Cross-stitch embroidery roses: a bouquet is large, a collection of pickers, lilac in a glass and a fouger, red and white

The needlewomen, who are engaged in embroidery for more than one year, necessarily have in their collection a picture with roses handy people who are engaged in embroidery than one year, be sure to have in your collection picture with roses collector of items such as pictures embroidered cross, always in his collection are items on which there is a rose, and a variety of red andWhite, yellow and cream and not only. Each cross-dresser can embroider chic and small buds, it is only necessary to begin.

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    • Stylish stitch: a bouquet of roses
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cross stitch rose

to get started is to determine the order, for which it is required to embroidery, to be exact, to decorate pillowcases, or whether it will be towel, clothes, tablecloths and napkins. This will depend on the drawing itself, as well as its dimensions.

For example, napkins can be decorated with roses on a canopy or a glass, but the tablecloth can be used for walks in a wooded area or a picnic; in this case, the original solution will be a bouquet of small roses in the basket.

Roses are embroidered from time immemorial, they found their place not only in paintings, but also decorate home textiles Roses embroider a long time, they have found their place not only in paintings but also decorate the home textiles

For starters, do not choose too complicated schemes, as they not only bring a lot of problems, but also does can upsetMaster because of small failures.

The best option is to purchase sets for embroidery on the grill or in other words on the canvas.

Stylish stitch: a bouquet of roses

extraordinary miracle - a pillow embroidered with butterflies, favorite tea roses or a simple and at the same time delicate purple violet, which has spread its petals across the surface of the material.

At the moment, handmade products are gaining immense popularity, as it is original and extraordinary.

Buy blankets, blankets and tablecloths on which thunderstorms, an aspen, a blue bird or a cat and a girl, a violin, a big rose in a glass vase and dew on petals are very expensive, so why not create it all yourself?

Paintings depicting flowers always carry lightness and calmness paintings, which depicts flowers, always carry light and calm

do needlework, to some extent beneficial and pleasant, but it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules of creation of embroidery, the selection of materials and of course the main and very important nuances. Create a triptych in the style of monochrome or a simple picture, where there are running children, peonies or a branch of the vine, is not easy but possible.

Basic rules of cross stitching

During the 80s of the last century, cross stitching was especially popular, and each person had a soul for this occupation, because it develops talent, is the embodiment of fantasy and creative impulse, and also allows to decorate your houseCare and tenderness. Now this activity has begun to reborn and, despite the fact that many people have an inverted imagination about those who lived in the 20th century, but this does not stop creating unusual pictures.

Flowers look great in pictures that can decorate almost any room Flowers look great on pictures that can decorate almost any room

Materials and tools

  • Embroidery scheme;
  • Canu;
  • Mulina;
  • Embroidery frame;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors.

Initially, the canvas is prepared, by cutting 3 cm larger than the future picture. If you get a special set, then the material is prepared immediately, and you do not need to prune anything. The edge of the canvas must be processed, otherwise it will start to pour in while doing the work. The material should be placed between the embroidery frame, but not back to back, but with an indentation of 5 cm from the edge of the work.

To create an unrealistic product, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the basic requirements, which, if not observed, can lead to the deterioration of the picture and its distortion.

The picture, on which roses are embroidered, will certainly please everyone The painting on which roses are embroidered will certainly please everyone


  1. The thread must be laid in half, but the thickness can be increased if required by the recommendations for implementation.
  2. Embroidery is carried out from left to right and from below upwards.
  3. The embroidering of the cross is carried out from the lower left corner to the right corner at the top.
  4. On the reverse side, the location of the nodes is strictly excluded, and two ways can be used to prevent the image from dissolving the image.

The first method consists in fixing the thread with a ringlet under the first two stitches, and in the second method, two similar crosses are fastened with the help of the reverse cross. Thus, the thread itself will be tightened and there will be no bumps and knots.

When working, you need to monitor the degree of tension of the material, as well as the fact that there is no need to retreat between the shades, if this is not in the diagram.

If you follow the recommendations, you can make a beautiful picture that can surprise not only you, but also those who see it.

Cross stitch kits - roses

It is important to note that the canvas should be exceptionally white, since the pink or blue cloth will not always be in contact with the tinted mulina. At the moment there are not a small number of embroidery kits on sale and the most popular ones are Panna. With their help you can create juicy and vivid pictures, capable of pleasing the eyes for years on end, being in the frame on the wall.

Cross-stitch: white roses( video)

Those who are professionally engaged in embroidery, can tell everyone that their products are part of their soul. With the help of their creativity, they not only can beautifully embroider, but also soothe the nerves, relax and just have a pleasant time. Among the assortment of ready-made sets you can buy a variety of sizes, patterns, colors and even format, as now there are many pictures of 3D format. Recently, it has become very popular to embroider the schemes made from photographs. Such products are not only beautiful, but also fill the house with comfort, warmth and comfort.

Variations cross embroidered roses( photo)