to embroider from the contour of the face

Similarly, an elf or other fairy-tale character is embroidered, the size of which is the same as the size of the baby.

We choose the

sets for cross stitching on the black outline. The needlewomen, who do not want to spend a lot of time searching for the necessary embroidery scheme or warp, can simplify their lives. Help in this case can be sets, which are easy to find in thematic stores. They have already collected all the tools that allow you to immediately begin to work. At the same time, you need to spend a lot of time studying the description of a single set.

For sale, there are ready-made sets on the black canvas

In order not to spend money in vain, it is recommended to pay attention to the following items that should be included in the kit:

  1. Mandatory on the boxThe size of the canvas required to create a specific pattern must be specified. In addition, the package should contain information about the recommended needles.
  2. To create a city landscape in the style of monochrome you will need the threads, which include several bright shades. The bet is made on slightly abstract forms, because the city is always on the move.
  3. Fans of silhouettes should be convinced of the presence of the necessary shades of floss threads. For example, a naked girl sitting on the river bank creates a silhouette in the shape. The play of light and shadow will emphasize the smooth transition of shades.
  4. The number and type of needles in the kit must correspond to the density of the canvas. The higher it is, the smaller the needle number is needed. It should be remembered that for creating decorative elements need needles with a number from 23 and above.

Working with a black canvas requires more time and a really confident hand. It is necessary to ensure good illumination of the working surface with at least two sources. Only in this case you will clearly see where the needle should go. In addition, it is desirable to make sure of the cleanliness of the place where you plan to work. Otherwise, the black material will become a magnet for dust and wool.

Various schemes of cross stitching on a black canvas( video)

Using all the above described recommendations, the work is extremely beautiful. Embroidery on a black canvas can be framed and presented to your close people. Such a gift will be pleasant for any person.

Details: cross-stitch on black canvas with schemes( photo examples)