Embroidered crosses Riolis catalog of novelties 2017: sets free, company charts, photo and video-shooting

To embroider a cross, Rhyolis must be accurate, patient, and then you really get a masterpiece embroidering cross Riolis need to have accuracy, patience and then you really get masterpiece for lovers of embroidery the most pleasant surprise was the beginning of the production of ready-made kits for embroidery, which contain the outline scheme and choose colors that areGreatly simplify the work. All that is required from the master is consistency, patience, accuracy and stay in harmony. Cross-stitch embroidery of Riolis catalog of novelties 2017 and 2016 will present to needlewomen new subjects that will amaze with its beauty and diversity.

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Set for embroidery crEstom Riolis

Sets for embroidery are created thanks to the scrupulous work of designers who prepare for the needlewomen schemes of any complexity.

For the convenience of its customers, the manufacturer produces ready-made cross stitch materials that contain all the materials needed to create a masterpiece.

Ready-made embroidery kits have everything you need to create a beautiful piece The finished embroidery kits have everything you need to create beautiful products

All that is required of the needlewoman - harmonious mood, self-confidence, perseverance and accuracy.

Standard equipment

  • Threads( cotton - mulina or woolen - acrylic);
  • Canva( zweigart);
  • Diagram;
  • Instruction;
  • Needles;
  • Additional items( ribbons, beads).

Each separate embroidery kit includes a beautiful design, threads and other materials Each separate set includes beautiful embroidery scheme, threads and other materials

Each set contains a detailed description of the operation to be carried out Needlewoman.

Cross-stitch embroidery of Riolis: news of catalog

The company "Riolis" has long been known among lovers of this type of needlework, such as cross-stitch. The manufacturer began its work 20 years ago, during this time he managed to conquer the world of needlework and win the trust and love of customers.

It is important to note that the company "Riolis" always cares about its customers, and always offers convenient and high-quality solutions that allow handicrafts to embody the most daring and original fantasies.

company guarantees the quality kits for embroidery

Вышивки "Риолис" известны среди рукодельниц своим отличным качеством и оригинальным дизайном Embroidery "Riolis" known among needlewomen its excellent quality and original design

Types sets:

  • «Cheerful bee." The kit is designed for children and beginner needlewomen. A small size and funny stories will help you understand the new technique and learn the basics of cross stitching.
  • Create Yourself. Materials for more advanced needlewomen who are aware of what embroidery techniques are and mastered the basic methods of performing the work.
  • "Riolis Premium". Sets for professional needlewomen who have undergone a thorough selection of quality, contain complex schemes and elaborated plots.

Each collection of sets is presented in a wide variety, so that each needlewoman will find a suitable story for herself, which will meet her professional and taste requirements.

Professional cross-stitch embroidery. Rhios: large sizes

Embroidery "Riolis" of large size allows you to perform work that will eventually become a work of art that can be safely given to friends, decorate your personal space or even put up for sale.

Sets for embroidering a large size suggest complex schemes for composing a composition, a difficult story, which can be handled only by an experienced needlewoman.

This does not mean that novice masters can not purchase a set. However, they should bear in mind that large sizes of embroidery can quickly bother them due to unpreparedness for such a volume of work.

Вышитую картину "Риолис"можно дарить знакомым, друзьям и близким Embroidered picture "Riolis" can be given to friends, friends and family

Advantages of large-size embroidery:

  • Beautiful appearance of the finished product;
  • Ability to beautifully decorate the interior space;
  • Large selection of plots;
  • Good quality;
  • Development and strengthening of professional and personal qualities.

Large embroideries have only one drawback, which concerns material costs. But a large embroidery will please the eye, increase confidence in their own abilities, develop willed qualities.

Non-standard cross-stitching of ryolis: how to embroider in another technique

Cross-stitch kits can be made not only with threads. The company "Riolis" offers sets in the technique of embroidery with beads.

Embroidery with beads requires preparation, familiarization with the basics of embroidery and its features. Ready-made sets will help you to do the job easily and at ease.

You can create unsurpassed masterpieces not only with special threads, but also with the help of multi-colored beads You can create unsurpassed masterpieces not only with special threads, but also with the help of a multi-colored bead

. However, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of this technique before its execution. It will be interesting for beginners and experienced craftsmen.

Technique for drawing a picture with beads:

  • Cross with three strands;
  • Beading in one thread;
  • Semi-cross or stitch in one thread.

Recommendations for work can be found in each set, which is accompanied by a detailed instruction with a step-by-step description of the work and advice from professionals.

Embroidered cross-stitch: catalog Riolis 7 loops

The company "Riolis" has won the trust of buyers and wide popularity among needlewomen. You can buy embroidery kits in the online store "7 loops", which did not ignore the products of the company "Riolis".

The company "Riolis" is known for producing quality sets for embroidery, which are made taking into account the level of preparation of each needlewoman.

Компания "Риолис"предлагает на выбор много разных интересных и оригинальных схем для вышивания The company "Riolis" offers a choice of many interesting and original schemes for embroidering

The distinctive feature of sets from the brand "Riolis" is the use of woolen yarns. The company also produces sets of cotton yarns, but they have not gained such high popularity.

Advantages of sets from the company "Riolis":

  • Woolen threads that make embroidery textured and saturated;
  • High quality materials;
  • A wide range of schemes for different levels of training needlewomen.

Sets are always updated. Once a year the company produces a catalog with new schemes and variants of embroidery, which can not be bypassed by any needlewoman, who is fond of embroidery.

Embroidery with a cross: wool Riolis

The company "Riolis" gives its customers a wide variety of cross-stitch kits. They contain a standard set that allows you to perform embroidery without additional time costs.

Among the needlewomen, the company became famous for its sets with woolen threads, which make embroidery voluminous.

Before you buy a large set of embroidery, you should practice on small or medium-sized embroidery, since the technique of working with wool is different from working with cotton.

Пользуясь набором от "Риолис" можно создать превосходные картины, не затрачивая при этом много сил и времени Using the set from "Riolis" you can create excellent pictures without spending much time and effort

Advantages of working with wool:

  • Embroidery is more voluminous;
  • Saturation and brightness of colors;
  • High density of the drawing.

Buy a set with woolen threads will not be difficult. Before buying it is important to carefully read the description of the kit or consult with the store manager.

Feedback from needlewomen

"Riolis" is a company that has appeared on the domestic market since 1996.The product that she offers immediately attracted the attention of lovers of embroidery and other kinds of needlework.

The company "Riolis" was one of the first companies to produce cross-stitch kits that contained all the necessary materials. The needlewomen no longer needed to select the fabric, the pattern and the threads themselves for the embodiment of their own dreams.

Buying ready-made sets, you can no longer worry about that you will not have enough working materials When buying ready-made sets, you can no longer worry that you will not have enough working materials

Each needlewoman has the opportunity to purchase the type of embroidery that she can perform without difficulty, while improving her professional level.

Feedback from regular customers:

  • Ready-made sets are very convenient to use, they save time and effort to find the necessary materials.
  • The woolen threads in the sets make the embroidery textured and saturated. Thanks to the set, you can create a real masterpiece by yourself.
  • The variety of schemes allows you to choose the right embroidery variant.

Reviews about the company "Riolis" you can find only the most positive. The needlewomen appreciate the quality and wide choice of the goods.

Rhyolis cross-stitch:

schemes. The firm "Riolis" offers a variety of types of schemes for the skilled workers. These can be easy schemes for beginner needlewomen, but can be professional, complex schemes that require years of experience.

Advice for beginners - do not rush with the choice of medium and large embroidery, as this will not help gain experience.

To create a beautiful picture, you can choose the original embroidery kits that are sold in stores To create a beautiful picture, you can choose the original embroidery kits that are sold in the stores

Rather, a good experience can be obtained on small embroideries that do not require much time, but which will introduce the basics of embroidery art.

Motifs of the circuits:

  • Animalistic;
  • Vegetable;
  • Religious;
  • Fabulous;
  • Still lifes;
  • Artistic.

Each artist can choose pictures that reflect her mood in a certain period of time, and over which you can work for your pleasure.


Flowers are an ornament that always pleases the eye and can be shown to friends. The interior, decorated with flowers, always looks nice and cozy. It will always be pleasant to see such a picture.

Add a twist to the interior can be with the help of the original embroidered pattern with flowers Add a twist to the interior with the help of the original embroidered pattern with flowers

Kinds of embroideries:

  • Roses;
  • Peonies;
  • Irises;
  • Tulips;
  • Annie;
  • Underwater flower;
  • Sunflowers.

It's over, it's only part of the schemes that are on sale. Embroidery with the image of flowers will be an excellent gift for a birthday or wedding.


Cats on embroidery always look cozy and cute. Such embroidery will be an excellent gift for the child and adult, loving animals.

If you want to make a creative gift, then you can embroider beautiful cats yourself, which will surely please both adults and children If you want to make a creative gift, then you can embroider the beautiful cats yourself, which will surely please both adults and children

Embroider kittens are very fond of children. And there is also a great opportunity to capture a pet on the embroidery.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The embroidered temple will look beautiful and majestic. This kind of embroidery not only brings aesthetic pleasure, but also affects spiritual and personal growth.

The main purpose of the embroidered temple is to bring aesthetic pleasure The main purpose of the embroidered temple is to bring aesthetic pleasure to the

Embroidery of the temple is suitable for those who are fond of embroidery on religious topics. It will be a good addition to the collection.

Raspberry in the basket

Embroidery in the kitchen is a very popular kind of interior decoration. The embroidery scheme "Raspberry in a basket" will be a beautiful decoration.

Вышивка "Малина в лукошке" прекрасно подойдет для оформления интерьера на кухне Embroidery "Raspberry in the basket" is perfect for interior decoration in the kitchen.

Embroidery is suitable for birthday present to friends and relatives. Summer mood and warmth will brighten up long evenings, when winter comes.

Full moon

Mysterious and mysterious paintings always attract attention. The image of the moon is not only beautiful, but also magical.

Want to surprise others with an unusual embroidered picture?Full moon drawings will help you here Want to surprise others with an unusual embroidered picture?Here you will be helped by drawings with the full moon

It will not be difficult to depict the full moon. However, the effect of embroidery will be simply stunning.


People depicted on the embroidery, always look beautiful. They can be a composition of known reproductions.

Embroidery with people is quite complicated, but it looks very impressive Embroidery with people is quite complicated, but it looks very impressive

Image of lovers is good not only from an aesthetic point of view. It can attract love and preserve harmony.

The best embroideries presented by the company "Riolis" bring craftsmen spiritual and physical satisfaction and peace of mind.

Cross-stitching by Riolis( video)

The company has been producing embroidery kits for 20 years. Therefore, the quality of the product can safely rely on. In the finished set, each lover of embroidery will find ready-made materials that will greatly simplify the task and save you extra time. Depending on the level, the craftsman can spend on embroidery a very different amount of time.

Riolis cross stitching( photo)