Embroidery cross tigers pattern: free download, majestic from Dimensions, white tiger cub, Bengali

Tigers in the picture symbolize power and power Tigers in the painting symbolize strength and power simplest method of creating a fabric of a cross-stitch, which scheme tigers belong to the middle level of complexity. Creating the most embroideries with a dagger in principle does not constitute any significant problems, but getting a sketch scheme is a completely different task. Fortunately, modern technology greatly simplifies it.

    • Scheme cross stitch tiger and provide a basis
    • Cross stitch tiger: circuit and its preliminary preparation
    • Tigers on the canvas: stitch
    • embroider cross tiger( video)
    • Examples schemes:tigers in different variations( photo)

scheme cross stitch tiger and provide a basis

Conventional embroidery involves the creation of a cross tie smooth diagonal across the square pattern manufactured. The most difficult thing is to collect a sketch diagram. Someone uses ready-made blanks for this, someone creates them independently. Now for this you can use specialized computer programs that create a preliminary schematic from any image. A photo of the tiger cub itself is not difficult to get - you can directly download from the Internet.

If you do not have a ready scheme for embroidering a particular picture, with the help of special programs you can solve this question If you do not have a ready-made scheme for embroidering a particular pattern, with the help of special programs you can solve this problem

What will be the significant differences and remarks when creating such a product:

  • The drawing can not consist ofFrom identical blocks, since the tiger's skin is always colored asymmetrically;
  • For embroidery, at least 4 shades are required. Of course, you can do and monochrome, but the color pattern is more attractive;
  • For embroidering the base, a linen or cotton cloth is used;
  • The recommended size for each block is 100 cells. The figure itself will consist of approximately 80 such blocking blocks, each of which is filled with one cross( it is possible with a longitudinal screed - so there will be less "blind" spots).

Cross stitch tiger: the scheme and its pre-treatment

So, if a sketch is created in a computer program, it is better for this use Photoshop - a fairly popular software for processing digital photos and images. To obtain the desired scheme, it is better to use pasteurization, having included in the settings the blurring by the cells in 1-2 millimeters( depending on the number of colors planned for use).The main advantage of self-drawing sketch - you can make a fit for any painting, not paying attention to its format.

Modern software allows you to create a diagram yourself Modern software allows you to create your own scheme

But if it is sewn Bengal Tiger, there really can be used monochrome. The sketch structure itself will be identical, the difference is only in the color used. The figure itself will be white, whereas the base is dark.

When creating a sketch, remember that:

  • The size of the cells should be the same;
  • Smooth transitions are not allowed. Embroidery with a cross does not have them at all;
  • Boundary ties should not be occupied with crosses - this is more convenient.

In the computer program, in addition to blurring, you only need to specify the dimensions of the finished product. The panna point is just responsible for the blur power. The stronger, the greater the emphasis of each cell is on one particular color.

Tigers on the web: cross-stitch

If a product is whole tiger family, it is best to use a special kit for cross stitch. From the usual, it differs in that at the base of the canvas holes for each square are prepared in advance - one does not have to make measurements independently. In fact, you can immediately proceed with the firming of the first upper ties( following the scheme).Just remember that there must be shadows on the tiger skin. For them, a thin gray thread is used. For just black patches - a thick black.

In what order is the canvas embroidered:

  • The base is stretched over the frame;
  • A perimeter delay is made, if necessary;
  • Crosses are stitched. This can be done vertically or horizontally, and even in separate areas. It is advisable to select one method and use it before obtaining the final product, without changing the seam, the lining of the threads and the like. In addition to the light background, the tigers look very organic on the picture with a dark background.

    But if the tigers are in the water, then you can use a two-tone base - these blanks are sold in specialized stores.

    We do not forget that a tiger is a majestic noble beast. Therefore, the emphasis is on the features of his muzzle, as well as massive paws( if any).A kind of knight, only in the animal kingdom.

    We embroider a tiger cross( video)

    What can I add to the work?Beautiful scenery, river, lake. Even a girl can be included in the picture, if this does not fall out of the main background of the future picture. Everything else depends solely on the fancy of the needlewoman, as well as on her experience. Those who are just beginning to learn the art of embroidery, it is recommended to start with monochrome images. Who has more experience - go to color or those in which there are many elements.

    Examples schemes: tigers in different variations( photo)